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  1. I sent him $900 on a Steam gift card. Instructed him to use discreet packaging.
  2. I briefly considered a nice wall display of my collection, sans ammo. I was changing around my home office and thought they would look cool on the wall behind my new desk. Then I thought of my niece and nephew falling under that 'kid" category, and that the parents are pretty much antis. And those kids are all over the place every holiday gathering. No tellling if they would even notice, but the parents sure would. I could imagine getting at least a sudden visit from the 10 town cops who have nothing better to do, or worse. I put up beer neon instead. Nobody seems to mind that, nor the slot machine. (the office would have been in close proximity to be basement rec room, to explain the choice of replacements). All the scary stuff is well locked up elsewhere. But if no kids ever came over, might be a different story. That was then. Now with the red flag nonsense, I could imagine getting into a heated poilitical discussion with a brother-in-law...and then Knock Knock a few days after the picnic.
  3. Still looking for a simple explanation on the difference between what we go through now for a NJ FID and the proposal. It has been a few years, but I do recall getting fingerprinted, asking two people I know to mail in a letter of reference, interviewing with the PD, paying up, checking my record, etc etc. Is there more to it?
  4. A cruise missile has about 250 pounds of high explosive, or thereabouts. The tanks would not exist. By the way, in the extreme lower right corner of the picture is a pickup truck, for a sense of scale. The damage to the tanks would be consistent with cruise missiles made of twice-baked potatoes.
  5. I would pay 5 or 10 bucks for a few of those for interesting wall art.
  6. Did everyone miss the funeral last year?
  7. I'm not sure if the pricing is better than boxed ammo, but it sure looks enticing.
  8. I lost the second fob for my 2016 jeep which is coming up very soon for lease end. Wonder if the dealer will ding me?
  9. Cherry fruit snack pies! Never any on the shelf when I had out for my weekly commute down south. So I have to get Apple-filled, which I dont enjoy.
  10. I thought I read somewhere that small claims courts won't allow you to seek partial compensation. In other words, if the limit is 3k, they will look at the bill and see it is over that and reject the case. So you can't claim under actual damages to stay at or below the court limit.
  11. Plus, if I were the CEO, I would look with suspicion upon those signatures. Is there a Donald Duck or two mixed in?
  12. Just because you are wearing a fancy dress and laughing at me...gives you no right to abuse me! Lol
  13. Interesting..the latest Jack Reacher novel is about a group of rich guys hunting a couple of poor young travelers stuck there by car trouble. Of course, any fans of the series can guess how it turns out.
  14. The funny part is that some people think anything is in a shed behind a fence. Supposedly it is really 30 stories underground behind blast doors. They wouldn't need to fire a shot. Edit: I watch too many episodes of Cosmic Disclosure on gaia TV.
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