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  1. Like an old codger, I love to babble on about old stories. I used to work with a guy back in the day... he was booking hours as a pilot in a single-engine. He needed more hours in the seat to move up to twin engine..cant recall how many..maybe 1000 hours. So we piled in a rented 4 seater Cessna for an hour and split the rental fee. 1 hour...70 bucks all in.. But we all chipped in. Took off from Robbinsville airport and flew up the Hudson River and banked back hard at the GW bridge. Amazing views at 1000 feet cruising past Manhattan. (this was before 911, you cant do that these days). He eventually got enough seat time to qualify and died in Iraq years later after a shootdown. Well. life goes on I suppose, but John John had the seat time to know how to fly a small plane. So the mystery goes on. No way this guy couldn't read an altimeter, else he would never get a license to fly.
  2. 2020 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction from Everytown for Gun Safety. Well I demand someone come up with a group name that doesn't sound as if Forest Gump thought of it. That is all. But speaking of kennedy, anyone see the theory that John Jr. is very much alive and is the guy posting as Q Anon? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/retropolis/wp/2018/08/05/jfk-jr-didnt-die-he-runs-qanon-and-hes-no-1-trump-fan-omg/1 I just pulled that link from many others because I know how everyone loves links, lol. But some reports even include an age-enhanced photograph of what he looks like nowadays. No mention of his wife though. And here I thought Hillary had her minions do a number on his plane so she could glide into her Senate seat. Or he just sucked at flying by instruments in foggy conditions.
  3. My favorite was a video taken by a guy in the English countryside while riding his bike on a remote pathway while filming on his head-mounted gopro. Literally in the middle of nowhere. But then a Karen appears on the path walking toward him as he was cruising in the opposite direction, minding his own business. As he passes her about 5 feet away (the path was not wide), she lunges at him and tries to tackle him while screaming at the top of lungs "You are not distancing!!!!" He swivels around his head to look back at her as she falls away in the distance, and she is still screaming. He was like "what the eff?" Probably the best instance I have seen. But otherwise, if someone wants to make an issue in a store around here, the firm eye contact glare will usually make them slither away without a word. If one is bold enough to start saying something, just laugh in their face. That drives them nuts because they are probably used to getting catered to by weak soy men. Also works great on road ragers. They go even more ballistic as you laugh and point. Its pretty fun.
  4. I went to court to fight a ticket for window tint, just because it was silly and the fine was $58 or something. Half the people in the courtroom were central americans who didn't even speak english. They got cited for minor things like speeding and whatnot, but I was wondering how they got licensed in the first place. Many of them were drivers for the local taxi companies, based on the lawyer interpreting what the judge said. Dont get me wrong, they work hard and don't make any trouble, but if I have to jump through hoops for documentation, I also wonder how they get around it. Oh, and the judge tossed my ticket in the trash saying it was absurd. lol.
  5. The real ID has the gold star on it, right? I don't think I have that so it looks like a fun visit is in my future. I just leave my passport in my laptop bag, so its always within reach.
  6. Let me get some pics up when I get in the garage later. There are a couple out front, one or two in the garage, and a coupe more back in the garden shed. Why we have so many is something of a mystery. Should be a few choices to fit your needs. I will also pop in the bike store to see if they have any real inventory. Never considered they might set up props. They are pretty good shop owners there. I also recall that the Freehold super walmart had a ton of bikes out on the floor. That was maybe a month ago. I didn't really pay attention what sizes they had, since I wasn't shopping for a bike. But at any rate, let me see what I have. I think $5000 each would be fair, given the shortage. just kidding.
  7. Huh. Thats new, never saw it before. thx! I stand corrected.
  8. I have a bunch of bikes you can use. The kids ignored them as they got cars. So they sit in the garage. Most are adult sized. Also, there is a shop in Hightstown that has plenty of new ones, from what I can tell driving by the front window.
  9. I need to renew my license later this year I think. Always wondered why I couldn't do it by mail. They have a digital picture on file from the last few times I had to go there. They have all the relevant proofs of residence..passport, address, previous license, SSN, blood samples...jeez. Why must I take half a day to drive there and go through that every time? I mean damn, I got a new passport through the US mail after I lost my wallet. Got a new SS card through the mail too. Only in NJ does someone have to shlep in and show them the stupid 6 points of ID that they originally took the last time.
  10. Thanks Cap...from another moody ass who Peel loves to hate.
  11. Please update any news you have on R14. I would like to hear if they reopen.
  12. No kidding...that is a tough job. They can't even scratch an itch. Reminds me a bit about this one time I had to go to Luxembourg for work. A coworker and I spent a while over a weekend just wandering around the old section of town. He is Israeli but looks like an arab (swarthy, lets say). We take a turn down an alley into what turned out to be a gov't facility of some sort. I couldn't read the small sign because it was written in German or Belgian or some such, but for all I knew, it could have said "trespassers will be shot dead" One of those motionless guards in formal uniform was standing post outside the door. I noticed his eye shift ever so slightly in our direction, and then his rifle slowly moved in our general direction. I said to my friend "I think we should get the hell out of here...like now". Not a guard to be played around with...and we were just walking around minding our own business.
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