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  1. I said this before...hire a consumer adjuster. I used to be one but no longer am involved due to the killings. the insurance company will lowball. It is what they do. There is no fee if you don't like the settlement number they arrive at (the indy adjuster)
  2. Intrigued by the NordVPM offer at 2.99 month for 6 devices. But then I find that is for a 3-year prepaid offer. I hate those because I forget and wind up getting dinged without realizing it. Anyone have a cheap option without long term options? This would be for personal laptops and such.
  3. https://funnels.mycrisisgear.com/news/586/rdot_v1b?tid=TPC&cid=TPCSidebarRD (usual disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this company/product) Forty bucks for a dot sight. Same for their spotting scope. Free ship. Looks too good to be true, but.... What do you think?
  4. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, lol. Now I recall the old post....
  5. Here is another one...sorry... Need a carpet/tile pro cleaning. Pets stains, misc stains, the works. Anyone recommend a service that can handle the job for not too much? (I know...) Located in Mercer Cty.
  6. Thanks guys. Good stuff. What could I expect as far as all-in cost upfront? I have a basic 2300 sq ft house. Do they do payments or all up front?
  7. That I could live with. I was hearing 8 hours for a full charge back in the day.
  8. BTW, if you need serious house repair, such as a new roof, I know of a way to get it covered by insurance (or most of it). Inquire within.
  9. I got a new roof a year ago, so that should be ok. Our bill from PSEG is around 200/mo or so, so buying a setup will take a loooooong time to pay back I think.
  10. Been seeing a few new roof arrays going up in the area lately. I always hung up on the cold callers pushing solar. But now maybe a bit open to the idea... Here is what I heard/read over the years... Leasing is cheap (as far as install costs) but saves not much over time. Better to buy outright and then you own it, especially if you ever need to sell the house. It will degrade your roof (condensation? Not really sure) My house faces south mostly, so the panels would have to go on the front slope of the roof...and they are usually pretty ugly (not told...just an observation). Heard a new design was in the works, but havent heard anything lately. The re-supply back to the grid issue...does NJ do this? I have a friend in PA that spent 175k on a giant grid with the expectation that all the excess would be bought back by the power company. This was a big factor in the cost analysis of such a monster grid. Shortly thereafter, PA decided to end the subsidy due to over supply, and he was left with tons of extra capacity with no recompense. Sorry charlie! The payoff target of 10 years is now a million years. Any tips in your experience? Any companies that are legit?
  11. I would like to have a Tesla, but the range thing is a major concern. I used to drive to RI to help my kid move in or out at her school. Not having enough gas was always a concern for me, if the GW Bridge traffic was nasty...one accident and the backup lasts for miles, and no way to exit to find a gas station. The electric is even more of a concern...even with smooth sailing, it is still a trip in excess of the capacity. So you'd have to find a charge station halfway through...and wait. Plus I'd have to pay to install a 220v outlet in the garage. At this point for me, it isn't there yet. Some day, but not yet. Would love to experience the sub-3s acceleration though. Sounds like fun.
  12. How about installing an attic fan?
  13. Ray Ray, you do windows?
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