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  1. Thx guys
  2. Not at all funny.
  3. I thought I smelled a rat. But I put it aside. Indian woman pre-screened me for the position (typical stupid HR questions), and I passed on to the next round. Company was supposed to be a leasing arm of a major bank looking to expand into NJ. Seemed plausible, although I could not find much info online (second red flag). I know very well the parent company, but not this alleged division. "HR" person explained via email that we would go through a screening process in the form of a series of tests, and if I passed, we would interview for the job in person, as a final step. Seemed odd, but a bit innovative. According to the contract (via email PDF), I would be paid $2500 for the test process at $50 per day for an hour or two each test, and if hired full-time, the salary would be as such - $xxx,xxx (pretty good, but not out of line) Tests were increasing in difficulty, and seemed legit for the line of work. I passed all with flying colors and actually learned a bit about the business of equipment leasing. Suddenly the following arrived (below). Whoops, I got suckered into wasting hours and hours on these tests. As we can see, the number is a Brooklyn exchange. Guy actually has VM. You can tell he is Russian on his VM greeting. I doubt I'll hear from "Phillip" (common russian name, of course) ever again, but according to the contract, they owe me at least a few hundred. Yes, I know fat chance, but I want to find the dude. Or at the very least, alert other job seekers. Shall I proceed or let it go? Note, the previous missives were in a more native english syntax. ________________ Hope you had a nice weekend! This morning I got additional details pertaining to part-time projects we discussed. We're currently completing a project list and selecting units to be required for the new office in your area. I will be getting this info along with bank guides later today. So far we have to complete 2 major steps. -Step One: to receive corporate funds to one of your existing credit cards. -Step Two: to purchase required equipment per the project list and ship it to local warehouse so it can be stored until the office opens. Along with the email you will find two attachments: - FAQ doc explaining step one; - Account Access Manual. These materials will explain further how to get corporate funds and how to place them to one of your personal credit cards. Please, review materials before we proceed further and make sure everything is clear. We will provide you with the access to the corporate bank account so you will be able to select it as a payment source to your CC. If you do have questions, do not hesitate to ask. To start the project you have to transfer funds to your CC first and after you get them proceed with purchase. Before you start transferring process, make sure that you understand manuals attached. Please, pay a close attention to key definitions such as: - current balance (outstanding balance); - credit limit; - debit card and credit card. There is no need to provide any personal information as we proceed. To start the process you will use on-line banking system on your computer and this will allow you to keep your private info safe. Reasons the company uses the Credit card system: 1) No personal information is required 2) Credit cards avoid the cumbersome process of using cash 3) Credit card transfers take less time 4) The Company desires to keep money transactions under control in a safe manner (third party controls). 5) The third party control prevents unverified payments to the card, and insures all transactions Now I am waiting for the follow up from you to request further guides. Guides will include corporate bank account info, equipment specs and other details. If everything is fine with you, please, confirm. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask further questions. -- Best regards, Mr. Phillip A. Shultz Senior HR/Training Manager Trust Leasing Company, U.S. Division Phone: +1 (347) 422 5281
  4. Since Mustang cleared out what he had, I thought I'd start a new thread. Looking for a working gas chainsaw for the branch mess I have after the last storm. Small is fine. Largest debris I have is maybe 7-8 inches in diameter. I could rent one from HD easily enough, but for a few bucks more, I'd rather just have one of my own. Located in Mercer County.
  5. Funded by John Podesta.
  6. Would that be the very same David Hogg who is depicted in the Redondo, CA high school yearbook as a senior in 2005?
  7. Use that mural from the Denver airport that they painted over. Scare the kids. We made up some nice thick golf shirts with our club logo (not a gun club)...royal blue with the logo hand embroidered in white on the left breast. Quite nice and durable for only 20 bucks. But the volume was low, hence the lady doing the stitching could manage it without too much waiting time.
  8. Apparently, the students at the town HS plan to stage a walk-out this week in protest against guns, no doubt with the support of the administration. My kid mocked up a 'walk-in' page in reply, as a goof, and you should see the nasty comments they are leaving on his page. He loves it. Lol! He doesn't even care about guns. The one time I took him to the range, he said it was boring.
  9. Somebody wrote in to the Ledger last Sunday that the 2A says you can have one musket and one round (musket ball), not any scary assault weapons. I swear, that was the exact content of the letter.
  10. If you want to sell a bit of that....here I am.
  11. I gota guy down on Broad street in Trenton, Best deals around.
  12. I spotted a Mossberg Mariner sitting all lonely at Cheyanne, so I took it home. Paid too much but that was in the Odummy frenzie. Anyway,it came with a waterproof orange carry case, like a big cyclinder. I can stash it underground or in the pool if need be. Basic and functional. Haven't been clay shooting since al kd, so this one is soley a HD tool.
  13. Longtime FIOS subsciber....yeah yeah... Anyway, I see the ads for 79 triple play. So I call and ask for it. Nope, new subs only... the best I can offer you is the same 75mb package for $40 extra. What? Huh? Gimme the retention dept... Oh, mr Dente, we give you our 1gb/sec upgrade, and it runs 25 less per month. Bang.
  14. So the pistolgrip is the one behind the trigger? I thought it was one up under the heat shield. In that case, I have one shotgun what would pass the test. All the rest would not. But what about a pistol? If it had no grip, it would recoil the barrel back in your face. Like a blowgun with powerdered propelent.
  15. One common item in every "responsible gun ownership" bill, law, talking point is the banning of pistol grips on long guns. I never understood how a foregrip turns a paperweight into a self-guided killing machine. Can some enlighten me on the logic behind this?