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  1. Mipa's vagina overunneth methinks. Tis positively gushing with the thoughts of the young Mr. Fowles. Its a pity that Fowles already has a boyfriend.
  2. Nah. If they make the playoffs, the Eagles season will be over in Seattle about midway through the 2nd quarter. I predict the line on that game will be in the 20s.
  3. Roostertails is mainly what I use for river smallies. I used to catch them until my arms got tired on the upper Delaware. For lake smalls, I also throw jigs or drift live shiners.
  4. Yeah OK so the Giants suck. This year we are getting to know what it must feel like to be an Eagles fan. Next year the honeymoon will be over for Chip, Fowles will return to obscurity, and Vick will still be an (old) ex-con.
  5. 4+?!?! Even if you include the standard 'fisherman's exageration factor', that's still monstrous! And to think, I have driven by/over that stretch dozens of times on my way to Round Valley to catch smallies. Thanks Fishnut.
  6. I think mipa is doing lsd along with his rum and cokes. Whoever emerges from the NFC E is going to get beaten and rolled like a cheap crack whore in the playoffs, so besides trivial divisional bragging rights, it doesn't matter. Big Blue will be back next year after fixing their receiving corps and their O-line.
  7. That's what happened to me. Almost impossible to seek redress as it's under Federal jurisdiction..
  8. I got ripped my very first transaction. From now on, if I ever use AL again, it will be FTF or nothing.
  9. It's cause us southerners got the BBQ going on...
  10. Wouldn't he be one of those 'leeches' by not getting insurance?
  11. Last night once again I heard shots (3). I didn't hear about any incidences this a.m., so it was probably some poachers lighting deer from their truck, but nonetheless I picked up my AR from behind the couch and kept it on my lap the rest of the night.
  12. Went out yesterday in the wind and the sqaulls and got pretty beat up - a helluva trip. Got three shorts and missed a few hook-ups, but I discovered a couple new micro spots. I tell my son every trip out you learn something, or catch, or both, so every trip is a good one.
  13. If they don't put a beat down on Oakland (and not just win) they are officially toast.
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