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  1. Disagree. I had an old car I bought 2 years ago for my kid to drive when he turned of age. It sat lonely until 2 weeks ago. Replaced the battery and it started up on a dime.
  2. I used Tirerack before. They always post the sales like any other local (get 1 free on a set, etc). What I watch out for are the mounting fees. They vary from one shop to another, sometimes in a big way. Truth be told, Mavis and most chains will match the price at the drop of a hat, and you don't have to wait for shipping.
  3. Maybe you should size up as needed.
  4. Some of them still use the ancient contraption to flip between lenses. Those things drive me nuts. Which is clearer, A or B? "I don't know!!" I have seen the new imaging stuff at another place. Really neat. Maybe this Lenscrafters was just behind the times. A real Optho should have all the gadgets.
  5. Great price! Although I have one from my grandfather. At this point, I can't handle it myself. These are bulky but last forever.
  6. Will do, thx!
  7. Finishing a hardbound copy of Liberty's Last Stand by Stephan Coontz....many of you will like this book. Good summer read. Basically President Soetero declares himself Dictator, and Texas decides to secede, as do a few more states. Fun ensues. I also have just about every Jack Reacher novel and a bunch of other things (fiction and non) to give out. Way too many books crowding my shelves. Located in Mercer County.
  8. I watched it last night. Kept me entertained to the end. But I agree about the ending. So mny questions, as if a sequel is required. I won't spoil it for anyone looking to watch yet. But they forgot that in a complete power outage, the fuel pumps wouldn't work, cash or no cash. And that Caddy got some terrific gas mileage! And the neighbor knew the make of the pistol by sight. For a Seattle software developer, he sure has a good eye for firearms, lol.
  9. Noe seriously thinking of adding one. I know it has been discussed in the past, but what would you suggest lately for a budget unit with night vision? I see a wide price disparity on Amazon upon a cursory look...40 and on up. Something unobtrusive, as some of them resemble an iPhone propped up on the dash. Not very sleek, those. Or if anyone is upgrading and looking to sell an older one....
  10. I have a pool heater that needs freon (according to the trouble code). I don't know which variety. It is a heat pump that requires about 7 pounds of the gas. Been searching for 2 years now trying to get this to work. Replaced all of the brains in the unit. No other possibility, but it is just out of any warranty. Seller refers you to service companies such as Lesley Pools, which then say they don't deal with heat pumps (uh, what?). Nobody will touch this thing because water runs through it (HVAC companies), or they just have no clue (Pool companies). One guy I found last year said he could do it (refresh the freon) but the gas runs about $700. What? Is it gold flaked? Can someone please advise?
  11. I sipped through a straw a few times...gin n tonics. I am going straight to hell.
  12. People who use the word irregardless. People who cite 'giving 110%'. Impossible, dumbass. People who advocate 'leveraging synergies'. Been browsing the old Dak BS generator too much. People who open clear packages and then dump them on a shelf somewhere. Recruiters who ask for references before even describing the job. Umm, no. Recruiters who demand a picture before submitting to a client. No, I'm not looking to marry you. Recruiters who leave entirely incoherent voicemail messages. How did you get in that business?? People who toss their Dunkin coffee cups on my front lawn.
  13. I find phones every once in a while. I drop them at the service desk of the store in front. Best place to inquire if it happens again.
  14. How does Goldman turn a profit with idiots like this creep come from upper management with no concept of economics. The best was when Corzine tried to start his own hedge fund and lost all the money.