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  1. Sorry I can't make it (work), but I fully support your efforts and hope that today's meeting is a productive first step. I look forward to hearing about some of the ideas and proposals that are discussed and accepted.
  2. Interested, but can't commit on date (work). Howell, Monmouth county
  3. As for swaying people, I don't want to waste time trying to sway hardcore antis. I want us to concentrate on people who may not be for or against anything, or people who are in the middle. I think also that the 2A movement has to be a big tent. It can't just be stereotypical gun nuts, and now we are seeing that changing dramatically - women, minorities, LGBT, immigrants etc. It has to be everybody, and yes it has to cross party lines. I agree with you. My wife, 2 daughters (19 & 21) and boyfriends (20 & 21) are now FID holders that improve the diversity of 2A proponents. My 2 nephews (18 & 20) are close to applying also.
  4. Is the number of FID Cards issued in NJ available and wouldnt that be a good indicator of the number of NJ gun owners, at least legally?
  5. Would this exemption cover bringing properly stored handgun(s) to a friend's home to practice dry-firing?
  6. As a Howell resident, I have had substantial dealings with both the Howell PD and Howell Gun Works and find they are each courteous and professional entities. The rest of NJ should be so lucky...
  7. I think a campaign to embarass SCOTUS for their cowardly and politically correct dereliction of duty is warranted
  8. I will be donating as soon as i get home. If every NRA member gets motivated to send in just $10.00, it would equal Bloombutts $50,000,000 campaign.
  9. I can only hope this will be a message for the rest of the Country to turn out and vote a Pro 2A candidate in this mid-term Election!
  10. How can the Supreme Court be such cowards, as to let the faulty if not irrational 3rd Circuit Court precedent stand. According to Gura's Brief, It basically said that if a law is enacted, its therefore Constitutional, if the Legislature is questioned you have to accept their position and that other Laws don't mean what they say. Isn't this dangerous beyond the 2A and Carry debate?:
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