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  1. I never saw the actual statute until this thread, but I was always under the impression it was ok on your property. But I agree I would keep it concealed out in the yard. Tempting a nasty visit for the PD because a panicky or vindictive neighbor or passerby will lead to a visit. Imagine the caller, intentionally or otherwise, distort what they observed and add in some sort of variation on brandishing will lead to a very unpleasant encounter. Then, you never know in the future if the local PD will keep a close eye on you. If they decide to randomly pull you over while driving about town, they can be looking to see if you decided to keep it on your hip while going to the quickie mart. You never know what their intent will be unless the officer is a friend or relative. But thats just me.
  2. Don't use any of them and they stay in place. That's what I do.
  3. So "daggers" are now illegal to possess. What defines a "dagger"? Do I need to toss out all my kitchen knives? Also, handcuffs are now illegal to possess. My wife will be upset about that one. What is it that caused the libs to go lurching off the deep end? Fouride in the water?
  4. Thanks for the inputs. I will browse that forum. I have a Berretta 9mm carbine so I can use the same mags that fit the 92 pistol . That is nice, and it is a hoot to shoot. I also have a Turkish .40 that works well but mags are impossible to find. I am stuck with the 2 that came with it, and haven't been able to find any more. Even the store I bought it from cant get more. Strike that $700 down the drain. Figured HiPoint would be more available since all those other mags are at the bottom of the ocean these days.
  5. I get fundraising calls from the NRA all the time. Mostly from nice ladies. But they are relentless. I am a life member, but when I ask what they are doing in NJ to induce me to give more, I get "NJ is a tough state" I kid you not. Essentially FU but can you send in another 50 bucks? How about 30? How much is Ollie getting paid?
  6. They should be sued, regardless of opinion. The fiduciary duty of a public company is to protect shareholder value, by law. And they are not, willingly and openly. Sue their pants off.
  7. Thats what I heard. The pistols are still hit or miss, but the long guns are better than the rep. $275 for a carbine is a steal.
  8. Was browsing carbines recently. The High Point stuff is wayyyy cheaper than other other makes. I know many consider it crap, but has the quality changed in recent times? Is the rep still valid on their long guns (or sort of long in the case of a carbine)?
  9. Disagree. I had an old car I bought 2 years ago for my kid to drive when he turned of age. It sat lonely until 2 weeks ago. Replaced the battery and it started up on a dime.
  10. I used Tirerack before. They always post the sales like any other local (get 1 free on a set, etc). What I watch out for are the mounting fees. They vary from one shop to another, sometimes in a big way. Truth be told, Mavis and most chains will match the price at the drop of a hat, and you don't have to wait for shipping.
  11. Maybe you should size up as needed.
  12. Some of them still use the ancient contraption to flip between lenses. Those things drive me nuts. Which is clearer, A or B? "I don't know!!" I have seen the new imaging stuff at another place. Really neat. Maybe this Lenscrafters was just behind the times. A real Optho should have all the gadgets.
  13. Great price! Although I have one from my grandfather. At this point, I can't handle it myself. These are bulky but last forever.
  14. Will do, thx!