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  1. Have a couple of these new Springfield XDE's in Stock..Price is $469.36 plus tax and Nics..Order one today direct ..No shipping or transfer fees..Don't forget Springfield is giving away 4 free mags with any purchase. http://shop.cheyennefirearms.com/product.springfield-armory-xd-e-9mm-33-inch-barrel-1700
  2. If you clicked on the link you would have saw the price with description..price is $928.81 plus Nics, tax and compliance work
  3. We have a couple of these coming in next week..Order yours direct today. Add $100 for compliance work which includes a 2AT3 Compensator, Pin/Weld, Pin Stock (to your specs), Block mag to 15/30. http://shop.cheyennefirearms.com/product.springfield-saint-semi-automatic-223-rem556nato-16-barrel-18-twist-mid-length-gas-system-tpe-iii-hard-coat-anodized-finish-bravo-company-mod-3-grip-1-30rd-pmag-flip-up-front-and-rear-sights
  4. Plus Nics and tax..Comes out to $598.50..If you want one I'll be available between 11am and 4 pm tomorrow..If not it will be on Wednesday next week earliest as its the 4th of July weekend coming up Regards, Bob
  5. Yes I do.. Gen 4, 3 15 round mags $545.. and range bag
  6. Thanks Max for the add. I'm glad I finally got around to doing this (after 3 years) being a lot of my customers come form NJGF..To kick it off, I'm giving a free Glock range bag with any Glock pistol purchase..Just mention NJGF or Max to get yours. Offer good until Labor day 2017..You can order direct from my online site or give me a call to order..908-725-4207..Thanks again for the add! Looking forward to serving the community. http://shop.cheyennefirearms.com/manufacturer.glock?&manufacturer=16
  7. The exception being the Kel Tec plr 16. That barrel has to be pinned
  8. No I mean steel case ammo..And my customer went up there again today and they wouldn't let him shoot it.
  9. @Carl...I had a customer go there yesterday with his Bushmaster rifle and they would not let him shoot the Wolf steel case ammo that he had brought with him.
  10. Can someone tell me if Heritage Guild in Easton PA allow you to shoot steel case ammo such as Wolf for your AR or AK?? I know RTSP does not allow it. Why I don't know other then they don't feel like separating the brass from the steel. Thanks, Bob
  11. Cheyenne Gunsmith and Firearms Manville, NJ 08835 $25 Transfer fee, $15NIC www.cheyennefirearms.com
  12. Cheyenne Gunsmith & Firearms Manville, NJ 08835 www.cheyennefirearms.com $25 Transfer Fee $20 Transfer Fee for Law Enforcement and Military
  13. I managed to get my temporarily tax certificate online. The 10 digit state iD number that I needed was right on the LLC formation document..Oakridge Firearms was 100% correct in me not needing to file at the county as when I formed the LLC I was automatically registered with the state. I had already set up a business checking acct. without any problems. All the bank needed was my LLC papers and FEIN number to open the acct. All that's left to do now is open some wholesale accts, and sell guns! Thanks to all for your help and insights! This is a great forum group to be a part of. Thanks, Bob
  14. I formed a LLC and registered and paid the filing fee to the state. I thought if I formed a LLC that I do not have to ALSO file a NJ Bus registration. I thought the NJ Bus registration was filled out if you were not forming a LLC. So do I also need to fill out a NJ Bus registration too or just call for the Sales Tax Certificate of Authority??