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  1. Longtime FIOS subsciber....yeah yeah... Anyway, I see the ads for 79 triple play. So I call and ask for it. Nope, new subs only... the best I can offer you is the same 75mb package for $40 extra. What? Huh? Gimme the retention dept... Oh, mr Dente, we give you our 1gb/sec upgrade, and it runs 25 less per month. Bang.
  2. So the pistolgrip is the one behind the trigger? I thought it was one up under the heat shield. In that case, I have one shotgun what would pass the test. All the rest would not. But what about a pistol? If it had no grip, it would recoil the barrel back in your face. Like a blowgun with powerdered propelent.
  3. One common item in every "responsible gun ownership" bill, law, talking point is the banning of pistol grips on long guns. I never understood how a foregrip turns a paperweight into a self-guided killing machine. Can some enlighten me on the logic behind this?
  4. The Hadron Collider unleashed a dimensional portal, as predicted. Something large came through it, and now the military is trying to defeat it. It is thought to have stowed away in that giant cruise ship - Harmony of the Seas, and disembarked in Newark before wandering down the Turnpike.
  5. Be careful. The bitcoin investors have websites popping up all over to get in on the action. $300 per day for beginners, which sounds like a familiar number if you read the posts above. I stay away from any investment where the touts come out of the woodwork. Look at all the gold sellers. After doing ziltch for 2 years, they switched to silver, which is also stagnant as of late. It is tempting at any rate. I'd certainly kick myself if the predictions come to fruition. Also, there is talk of the keys being close to cracking, which would be the end of it within a day. And lastly, some wallets are found to be lacking in security, and if someone makes off with your balance, you are done with zero recourse. In my experience with international bank fraud, the protection is not exactly stellar, but at least it is something if you put some fight in it.
  6. Speaking of staged...I used to watch that show about car repo guys. I forget the name, but most every job had a guy with a bat chasing after them. Then a new repo show came out about a repo guy in Philly that was so boring, they pulled the plug after a few episodes. "Maam, I'm hereto take the car" "ok" -the end.
  7. I like this show quite a bit. Not sure why, but a couple of questions always pop into my head... 1. Most of the shiners do their work in public forests, with the constant risk of being found by the law, hunters, or anyone going for a hike. This forces them to abandon ship right away in many cases, leaving expensive equipment and supplies behind, not to mention the time and effort setting it all up gone to waste. Why not stick to a barn on private property? I get that they don't want to get raided in their own house, but surely there are plenty of possible locations in the region where one can buy a private plot of land that nobody is going to wander through? 2. Most of the product is pretty expensive at wholesale, especially anything flavored. I've never tasted real moonshine, so I don't understand the allure when I can just drop in to Acme Liquors and pick out any of a thousand varieties of the legal stuff for far less than a jar of shine, not to mention the guaranteed quality control (the guys on the show would never sell rotgut, but there are many out there in the woods who might not be so concerned with quality). Thoughts?
  8. Every cell phone sold since years ago already has a listen function mandated by NSA. Even when powered down. If they want to, they can monitor you unless the phone is on the other side of the house.
  9. I just noticed that MetropcS uses the T-Bob network....4 lines with no data caps for $100 all-in (including taxes and fees). Since we currently pay twice that for 4 lines on T-Mob, I assume that the same phones would be used if we want? There must be a catch. Anyone know what it might be?
  10. Ii have been getting bombed with robo calls on both my verizon landline and t-mob cell in the past few weeks. I mean almost constant calls. I may have to change the number. last night, some Indian call center bugged girl me to sell some thing, so I conferenced it in to 411 and muted myself. I could hear her saying to the 411 woman "Yes, i was just speaking with Haywood Jablowme. Can you put him back on the line?" and the operator sounded a little pissed. I get a few free 411 calls per month, so it was free this time, but can't pull that stunt too many times. Almost as bad are the solar panel shysters. They just don't get that Go Away equates to No. One even called me and said he would like to offer me significant savings, but I'll have to cut all my trees down. What? Who even asked you? I could tell he was looking at a google map image because there is a car in my driveway that i sold in 2010, next to some trees that came down during Sandy. Lazy crooks can't even be bothered to drive past the house before cold calling their sales pitches.
  11. There is a hole in the wall in East Windsor that is fantastic. No eat-in, no delivery...you come in and circle what you want on the menu, as the owner speaks 2 works of English. Best Lo Mein I have ever had (in Americanized Chinese food so to speak). I love buffets but many of them are pretty dodgy. But on in Hamilton (next to Open Road Honda), is my go-to. I start off with the sushi. Its pretty damn good for a buffet. Then I move into the popcorn chicken, the general, and a few others, finished with real ice cream. For $10, it's a steal for the sushi alone. And at dinner service, they put out the snow crab legs, which provides free comedic value watching the other dinners fall all over themselves loading up the entire tray. Snow crab is the worst bang for your buck in terms of the effort it takes to get tiny bits of meat. If they had Alaskan King, I'm be in the fray!.
  12. Its still in the garage, so if the buyer flakes (which would not surprise me in the least), I'll keep you posted if anyone is still interested.
  13. I knew there would be a gotcha without even looking too deeply. "T-Rob" is ridiculous in pricing, but I cant easy switch without replacing 4 different fairly new phones.
  14. I think somebody on letgo bought it after my wife posted it.
  15. Dang! Thanks for posting this. I would have missed it. Now that The Strain is over for good, I need another fix. Supposedly, T-mobile now offers Netflix for free, although I don't believe them until I see it.