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  1. I watched it last night. Kept me entertained to the end. But I agree about the ending. So mny questions, as if a sequel is required. I won't spoil it for anyone looking to watch yet. But they forgot that in a complete power outage, the fuel pumps wouldn't work, cash or no cash. And that Caddy got some terrific gas mileage! And the neighbor knew the make of the pistol by sight. For a Seattle software developer, he sure has a good eye for firearms, lol.
  2. Noe seriously thinking of adding one. I know it has been discussed in the past, but what would you suggest lately for a budget unit with night vision? I see a wide price disparity on Amazon upon a cursory look...40 and on up. Something unobtrusive, as some of them resemble an iPhone propped up on the dash. Not very sleek, those. Or if anyone is upgrading and looking to sell an older one....
  3. I have a pool heater that needs freon (according to the trouble code). I don't know which variety. It is a heat pump that requires about 7 pounds of the gas. Been searching for 2 years now trying to get this to work. Replaced all of the brains in the unit. No other possibility, but it is just out of any warranty. Seller refers you to service companies such as Lesley Pools, which then say they don't deal with heat pumps (uh, what?). Nobody will touch this thing because water runs through it (HVAC companies), or they just have no clue (Pool companies). One guy I found last year said he could do it (refresh the freon) but the gas runs about $700. What? Is it gold flaked? Can someone please advise?
  4. I sipped through a straw a few times...gin n tonics. I am going straight to hell.
  5. People who use the word irregardless. People who cite 'giving 110%'. Impossible, dumbass. People who advocate 'leveraging synergies'. Been browsing the old Dak BS generator too much. People who open clear packages and then dump them on a shelf somewhere. Recruiters who ask for references before even describing the job. Umm, no. Recruiters who demand a picture before submitting to a client. No, I'm not looking to marry you. Recruiters who leave entirely incoherent voicemail messages. How did you get in that business?? People who toss their Dunkin coffee cups on my front lawn.
  6. I find phones every once in a while. I drop them at the service desk of the store in front. Best place to inquire if it happens again.
  7. How does Goldman turn a profit with idiots like this creep come from upper management with no concept of economics. The best was when Corzine tried to start his own hedge fund and lost all the money.
  8. I'll do part time Cap. I actually prefer it because I do some project management part time under my own S-Corp.
  9. Mike was featured on the most recent season of This Old House, where he hooked up a few trainees to help out on a major remodel with Norm and the gang. They spent a good 4 months or so taking guidance on a ton of construction specialties. If i had to do it all over again, I would learn a trade. Luckily I came out of school debt free, but my daughter just got he BS in Marine Biology with a nice fat loan to deal with. Almost as much as my house cost. She is likely heading off to the Coast Guard officer training to unload that nut. The only downside to the industry is getting undercut by cheap labor, but a tradesperson with a good head on their shoulders will never run out of work.
  10. No docket. Everything is copied to the court, but nothing from the court itself.
  11. They sent us a letter of default judgement in the same amount, plus $50 in legal fees (??). It says "Ordered". The letter is from Binder, whom you might recognize if you watch late night cable. Nobody was served. The Mercer county district court was copied on the bottom. Still looks like a scam to me. I guess I need to call the district. The insurance company was NJM, which is the same one she has. So in a sense, they would be party to a suit against themselves.
  12. Yes, the cop produced a single page report with a little drawing of her car at an angle pointing into my wife's car as it was parking normally, with comments by both parties. W e don't have that company any longer, so I doubt they would entertain it that far retrocatively. Plus our deductible would also come into play.
  13. So last August, the wife got clipped by another car, and now we received a legal packet whereby the clipper is suing the wife in county court. I tried to find information about fault online, but to no avail in this situation. And yes, I could consult with a lawyer, but the costs associated would not be an avenue I want to go through now. So let me run this by y'all and see what you feel... Wife was parked in a legal space at a supermarket. Car off. She was gathering stuff and began to exit her car. Directly to the left, in an empty spot, another car zipped in and collided with her partially open door just before she had it all the way open, thus creasing the edge of the door a bit. According to the plantiff, she had no time to avoid hitting my wife's door because it began to open so abruptly, and she should have been looking to see if anyone was pulling in before starting to open the door. There were no witnesses, so it was a she said/she said situation to the cop who showed up to write the report. The plantiff claims my wife was 100% at fault, and is suing for $1600, per the damage estimate at a body shop. There is a lengthy list of components involved, which seems a bit over the top for a 2009 Hyundai, but I digress. Given the angles involved, my gut feeling is that my wife's door could only have been opened about a third of what you normally need to get out of the car, making me think the other driver swung in at a good clip very near to the line (these are average size parking spaces). I wasn't there, so I can only speculate. But i always thought a moving vehicle hitting a parked vehicle is a no-brainer, but I guess I am mistaken. The woman had a $1000 deductible, she paid that portion (assuming she actually had the work done there) and the remainder covered by her insurance, yet she is claiming the gross amount as a settlement. Some flags pop into my head... What law firms take on cases for what is essentially a small-claims court amount? How do we know she wasn't using this as an opportunity to repair (or at least cash a check for) any pre-existing damage? Does this woman have a history of such claims? All I can find online are your more typical backing out and colliding, where the law is clear. And another tidbit in the package was a thorough check with various government agencies to verify if my wife is or was a military veteran. She never was or is, and never claimed to be. Not sure what angle that is, but the lawyer apparently spent some time on this case ( a newark firm). Surely they need a sizeable contingency fee for their efforts. It is all just baffling to me, and I am automatically suspicious. The lawyer's filing requests that the court issue a summary judgement, but I assume the court would inform us of an actual court date to appear and contest. They don't just say "ok boss, we shall"
  14. So the BBQ is off for tomorrow, I assume?
  15. Interesting show on cable called Underground, or some such. The "ghost guns" are made by backwood (jungle) guys in the Phillipines. One by one, forged in a tent, tested once, then sold off. Price for the gun is around $200 or so. Mule takes it to the city via motorbike and unloads for double that. Shippers buy them up and send by cargo to the west coast. Price again doubles. Now you have unmarked pistols (mainly) going out on the street where a banger buys a few, does a few crimes, then dumps the item to lesser bangers for a steep discount. By now, the pistol has been used enough to trace the ballistics by LE, so the bottom guys in the US are taking a serious risk. Where they go from there is anyones guess. Or, they do straw buys and route up the turnpike to various buyers in Camden, Trenton, points north. Very interesting hour of TV. Note the guys back in the jungle take a huge risk testing them before first sale. They seem to be pretty good smiths, as few are missing hands or faces. Eventually they wind up in the river, as too hot to carry, even for the lowest street banger.