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  1. Oil prices dropped under a half per barrel, while pump gas dropped to remain steady around $2.15 or thereabouts. Amazing.
  2. Thought I would divert from the animosity for a moment.. Dog pees in same spot..spot grow like crazy...dog pee must good for grass. Want to spread to rest of yard. So what is the secret? / /
  3. damn, and that guy is not in Broadway?
  4. say, are state workers still working? Not heard a peep on that.
  5. https://funnels.mycrisisgear.com/news/101/glaser_v1/?tid=NSRA&cid=NSRA|329|GL&utm_expid=.cwUI9u9WS6a6iuNs0CMwUQ.0&utm_referrer= I have no idea if this is any good, but for $25 (including shipping), might be worth a try.
  6. No, W2, but heavy travel by car from jobsite to jobsite (previously deductible) prior to 2018
  7. So I see a number of houses sporting a large, red star on the siding/garage/etc. Sort of like this: Does it have a meaning? Or just a decoration? Many houses have this in the area.
  8. Loss of deductions costs me over $10,000 per year in refunds. Car mileage, other work-related expenses...yay.
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