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  1. AlDente67

    Off road vehicles what do you have?

    Here's a funny story....So I picked up a 2017 Grand Cherokee High Altitude...triple black mafia staff SUV. full time 4 wheel drive, raising suspension, etc etc. 20" stock ties (uh oh). But its a lease so I dont want to invest in real tires until I decide what to do with it. I like to head over to Island beach state park and cruise down the sand to the Barnaget Inlet where I can waste hours catching small Bluefish and jetty rocks. But the view is nice. Heading back up as the sun was setting...toward the access path where the air pumps are located. I air down to 15 psi on these tires to get a little traction, but they are mall driver tires any way you put it. As long as you keep moving, it is ok. But nobody sticks to the trail and the ride is a bumpy mess going through all the ruts. So I figure the clean flat sand near the water would be a better drive. And it was until I slowed down to swing left near the access point. STUCK! the tide was coming in and the sand was like soup. I got axle deep in a minute. So now it is dark and the water was lapping on the passenger side by now and here I was underneath trying to shovel out. No luck, nobody around. So I call for a tow. Takes them an hour to come in from Seaside Park and air down a 16-wheel tow truck. Eventually took 3 of them to pull out the Jeep using steel cables. Paid $300 for the service. Back at the shop (to pay), they showed me a scrapbook of hundreds of floating cars they pulled out of the surf. Bottom line, I wish I had a rig like yours and this would not happen. And it wouldn't cost over50 grand either.
  2. AlDente67

    New fangeled key fobs

    I have a Jeep and the fob just needs a $1 battery change every couple of years. You first notice that the lock/unlock button wont do anything. These are the little pizza-shaped watch batteries. Here is an interesting story about MB fobs....they weren't really keyless for many many years...you put it in the ignition sensor and off you go. The car actually recharged the fob battery. I used to source them for members of a Benz forum when they came out with the shiny chrome fobs at about $75 if you fax in your registration. Guy in Texas would burn your code on the little board and fedex the physical fob to you in a couple of days. So then some guy had one made for an SL500 (I think) on a dealer lot and just drove away one day. So they started requiring you to show more proof you actually held title. Fair enough, but then Daimler realized they could get more than $75 for a key and jacked it to $250 (depending on the dealership taking the order). Same exact part. Fun stuff. I used to get parts from the dealer at half what they charged Missus Jones who drove into the service area. I was moving thousands per week. The service manager at said dealership was incented on volume, so it was all gravy for him. I would pick up the parts, box them up, and ship them for forum members. But then he decides he wanted more of a cut and raised my price by 50%. Now places like RockAuto were at the same price point and this clown was no longer going to get the volume I was moving for him. I had one guy in Sydney asking me for 20 grand in parts. Mister manager in Cherry Hill NJ was not getting that business without my help. Killed a good gig. Oh well.
  3. AlDente67

    entertinment center 3 piece

    They are good. I tried to get Salvation to pick up a sleeper sofa that was getting long in the tooth (but still good). they demanded it be in "like-new condition", which is something like a food bank only accepting lobster and prime rib. The vets take anything.
  4. AlDente67

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    Muddling through Season 7 now (yes, binge watching). One scene in an attack on Nagen has a dozen people on bikes (yay, finally), followed by gas/diesel panel trucks. So I guess the fuel is still viable. Since they are near cities, they could go to a car dealership and roll off with 20 cars. Many of them can hotwire anyway. Note to self...stock up on Sta-Bil. I must say, the chief dude with the Tiger mauling people is badass. And Darryl rocks. The angst of the women staring at each other for minutes at a time gets old in 5 seconds. Get over it sister!
  5. AlDente67

    entertinment center 3 piece

    Did you try Viet Vets? They are not picky. I will take the tv though.
  6. AlDente67

    CZ 75B vs Beretta 92

    I like my 92 since it was my first...and I have a carbine that accepts the mags. A multi-tasker (credit Alton Brown). But interested to try the CZ. Does anyone know of a place in central jersey to range rent one?
  7. AlDente67

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    I use birdshot on my shotty whenever the angry pigeons try to break in my house.
  8. AlDente67

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    People who use the word Irregardless. Common Core fail.
  9. AlDente67


    I dont get infections and have been using it for a long time. Thanks for the tip! My unit is also a dry one, so i wasn't sure how it might let death mold grow in it. The mask part sucks because anything you order online is a crapshoot in terms of fit. Nothing worse than one that isnt comfortable, and you cant really return them.
  10. AlDente67


    I will bookmark this thread for future use. Like OG, I don't yet have insurance so my old one is bound to need replacing sooner or later. I googled the model I have and got the programming steps for it. Very easy to do. Since the outfit I originally got it from back in my insured days set it up based on a sleep study, I knew where the default was if I played around with it too much. In the meantime, do you sell just the masks and hoses? And lastly, that thing I see on TV quite a bit...the machine that cleans the bacteria when you aren't wearing it...does that actually work, and whats a good price for it?
  11. AlDente67

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    Actually, they had to run from the prison after the Governor had his army tank plow through all of the fencing, allowing 400 zombies to wander on inside.
  12. AlDente67

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    I'm only up to mid season 6 on Netflix. Glenn gets eaten by 50 walkers and then pops up in the next episode. Wha?? And why the hell did the architect dude design walls with the supports on the outside?
  13. AlDente67

    New Jermany at it again

    I bought my house in 1998. The same alarms are still there and quite active with a fresh battery. I know this because they go off whenever we cook something too smoky. NJ can kiss my ass. You want to install new ones, go right ahead. But I ain't paying for it. Period.
  14. I speak of the TV show...not politicians... 1. How many dead are shambling around in the Georgia woods after a year? Do they ever die? How did they get tens of miles into the woods? 2: Why don't the team members find a van and head to Key West? Can't be that many walkers on an island, right? Surely in Atlanta you can find a vehicle, no? 3. You never see them restocking ammo. Where do they get it? One scene has someone mentioning only 3 rounds left...and then the next scene has them blowing away 30 walkers. Just annoyed....sorry.

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