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  1. I stand corrected: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Retro-1981-Kohler-K4211-Cerulean-Blue-Elongated-Toilet-System-2/143505693187?hash=item21699b1a03:g:06MAAOSweKNeI6ux Thats the one, but mine actually has a handle. They call that one "vintage". Hmmmm...might never sell, but still, that's a whopper of an ask price. "cerulean" sounds so inviting when nature calls. Maybe light some incense sticks too.
  2. Is that some Tribal Indian process?
  3. The thought crossed my mind that if I turned it white, I could use it in place of one of the other ones upstairs that drive me insane. If I had to guess, it came with the house when built in '71, so it isn't 'vintage' enough for that crowd. It would be more attractive to someone longing for the pre-water saving legislative craze, or the odd person who really likes powder blue in general. Or anyone who doesn't give a sheet....which is counter-intuitive, but I had to work something in there.
  4. I still have my daughter's 2014 Jetta for sale. 74k miles 1.8l turbo. Gets 40 mpg hwy. No issues aside from needing a brake pad change. It is black though. She took a job in Hawaii and it wasn't worth the effort of shipping it all that way. The budget fits and you get the benefit of dealing with a fellow forum member. Ping me if you'd like to look at it. A previous buyer had a company come out and do a full inspection and road test and that is all they could find (the brakes). Located in East Windsor.
  5. We redid a bathroom last year, completely removing everything down to the stud walls. The old toilet was a champ...3.5 gallon flush, perfect working mechanicals...the only toilet in the house that never had a single issue. The problem is...it is powder blue. So I have been storing it ever since. Figured someone might be interested in the flush size since you can't buy them these days (The one that sucks down golf balls actually works pretty well, but maybe someone wants to save $150 bucks). I put a ad on CL for $20. Only one reply..from a restaurant owner in Brooklyn who said he was tired of his customers clogging his 1.5 gallon toilets every few days. I said he'd come down and give me $100 for it. Ok, I was only asking 20, but whatever. Naturally I never heard anything further. So there it sits, lonely and forlorn without any butts to warm it in the cold garage. So my next idea is to try to change the color to white or something else. Could be a fun little project. But there is little info online about how to re-paint...different how-to guides suggest all sorts of paint types, some even suggesting not to do inside the bowl because the coating would come right off. I don't buy that advice else a million boat owners would be pretty ticked off having to dry dock every 2 weeks. Has anyone ever actually re-colored porcelain glaze?
  6. Funny tidbit about Bloomberg. Years ago, I used to work for his competition in the newswire business. His main campus is not far from the Princeton area. Many college grads were thrilled to get hired there as it was a good paying job. They would enthuse about getting free lunch provided to them each day, not realizing until later that this was intended to keep them yoked to their desks all day and not waste time going out for lunch. lol! The whip cracked early and often.
  7. Seems like this one was the charm, as it would have drained straight away. I parked at Wawa for all of 4 minutes and went from 14.5 to 10. It started, but barely, then you see the volt counter rocket up to full within seconds. One more and they get a lemon law friendly from Dewey Cheatum & Howe. But we shall see. My third GC in a row...but never had any issues with the others. $55g suv, who needs that crap.
  8. Iwould imagine your viewing habits would be the main data set, but heard if there is a cam built in, they can watch and listen to what you are up to. Bit of masking tape takes care of the video, but audio is a bit tougher I suppose. As such, we raely discuss how many kilos of blow are coming in next week,
  9. Well, its almost funny...I went back to the dealer each time. Last one (last week) they admitted that the tech plugged in his ODB reader and forgot to turn of the running lights. I would have noticed that I would think, but it was draining overnight down to about 9-10 volts. So far it has been ok, but we shall see. I would have thought a little bone like a free oil change would have been in order since I spent a total of 6 hours reading their old Motor Trend issues from 2007. But I didn't yet push the issue. The odd thing is that the GC has an aux battery as well, and that was the one killed the main. The service advisor had no idea where thus elusive component was actually located (you would think a Jeep service dept would know of such things). The main is stored under the passenger front seat, in the floor compartment, but even a brief browse of the Jeep forums did not reveal where the aux battery is located.
  10. Bought a cheap 800 amp charger to fix the Jeep battery that kept dying (3rd battery in a brand new vehicle with 500 miles on the odo). This one is made by Gooloo and comes with every possible connection in addition to the regular jumper clamps. Has a flashlight built in too. Nice little canvas storage case, takes up about the size of a small phonebook. For $60,it was a bargain since I can revive my tractor batteries that I fail to store properly every winter. And it will juice up pretty much anything in about 30 seconds. Holds enough for a dozen jumps of the truck, and then plugs into a regular wall socket for about 6 hours to fully restore the juice, and supposedly will hold that for about 6 months. Pretty handy when you are on the sand in the middle of nowhere all alone. The reason I mention this is that you probably have never heard of Gooloo. But so far I am impressed. I also hate to read badly translated Chinese instructions, so I emailed them to offer my services to update the manual into something more like proper English. The Chinese like to get flowery and end up mangling the text. They asked me what I charged for such a service, and I said just maybe some sort of accessory. I am not a copywriter by trade, so I wasn't looking for a cash payout. Just wanted to remove the references to fusion flux capacitors and wormhole warpdrives. So if you buy one, you can read my prose, and revel in the fact that you are in the company of a global juggernaut
  11. Just read an interesting article about the 65" size range. They said the manufactures are making no money on them (really cheap pricing), but they plan to make the profit on selling any personal info they can gather. Now I'mnot sure how much value my idle nose-picking while watching Parking Wars might be worth to marketing folks, but you can get around their collection efforts. Personally, I just use my Fios wifi to make life simple. Between that and my Prime membership, I have more than enough things to watch. I just don't have the desire to hook up a bunch of tech like many folks here. As an update, the TCL (which I never knew existed) is still doing great for a dirt cheap unit. But that is just a 32" 1080p. I see the 4k stuff going for around $500 or even less at bestbuy. 32 is too small to show off the differences, but 65 would. Vizio is one brand I would still shy away from, unless it was free, or meant for the kids room. Still am amused at the 105" unit at PC Richards a few years back, on sale for $15,000 marked down from $45,000 (!!) Not even sure I could fit that through the doorways in my house, lol. By the way, if you have an Amex card, you can use points on Amazon to offset the cost. Yeah, I charged around $20,000 over time to pay for the TV, but it isn't as if I went out of my way with that goal in mind. (I have pretty steep travel expenses for work)
  12. Last time I went, there was an army guy in the next lane shooting a Barrett 50. That was fun. I only got one shot, but it was a treat at $5 a pop.
  13. I got a 32" LCD from TCL recently (it fits the cabinet). It is Roku and all that but I just watch Discovery channel, lol. It works for 100 bucks. The Visios are cheap now in 65" so they can spy on you sitting there picking your nose. 4K is not yet supported but will be soon. Picture quality is pretty impressive. I used to hold Samsung as the gold standard, but I keep hearing otherwise lately. Visio is supposed to be junk, but for 400 bucks, you cant go wrong unless you are gaming hardcore.
  14. Looking to sell my daughters' Jetta, as she just moved to Hawaii for a new job. Here are the details: 2014 4-door, 2.0 liter turbo SE model (I think that is the engine size) - Auto trans. Upgraded stereo. Black interior/exterior, with purple trim accents inside (hey, she liked purple). Trim can be peeled off easily. About 76,000 miles, give or take. Engine is strong, I drove it a few days ago, and I am picky. Got 40mpg highway (!) Some scuffs on the front lip because she does not understand the concept of pulling into sloped driveways, but fixable. Car was rear-ended once by a woman texting, but rear bumper was repaired by pro body shop. No tracking issues at all. No electrical gremlins. Tires could be due up for replacement by next spring. She was (is) the second owner, purchased at VW of Hamilton about 3 years ago. Pics on my phone for texting if you want. Clean title. Pricing is all over the map for this model. I figure about 5900 is fair but open to offers, since I take care of the cars in the house, and I am pretty anal about the cars on a mechanical basis. You are welcome to have your mech examine it. text me at 609 424 4459 or pm here if interested. (calls are spotty since I ignore the 8 daily spam calls from Mumbai) Any questions, fell free to ask. Pics available by email (I get a -200 error message trying to attach here)
  15. So I went to change the battery in a flashlight of the metal duralight variety (metal, can drive a truck over it, etc). Anyway, I was surprised to see a 2600 mAh fat battery the size of a AA on steroids. Never seen one before. Doing cursory glance on Amazon yields a few rechargeable models and a few 2800mAh that appear to fit, but wonderingif a 2800 will cause any adverse effects. I don't want a rechargeable because they seem to run around $10 a pop to begin with, and I don't want to have to buy a charger. Per HD's site, they don't even carry them, it appears, Any inexpensive ideas?
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