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  1. When I lived in Kendall Park, there was a place named 4 musketeers on Rt 27 that had awesome pies. I think maybe its gone since the local demographics have changed quite a bit in the last decade. I do spend a fair amount of time in Delaware and you would be amazed how bad their pizza is. And Papa Johns and Dominoes are considered a local treat. Barf. When they used to advertise about their new and improved pies, I wondered if it was actually worse than it is today. I swear the frozen stuff in Walmart is actually better. Have yet to step foot in DeLorenzos after all these years, even though I could drive there in 5 minutes. Not a big fan of the thin crust variety. Always wondered why Chicago deep dish has never made it this far east. Looks mighty good on the Food Network has a segment about it, but never have I seen any in Jersey.
  2. AlDente67


    Watch out! If I buy some, the price will plummet to 32 cents. I have a knack for lousy market timing.
  3. I flew from Kalamazoo to EWR for christmas. The TSA there were going through my laptop bag for about 15 minutes. They finally pulled out a loose rifle round that found its way to the bottom under all the crap I haul around. Must have been in there for years and dozens of xray checks all over the country. I had no idea it was in there, but the TSA screener almost had a heart attack while he was holding it in his hand. I was a bit surprised by the over-reaction.
  4. When I got mine years ago, the guy who handles it for my town claimed he never got my reference letters. Luckily I came in person to follow up and spotted the letter right there in front of him on his desk. He didn't seem like he had an agenda either....just busy with other duties I suppose. I didn't think he was purposefully stalling because he suggested I get two of them and he would extend the validity right on the spot. I didn't get another because I couldnt afford a second pistol at that time (even extended). I kick myself for not scraping up the cash back then. Now I don't bother because of the process and hassle, I'll have to get by with just my lone Beretta and 10 long guns. Probably would have to go through the fingerprint hassle too after so much time has passed...60 bucks at some podunk office park. You would think that a police station could handle fingerprinting, but no.
  5. That part is on top of 2...split level...
  6. Having a tough time finding a reliable installer in Mercer County. Got a new roof put on a year ago. Company told me the old fan was no longer needed now that he was putting in ridge vents. That was a mistake, as the vents are no match for the heat up there. Some local guys I tried to reach tendnot to respond. I guess the job is too small. I am looking for a reasonable price for someone to handle it, ans I am hesitant to hire anyone who doesn't know absolutely what they are doing, as cutting a hole in a brand new roof is not something I take lightly. Anyone suggest a person? Or what to look for in a new unit in general? The old one was there when we bought over 20 years ago and was a power hog. I would assume there are better ones out these days, but the stock at the Depot looks like abomb hit it back in the dregs of the roof aisle.
  7. I said this before...hire a consumer adjuster. I used to be one but no longer am involved due to the killings. the insurance company will lowball. It is what they do. There is no fee if you don't like the settlement number they arrive at (the indy adjuster)
  8. Intrigued by the NordVPM offer at 2.99 month for 6 devices. But then I find that is for a 3-year prepaid offer. I hate those because I forget and wind up getting dinged without realizing it. Anyone have a cheap option without long term options? This would be for personal laptops and such.
  9. https://funnels.mycrisisgear.com/news/586/rdot_v1b?tid=TPC&cid=TPCSidebarRD (usual disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this company/product) Forty bucks for a dot sight. Same for their spotting scope. Free ship. Looks too good to be true, but.... What do you think?
  10. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, lol. Now I recall the old post....
  11. Here is another one...sorry... Need a carpet/tile pro cleaning. Pets stains, misc stains, the works. Anyone recommend a service that can handle the job for not too much? (I know...) Located in Mercer Cty.
  12. Thanks guys. Good stuff. What could I expect as far as all-in cost upfront? I have a basic 2300 sq ft house. Do they do payments or all up front?
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