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  1. Its still in the garage, so if the buyer flakes (which would not surprise me in the least), I'll keep you posted if anyone is still interested.
  2. I knew there would be a gotcha without even looking too deeply. "T-Rob" is ridiculous in pricing, but I cant easy switch without replacing 4 different fairly new phones.
  3. I think somebody on letgo bought it after my wife posted it.
  4. Dang! Thanks for posting this. I would have missed it. Now that The Strain is over for good, I need another fix. Supposedly, T-mobile now offers Netflix for free, although I don't believe them until I see it.
  5. Well that figures. I bought a .40 carbine because it had the capacity in the mags, as opposed to the .45 Yes, I have no clue. but it looks nice.
  6. east windsor. near Maks house My parents house was built same year or close. We had the harvest gold deluxe fixtures
  7. Rob, are you liquiding every cool thing you have?
  8. oh yes, coming back in style. powder blue. had it on CL about a year ago for 20 bucks. Guy in Brooklyn calls me an ofers a hundred. I said dude, just take it. I figure he has tolls, gas, time, just use it. He had a pizza shop and was tired of backuped toilets in the shop public restroom. Never again heard back from him.
  9. Just to throw this out there in case someone comes along some day. Looking to buy any rods, reels, lures, sinkers, leaders, etc. for large fish like Stripers and Blues. If you have some stuff laying around and want to move it, let me have a look. I also am interested in cases. Pretty much anything. Will pay you reasonable prices, or trade for a nice toilet.
  10. 3.5 gallon flush American Standard oval seat. I don't think you need pics, unless you have never used a toilet before. Taking up room in the garage. Will part with it for $1. Won't trash it. You can't buy these any longer, and it works like a champ. Will trade for Roger Waters ticket.
  11. What you want for it?
  12. where is this meet at Raceway? or I should say, when is it?
  13. I can snap a few pics tomorrow. Not sure how to measure the threads though. I used to have a postage scale but it died. Don't think the bathroom scale would register. Maybe 4 ounes?
  14. Dang! Wish I had space for it. Then I'd have no choice to put a 70" on it, despite the wailing from the wife.
  15. I have a grey leather one from a mercedes just sitting in a drawer. That would look nice.