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  1. I'll do part time Cap. I actually prefer it because I do some project management part time under my own S-Corp.
  2. Mike was featured on the most recent season of This Old House, where he hooked up a few trainees to help out on a major remodel with Norm and the gang. They spent a good 4 months or so taking guidance on a ton of construction specialties. If i had to do it all over again, I would learn a trade. Luckily I came out of school debt free, but my daughter just got he BS in Marine Biology with a nice fat loan to deal with. Almost as much as my house cost. She is likely heading off to the Coast Guard officer training to unload that nut. The only downside to the industry is getting undercut by cheap labor, but a tradesperson with a good head on their shoulders will never run out of work.
  3. No docket. Everything is copied to the court, but nothing from the court itself.
  4. They sent us a letter of default judgement in the same amount, plus $50 in legal fees (??). It says "Ordered". The letter is from Binder, whom you might recognize if you watch late night cable. Nobody was served. The Mercer county district court was copied on the bottom. Still looks like a scam to me. I guess I need to call the district. The insurance company was NJM, which is the same one she has. So in a sense, they would be party to a suit against themselves.
  5. Yes, the cop produced a single page report with a little drawing of her car at an angle pointing into my wife's car as it was parking normally, with comments by both parties. W e don't have that company any longer, so I doubt they would entertain it that far retrocatively. Plus our deductible would also come into play.
  6. So last August, the wife got clipped by another car, and now we received a legal packet whereby the clipper is suing the wife in county court. I tried to find information about fault online, but to no avail in this situation. And yes, I could consult with a lawyer, but the costs associated would not be an avenue I want to go through now. So let me run this by y'all and see what you feel... Wife was parked in a legal space at a supermarket. Car off. She was gathering stuff and began to exit her car. Directly to the left, in an empty spot, another car zipped in and collided with her partially open door just before she had it all the way open, thus creasing the edge of the door a bit. According to the plantiff, she had no time to avoid hitting my wife's door because it began to open so abruptly, and she should have been looking to see if anyone was pulling in before starting to open the door. There were no witnesses, so it was a she said/she said situation to the cop who showed up to write the report. The plantiff claims my wife was 100% at fault, and is suing for $1600, per the damage estimate at a body shop. There is a lengthy list of components involved, which seems a bit over the top for a 2009 Hyundai, but I digress. Given the angles involved, my gut feeling is that my wife's door could only have been opened about a third of what you normally need to get out of the car, making me think the other driver swung in at a good clip very near to the line (these are average size parking spaces). I wasn't there, so I can only speculate. But i always thought a moving vehicle hitting a parked vehicle is a no-brainer, but I guess I am mistaken. The woman had a $1000 deductible, she paid that portion (assuming she actually had the work done there) and the remainder covered by her insurance, yet she is claiming the gross amount as a settlement. Some flags pop into my head... What law firms take on cases for what is essentially a small-claims court amount? How do we know she wasn't using this as an opportunity to repair (or at least cash a check for) any pre-existing damage? Does this woman have a history of such claims? All I can find online are your more typical backing out and colliding, where the law is clear. And another tidbit in the package was a thorough check with various government agencies to verify if my wife is or was a military veteran. She never was or is, and never claimed to be. Not sure what angle that is, but the lawyer apparently spent some time on this case ( a newark firm). Surely they need a sizeable contingency fee for their efforts. It is all just baffling to me, and I am automatically suspicious. The lawyer's filing requests that the court issue a summary judgement, but I assume the court would inform us of an actual court date to appear and contest. They don't just say "ok boss, we shall"
  7. So the BBQ is off for tomorrow, I assume?
  8. Interesting show on cable called Underground, or some such. The "ghost guns" are made by backwood (jungle) guys in the Phillipines. One by one, forged in a tent, tested once, then sold off. Price for the gun is around $200 or so. Mule takes it to the city via motorbike and unloads for double that. Shippers buy them up and send by cargo to the west coast. Price again doubles. Now you have unmarked pistols (mainly) going out on the street where a banger buys a few, does a few crimes, then dumps the item to lesser bangers for a steep discount. By now, the pistol has been used enough to trace the ballistics by LE, so the bottom guys in the US are taking a serious risk. Where they go from there is anyones guess. Or, they do straw buys and route up the turnpike to various buyers in Camden, Trenton, points north. Very interesting hour of TV. Note the guys back in the jungle take a huge risk testing them before first sale. They seem to be pretty good smiths, as few are missing hands or faces. Eventually they wind up in the river, as too hot to carry, even for the lowest street banger.
  9. I get up to 4 in a day from a car warranty company that spoofs a local town, but always a different set of digits. Once I told them that they were violating my Do Not Call registry and that I record every call in order to report them for the penalty, and the guy smugly replied that he was recording ME, I just laughed at him. Since then, they have sort of given up. Turns out this boiler room actually does try to sell you an extended warranty (for a car we no longer own), but they will transfer you to "Finance" for the hard sell...$140 right that minute, and $3500 for the remainder of the plan. They get snippy and irritated if you don't hand over a card number right away. This according to a woman out west who stayed on long enough to hear the details. I never got that far, but if I'm bored one day... Imagine if some schmuck actually buys the entire plan and then has a need to submit a claim. Sorry Sir, our comprehensive drivetrain warranty only covers wiper blade replacement. Click! The NRA is another one, but at least in my case they come up on the ID as such. They always will keep you on with ever decreasing donation amounts. Can't do $50 today? How about 30? No? How about 20? No? How about 15? 10 for a useless tote bag?
  10. Edit: but I use it for work too.
  11. I needed one right away after I spilled water all over the previous laptop. I usually shop Dell, but since it was urgent, I stopped in the local Staples. Suprisingly, they had some pretty good deals. Walked out with a Pavilion 15 inch with 16gb ram and tons of hard dive space with core i7 chipset. For about $600. The only drawback is that hit you an extra $100 for the MS Office voucher.
  12. Thx guys
  13. Not at all funny.
  14. I thought I smelled a rat. But I put it aside. Indian woman pre-screened me for the position (typical stupid HR questions), and I passed on to the next round. Company was supposed to be a leasing arm of a major bank looking to expand into NJ. Seemed plausible, although I could not find much info online (second red flag). I know very well the parent company, but not this alleged division. "HR" person explained via email that we would go through a screening process in the form of a series of tests, and if I passed, we would interview for the job in person, as a final step. Seemed odd, but a bit innovative. According to the contract (via email PDF), I would be paid $2500 for the test process at $50 per day for an hour or two each test, and if hired full-time, the salary would be as such - $xxx,xxx (pretty good, but not out of line) Tests were increasing in difficulty, and seemed legit for the line of work. I passed all with flying colors and actually learned a bit about the business of equipment leasing. Suddenly the following arrived (below). Whoops, I got suckered into wasting hours and hours on these tests. As we can see, the number is a Brooklyn exchange. Guy actually has VM. You can tell he is Russian on his VM greeting. I doubt I'll hear from "Phillip" (common russian name, of course) ever again, but according to the contract, they owe me at least a few hundred. Yes, I know fat chance, but I want to find the dude. Or at the very least, alert other job seekers. Shall I proceed or let it go? Note, the previous missives were in a more native english syntax. ________________ Hope you had a nice weekend! This morning I got additional details pertaining to part-time projects we discussed. We're currently completing a project list and selecting units to be required for the new office in your area. I will be getting this info along with bank guides later today. So far we have to complete 2 major steps. -Step One: to receive corporate funds to one of your existing credit cards. -Step Two: to purchase required equipment per the project list and ship it to local warehouse so it can be stored until the office opens. Along with the email you will find two attachments: - FAQ doc explaining step one; - Account Access Manual. These materials will explain further how to get corporate funds and how to place them to one of your personal credit cards. Please, review materials before we proceed further and make sure everything is clear. We will provide you with the access to the corporate bank account so you will be able to select it as a payment source to your CC. If you do have questions, do not hesitate to ask. To start the project you have to transfer funds to your CC first and after you get them proceed with purchase. Before you start transferring process, make sure that you understand manuals attached. Please, pay a close attention to key definitions such as: - current balance (outstanding balance); - credit limit; - debit card and credit card. There is no need to provide any personal information as we proceed. To start the process you will use on-line banking system on your computer and this will allow you to keep your private info safe. Reasons the company uses the Credit card system: 1) No personal information is required 2) Credit cards avoid the cumbersome process of using cash 3) Credit card transfers take less time 4) The Company desires to keep money transactions under control in a safe manner (third party controls). 5) The third party control prevents unverified payments to the card, and insures all transactions Now I am waiting for the follow up from you to request further guides. Guides will include corporate bank account info, equipment specs and other details. If everything is fine with you, please, confirm. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask further questions. -- Best regards, Mr. Phillip A. Shultz Senior HR/Training Manager Trust Leasing Company, U.S. Division Phone: +1 (347) 422 5281
  15. Since Mustang cleared out what he had, I thought I'd start a new thread. Looking for a working gas chainsaw for the branch mess I have after the last storm. Small is fine. Largest debris I have is maybe 7-8 inches in diameter. I could rent one from HD easily enough, but for a few bucks more, I'd rather just have one of my own. Located in Mercer County.