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  1. Colin Noir did rant on this the other day, and he included clips of the new cartoons where Fudd is chasing Bugs madly trying to cut his in half with the thing. It was bizarre. Luckily I have the full collection of all Looney Tunes in a very large collection. HBO will not be able too replicate those even if they didn't make this rule. Guys like Mel Blanc and the other writers were what made them classics because they wrote the plots and jokes. Similar to the original Ren & Stimpy where John Kric wrote the story lines and voices Ren. He left after a couple of seasons and they tried to keep it going with Billy West, which was not nearly as amusing.
  2. I used to use a s forum that was all pool, all time, but something happened medically too the admin and nobody was assigned a backup role to keep the site going smoothly. It still exists butis a shell of what it was back in the day. So why not pose a question on a gun forum? lol. Anyway, we just replaced the solar cover and would like to replace the storage reel to a better one that rolls around. They seem to be pretty elusive. Even In The Swim is sold out until further notice. Looking for another sourcing option that is reasonably priced and has stock on hand. There are really on two physical stores in my area, but they are legendary for charging an arm and a for everything, so I haven't even bothered with them. This would be for a 20x40 inground with a wide apron where such a thing can be rolled around as needed The old one could be used in a pinch, but it simply is not desighed for the weight load, so it sags and allows 100s of pounds of rainwater to collect in the middle when rolled up. So it takes 2-3 people to tip it vertically to dump the water followed by 2 strong people to lift it up and over the diving board and settle in on fixed legs. A pain in the butt! I know...a first-world problem,
  3. When I was selling my daughters car on CL lasy rear, I got exactly one actual buyer who showed up and lowballed me big time because his mechanic said the oil pan had rust on it and the brake pads were low. $2000 under asking because of that. I told him that those things would cost about 200 if he went to any indy shop. Then he says well his budget maxed out at his lowball. I said well maybe you should shop for something you can actually afford next time. By his logic, I should be able to waltz into a Bestbuy and tell the salesguy I want that $1000 TV for $400 because thats all I have. I avoid Facebook just on principle, but t sounds like I'd have to sign up to sell things in the future.
  4. I recall a swab study of shopping carts done a few years back The lab results showed something like 70% of them were positive for fecal matter and almost that % for E Coli. Not something I would cook with. Makes you look aroundat people near you in a supermarket and wonder which of them are the bare hand butt wipers.
  5. Wow, I used to date a girl whose parents kept their 42 foot sailboat there. The last name was Wedam. She and I would go during summer weekdays when the parents were busy at work. I called it the Love Boat because we made good use of the privacy below deck. I wonder if they still have it. Her father passed away a few years later and I'm think he was the only one to really handle it on the water.
  6. I would be afraid to be fishing in a mall boat anywhere near Barneget. I've seen hundreds of incidents around the inlet area of some poor guy in a small low power boat get nearly swamped by some asshole Bennie zipping right next to the small boat. Plus I would bet a good percentage of them are drunk off their ass. Very little chance of a patrol boat being around, so they pilot their fast boats like nutjobs.
  7. Same as my corn garden...why grow them for 8 weeks when I can just buy an ear for 50 cents. Buts its the fun away from the wife.
  8. Mi inlaws have the fixed Generac unit wired in for auto-kickoff. I can ask them what was involved, but why not just call Gererac and ask them? I assume they know what they are doing.
  9. Very old scam mostly designed for the elderly. Check is always bogus as noted above. Come in person with cash in small bills, or else pound sand (unless you are forum member ) Go on youtube for 1000 videos of people having fun with these guys. They are not very bright. But in a way, I sort of feel bad for them because they have no other avenue to make a living where they are. But then again, I come to my senses and say go die in a ditch. Hey Billy, get the vaccine!
  10. I like the recording of the African woman yelling at these people for throwing on a scarf without knowing anything about the significance of the scarf pattern to actual African tribes. I forget her name, but she will be on the David Webb show soon if you have Sirius/XM radio.
  11. Not boating related, as I don't have any boats, but I did catch something off the beach at Seaside park. I thought it was a monster Striper based on the drag. But is turned out to be a beach towel just stuck along the sand. When I pulled it in, a bunch of weird clawless black crabs came skittering out. Very odd. Some sort of nest there.
  12. I get my dogs from either shelters or through rescue agencies. The Ewing shelter was one place that had a Chow mix (we have only had Chows for the last 20 years). She was great. But being a block away from Trenton, most of the other dogs were some sort of pit bred to fight to the death. They may be well-mannered, but you never know if they will trigger. I got a Chow mix from a rescue agent in NY some years back. He seemed ok and was supposedly vetted by the agent to screen for behavior around kids and other dogs. Ok. Within 2 days he attacked and bit me, my daughter, and anyone else that he felt like it. I was sitting in a chair watching TV one night and he just launched from across the room at me for no reason. Scared the crap out of me because he was one big beast. So we hired a trainer to see if he could be settled down. Guy comes into the house...6'5 280lb ex-marine. He asks for a step ladder as a shield against this dog. Scared the crap out of him too. So I call the agent and explain that this is not going to work, especially with kids around. We meet in a rest stop on the turnpike up by exit 16 or whatever and she puts the dog in the van with the leash held into the window. I imagine he was put down because he was too far gone to be adopted by anybody. You just don't know what they went through in their previous lives. Now we have a 90 pound Chow who is great. He likes to hunt small animals in the yard, but otherwise has no issues. I know he came from a pound in the deep south where he was picked up as a stray and the owners refused to pay the vet fees, so he was trucked up to Long Island, and we found the listing online. He wouldn't hurt anyone but acts pretty mean to any strangers. Just hit or miss unless you get a puppy that you can train.
  13. Having worked at HD a few years ago, I always found the database was wrong because some daytime employee just decided to stock product randomly. So even the $2000 scanner units we had access to for that purpose had no clue what Jethro did the day before.
  14. Jeez. I needed a charger cable, so as a Prime member on Amazon, I ordered one. Forget about 2 day delivery, I can deal with waiting a bit for now, but this covid excuse is getting old. Do I get a partial refund on the annual Prime fee? So I have 3 main warehouses within 15 minutes of me. The package tracking shows it going from nearby all the way to Langhorn PA and back to where it started from. Just throw the damn thing on my lawn as you drive past.
  15. ok. Last one I had was in 1987 and someone broke in the car and stole it plus about 47 cents in spare change. Since then, I set the cruise for 55 and stay in the left lane at all times. Other drivers are always waving to me. I guess they like my truck.
  16. I loved seeing the hot press sec slapping around Acosta recently. but as usual with lib press, he just presses on with his questions oblivious to the fact that she is sticking a cucumber up his ass.
  17. I will take your gen 1 when you want to sell.
  18. Probably right. set them out for a picker to decide. They can recycle the good bits and make a few bucks. better than tossing into a landfill. I have seen guys take tossed microwave ovens and tear them apart to sell the metal goodies. Actually a good way to make 100 bucks, but you have to know what you are doing.
  19. It felt like it. In the dark, mashing the brake while swerving to the right with 500 pounds of gear in the back. eff! Now, my trail bike has only 2 wheels, so i can safely say I am on 2 wheels.
  20. Breaking? Freudian slip. I once went to a motocross day at the old Giants stadium. They created a road course in the parking lot with orange cones. It was ran by a Porsche club but they partnered with some Mercedes groups for the day. The Porsche guys are serious trailering in full sets of racing slicks and doing a full swap right there in the lot. But the stripped out Miata blew the doors off everyone on the twisty road course. But then some guy pulls up in an ML63 SUV. Now, I always liked the ML, but this guy almost killed himself trying to power through the hairpin turns...blowing out cones, almost flipping over, no rollcage or safety harness. Crazy. He had the slowest time of the day, lol. And we got buzzed on Bloody Marys watching the show from a safe distance. But anyway, there was one time I was driving to Michigan at night in the murder jeep (total blackout everything, I miss it). I am following the nav lady for directions. Take the exit indicated at about 50mph to find the road twisted almost 180 degrees in a tight circle. I swear I went up on 2 wheels and nearly pooped myself. I know the SRT has Brembos , but my high altitude was no slouch in the suspension dept. It had air ride that hunkered down at speed. But I'm just babbling because otherwise I need to cut the grass.
  21. Well I drive one daily. Not the SRT or Trackhawk, but the same platform. Same upper dimensions. I have taken a tight turn at speed and almost pooped myself. Was I over-reacting? Maybe. But the alternative is pretty bad. And you look really nice with that wig.
  22. I have a pc mouse I ordered arrive in a the warehouse about 3 miles down the road, then sent to some place in Trenton, and then to Langhorn PA for delivery. Amazon needs a little logistics tweaking. Or less white powder.
  23. Yeah but is still a top-heavy SUV. I would just kill somebody. I have a friend who drives a Hurican Lambo. He threw me the key and I threw it back. No way I was going attempt to drive that thing. Man's got to know his limitations, to quote Clint Eastwood. Look at the guys on the Street Outlaws show. They drive 1200hp cars every week and still wind up rolling over from time to time. I tell you what Ray, lets get one one and track it. Why the heck not?
  24. Honda for the win. They make great gens. Wish I had one. But for power output, I have a generic 6500 watt in the garage that did the trick. But you could hear it sort of labor when we turned on too many lights and sex machines. My in-laws have the fixed Generac in the yard that kicks in by itself. But they are a little more wealthy than we are. Funny story...got mine via Sandy. We were knocked out for 10 days, just listening to the radio on a simple battery operated thing tuned to 101.5. A caller comes in and says she is a store manager at Sears in Watchung and they are getting 50 units that day. I'm thinking I have no idea where watchung is, but maybe the store in Quakerbridge mall might get some too. So I drive over. Nothing. Aisles were empty. And then this guy comes along with a cart loaded with the genny heading to the return desk. He said he had power now and didn't even open the box. I jumped on his back and made sure to get it. As I was wheeling it back out to my truck, people were emerging from the dark aisles like the walking dead wanting to take it from my cart. Surreal.
  25. It runs on quartz. That stuff isn't cheap.
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