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  1. Hope I'm wrong, but betting they punt again. Roberts is a cojones-less shill, not sure about Kavanaugh either. Hoped I was wrong last time too.
  2. Went out to the BG W. Doyle Vets cemetery this beautiful afternoon. Very sobering seeing acres of flags marking the graves of our servicemen and women. Took a while, but was able to find my uncle's grave (Army, Korea).
  3. I believe there's no question that Murphy and Cuomo, et al intend to blame their states economic woes on the virus. I hope someone has the good sense to show the trouble these states were in prior to this "pandemic". I believe there also is no question that the dems are desperately trying to drag this fiasco into November. I also believe that the dems have no intention of having Biden as their choice, and will either choose another during their convention, or declare him incompetent to serve if he should win.
  4. Either way, this is great! Thanks to all responsible for honoring those who gave their all for our freedoms.
  5. drjjpdc, I'm in central NJ near Trenton. I have been to Central Jersey a few times and it is a great facility for sure. dajonga, thanks for the info on Shooters since I don't do facebook.
  6. Shooter's outdoor range is rifle only, so still no range trips for those of us without outdoor memberships unless going into Pennsy.
  7. I'm not a lawyer but my brother is, so that should count for something, right? With the current make up of the SCOTUS, do we even want them to take up a 2A case? I'm hopeful that the president can get at least another justice on there.
  8. bennj

    Used handguns

    Bet Hopewell PD does.
  9. Been going to GSSC since they opened, very satisfied all around. You won't be disappointed, IMO compared to others I've been to they're best indoor range around.
  10. Just ordered some 22lr on the 21st and another order this Monday for 38 spl to take advantage of the free shipping, only other charge was tax.
  11. Interesting, the 9th changed out of their pjs and donned their masks to grant a temporary stay on the injunction Benitez issued only a few hours before? I thought they were on our side now.
  12. Might be giving many of them too much credit by assuming they can read.
  13. Had a member show me around CJRPC a few years ago, great facility. I'd join in a heartbeat, just can't justify the approx. 1K for the first year at this time. Definitely better than being stuck inside all the time though.
  14. Wait a minute, we're supposed to stay on topic around here? To the OP, If I can make a suggestion, why not visit both and get a feel for which is best for you? Spent the morning at GSSC today.
  15. Took me more than a few tries, but finally quit some time ago. My then young sons were my motivation. First month was the toughest but you can do it. As much as I love bacon with anything, not sure a steady diet of it is much better than smokes though.
  16. Targetsportsusa and sgammo, but don't tell anyone.
  17. I gave up after his smug, albeit incorrect, response to my comments.
  18. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! May His blessings be upon us all. Hoping for a peaceful and prosperous new year for celebrants and non-celebrants alike.
  19. Although it is certainly prudent to want to protect one's property and possessions, there seems to me to be one glaring omission that makes the entire argument moot. Owning/driving an automobile or having a job is a privilege. Owning a firearm is an inalienable right, or at least started off that way a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
  20. Being a Giants fan myself, it's nice to see Eli having fun out there. But I like Carson too, who wouldn't like a guy who's a solid Christian and has rewarded his offensive line with Beretta shotguns.
  21. May I suggest you tune in to the NFL network for a rebroadcast of some previous matchup then?
  22. bennj

    New to NJ

    Welcome to NJ, I guess. But WHY?? Is a close family member in dire straits, did you get a quadruple pay raise with a house and car thrown in, did you come for the PORKROLL? Can't think of too many other reasons. Either way, this is a great site with many willing to offer help on all things firearms. Some are not so knowledgeable about food and cuisine though.
  23. Not to beat a dead horse, since that is rarely done here, reference Taylor ham or PORKROLL, but the guy I emailed sent a message to a mod. so they must know of the issue. I was able to send an email through the board admin link. A admin sent me an email telling me my "email address had been verified and added to the whitelist". Not sure what any of that meant because I was still unable to register, that was back on Feb. 6. Haven't tried since. Maybe it was aliens, not Canadians, who took over.
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