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  1. I am kinda expecting that when ya pull the trigger...a flag unraveels with the word BOOM on it!
  2. Just for the record..i also won....oh who am I kidding...I got my ass handed to me in pugil stick...LOL
  3. AS always...this forum is the best for quick and knowledgeable answers!
  4. My handgun has to be sent back to ruger for repairs... Do i have to send to a FFL to be sent out or can I fed ex it?
  5. When I pull the bolt back and flip the safety...the bolt will not lock back If I hit the trigger to dry fire..then hit safety bolt will lock, and can not be pulled back Local gunsmith who checked this out told me it was normal... However the manual and a bunch of you tube videos show That the bolt is supposed to lock in the open position (TO inspect the chamber) if I pull it back and hit the safety. What am I missing???
  6. Thank you all... Tallday that is an awesome set up ya got me hooked...I am scanning the net as we speak!
  7. So doing the research I found out if you take the BACK sight off it reveals a dovetail.. Anyone recommend a mount and long view scope??
  8. ask if they know the definition of "separation of church and state" when dealing with political issues..
  9. Picked up my mosan nagant today..(NICS was 17 days)...sorry at work, so no Pics but she's a beauty (1943) :fan:
  10. https://local.nixle.com/alert/5006444/
  11. This helped me alot...http://www.ruger.com/service/productHistory/PI-MarkI.html If yours has a "D" then a serial number, Ruger accidently made some with duplicate numbers (1960's) So, in a cheap and legal way to get the gun out to the buyer Ruger added a "D" before the serial number...like mine!! (This info is not in the above link..)
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