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  1. Have been trying to control a long row of climbing vines that grow in between 2 fences...my 4' chainlink fence, and the neighbor's 6' plastic privacy fence (the type you can buy in sections at the big box stores). I would guess the spacing between the two is around 6-8 inches. The vine grows up from the roots and forms a stout wooden (ish) vertical stem and then branches horizontally along the top of the chain link. All told, the run is about 110 feet along the rear section. I have tried cutting the stems by sliding a pruning shear through the chainlink spaces, but the things are quite hardy and leap back to life within days. The space between the fences is too narrow to access freely, and a string trimmer cannot handle the thick stems to clear it out (buying more time before it regenerates). Any ideas of a tool that would be best to hold above the chainlink that reaches near ground level? I avoid chemical treatments because some of the thickest growth is right along the back of the veg garden. Roundup would probably kill it all off, as well as the grass, and even then, the ugly stems will always be there.
  2. They are app notifications where you drag down the main screen to view the titles and a brief description.
  3. Been receiving several dozen notifications per day on my galaxy phone from some outfit called rewardprograms, which redirects to a random source (for free junk). I can't seem to block these because of the ever-changing source. They come in droves every few minutes. Any ideas on stopping them short of disabling all notifications completely (a few of which I actually want...from sources I approve)?
  4. Interesting. The tech created 2 networks - regular and 5G. I have terrible performance on 5G myself, so I connect to the regular (I assume that one is the 2.4) But i will tool around Myfios and see what it is set up for. I don't care about parental controls since he is almost 20 and does what he wants, as long as he keeps up his gpa in college.
  5. Yes, I know what latency is, lol. But good to know about the splitters. All the room jacks are male and the mile of spare parts I accumulated are all male too. Too may males around here!! Turns out that after I posted, he reported that in-game play was fine, but that initial download of a new game was the lousy part. I tried to explain that the server sending the install files is what it is and to just go cut the grass while it chugs.
  6. What kind of connection? We dont have any ethernet outlets, just old coax.
  7. Got a large box containing two slim black boxes that sit on each TV, and one large while router (looks like an air purifier, or an Alexa a bit). The idea was to replace the old setop boxes. We hooked up the black ones and all was well. The base router in the garage handled the 1gb internet, but I was always under the impression that the base unit transmitted via wifi. But it does (did) not since it was cabled up with a lan connection and coax, as are the black boxes on top of the various TVs. So my kid was complaining about his connectivity speed for his laptop, cell, and Xbox. His room is technically pretty close to the base unit, being right below his room. I never had issues some distance away in my work area. So to make a long story short, he tried to hook up the white box as a signal boost (which is how Verizon called it), but we couldn't get a connection. With the help of a Verizon tech over the phone, we ended up swapping out the old router in the garage base station with the white one, and after a few tweaks, all was well. He can actually get a wifi connection on his phone outside in the yard now, and all other devices spin up to about 950mb/sec on speedtest. So far, so good. But his Xbox multiplayer is still clocking at over 2000 ping, which sucks for realtime gaming. I have no idea why. Verizon suggested a signal boost for another 10 bucks rental. I dont think we should have to pay more to boost a signal...this isn't Hearst castle. It should pump through one floor above..lets say 20 feet over and 10 upstairs. Anyone know if the cheap boosters on Amazon or similar would assist? You can get one for about 40 bucks outright instead of the Verizon boost at 200.
  8. John Rich getting upset (as a business owner, as well as part of the music scene) is classic. To paraphrase.." This mayor is well educated, so I'm sure he will understand 4 simple words...CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT" I always considered lawsuit as one word, but he made his point. I can't stand country music myself, but all in all, country singers seem to have their wits about them, not to mention writing their own music and playing their actual instruments.
  9. I just mentioned that to the wife last night....the threshold will quickly creep down to the point where a married couple working low wage retail jobs will soon qualify as "wealthy". Not sure if it was mentioned in another thread, but reminds me of the hedge fund manager who told his town that he will relocate to Florida as his primary residence if they pass any tax increase. They brushed him off, and so he loaded up the truck and moved to Boca or thereabouts. The town (somewhere in north NJ) then realized that this one guy was paying the lions share of the entire municipal budget and now they had to scramble to replace most of their budget numbers. Then we have the scandal on Nashville where the power mad mayor shut down the lifeblood of the city due to fake Covid stats, lost all that business revenue (naturally), and then he raises the tax on the remaining residents by 36% to make up the difference.
  10. Everyone who played painball knows that the guy hit must stand down and leave the field. What's the issue?
  11. tweet-james-woods-nba-to-trump-resign-never-play-best-deal-since-manhattan.webp
  12. If I had one, it would transmit hours and hours of my wife complaining that I loaded the dishwasher wrongly.
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