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  1. I have a couple hundred rounds and a few strippers. Open to trades ,cash whatever. I'm in Ocean County.
  2. Anyone been there lately? Over the last few weeks before taking the drive up there, I called during the times they were supposed to open and no one picked up the phone. I know they are a bit, well , eccentric and may have just stared at the ringing phone and said @*!% it, but I'd like to know if their open and have what I need before I take the ride. I hope nothing happened to either one of them. Anyone have any insight?
  3. Trying to clean out some stuff and things 1. Older(gray/red) Lyman Spartan Turret reloading press. usual finish wear and tear but VG overall. Turret is tight, locks are positive, threads are all good and includes primer arm.DELETED Guess its going to Ebay 2. 74 rounds of 7MM Mauser. Remington modern boxer production. Not in boxes, but modern factory ammo. SPF 3. 135 rounds 8MM Mauser. 50 rounds WWII German steel cased on strippers, 75 rounds mixed surplus (FN,Yugo, some older RP, 5 Privi) $100 4. 100 Rounds 7.62x54 various surplus all Berdan east bloc. $60 5. 50 rounds 38 S&W (NOT 38 Special) this is vintage ammo 47 rounds are Western, the rest are varied No Box $25 6. Safariland Sig P226 LEFT HAND duty holster Model#6070-777 $25 7. Ruger 10-22 rifle case and 4x32 scope both in VG-exc condition. SPF
  4. I could use a stock liner, front ferule and a fiberglass buttplate top screw and clip if you got any extras.How much are getting for a vented handguard?
  5. Looking for any ammo trades? I have some 7mm Mauser, 7.62x54....
  6. I think i have 30 or 40 also, plus some older loaded rounds. PM me next
  7. I'd go a box of SP or LP for a box of LR.... or better yet, looking for 9mm bullets (not rounds) preferably 124gr. Willing to trade SP, LP, or SR....
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