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  1. Close guess. It was really Ralph Nader.
  2. I started traveling out of state on a work assignment and won’t be in NJ for the election. So last weekend mailed in the request form to Monmouth County for a mail-in ballot. Arrived several days later. Arrived home late Friday night and mailed my ballot in yesterday morning. Despite being home just for the weekend and having a hundred other things to do, made this my absolute priority. Even if I was not traveling, this was actually a very convenient option. p.s. You know who I voted for.
  3. I am new to precision shooting and very recently purchased a RPR in 223/556. Have shot it once and my initial impressions are very good. Shot it at 100 yards with a variety of ammo. Was able to achieve several sub-moa groups (.7 thru .9) using premium factory ammo. Am very happy with the RPR and am confident it is more accurate than I am. Recoil was very light. Check out the snipers hide forums. A wealth of information there from people who are true experts. One thing I do recall reading there is that with calibers such as 6.5Creedmore, barrel life is limited, as compared to 223/556 and 308.
  4. Brings to mind something someone once told me regarding legal proceedings: “Don’t answer a question that hasn’t been asked”. A few other considerations related to Q#26 in general: - it is a felony to falsify your responses. So you must answer truthfully and be confident you can defend your answers should they ever be questioned in the future. (I.e. if you get caught lying, you are screwed.) - once you answer “Yes”, you must always answer “Yes” in order to be consistent with your prior submissions. In my case, I have answered”Yes” on two subsequent P2P applictions and included a letter stating that I answered Yes in order to be consistent with my earlier applications. In that letter, I also affirmed(truthfully) that there has been no further treatment bla bla bla. These last two applications were routinely processed and approved with any issues. Hope this helps. And of course IANAL
  5. Rob, congratulations. As Mrs. Peel stated, change is also stressful but in the long run things will work out fine once you get settled in and used to life in your new home. I myself greatly value my 2nd Amendment rights but unfortunately also feel like I am being coerced to move out of NJ. Dam shame given I was born and raised here. Also have lots of family here so cant fully up and move anytime soon. However, I am nearing retirement age and am increasingly thinking of buying a home in Pa and making that my primary residence; while maintaining an apartment in the area I presently live near family. The other constraint that I increasingly think about is the fact that the runway of life is growing ever shorter.
  6. As someone who has had experience with Q#26, I don't think your situation rises to the level that would reasonably warrant answering Yes. My sense is a No answer would be defensible should it ever be questioned in the future. You must of course believe you are being truthful on the form. IANAL
  7. I have shot at both Clinton and Collier-Mills numerous times, including several time recently with my young grandson. I have not encountered any major issues but am certainly very diligent regarding safety and observing the behaviors of any other shooters that are there. There was one occasion where a father and his two daughters were shooting. When the father went downrange to change his targets his daughters started touching his rifle. I instructed them not to touch any firearms while people were downrange and they complied.
  8. I have been traveling on business for the past month. Am hoping to go to EFGA on Sunday to shoot my RPR for the first time.
  9. Depending on your needs and the logistics of your planned move, recommend you consider the firearm services provided by Gunsitters in Whippany, N.J. (Google them) and whether those services are of interest to you. For example, you might choose to move all your guns there first. Then retrieve them later after you have moved your household to NJ. They are an FFL so I assume it would be legal for you to transport them there.
  10. I am mostly ready for whatever comes our way. Have been so since after Hurricane Sandy. Generators tested monthly, minimum of 10 gals gas on hand, emergency food(Wise), first aid supplies, flashlights, and two sets of batteries for every flashlight, smoke detector, and co detector in the house, and so on.... If it becomes a threat, I just need to get more gas, food, water, etc. Btw, for those of you with garages that are part of your house, it is advisable to have a means to reinforce your garage door. A breach of your door due to high winds may pose a serious risk to the integrity of your house structure. I originally learned of this from a goverment website. At the time of Hurricane Irene I purchased two 8' lengths of angled aluminum which I bolted vertically to the inside of the door. Made it much more solid. Important to bear in mind that if you do this, the garage will no longer be an emergency exit.
  11. I very recently purchased this torque wrench. I plan to use it this weekend when I mount my scope to my new Ruger Precision Rifle. I am confident I will be happy with this torque wrench. Ironically, I have used ft/lbs torque wrenches for automotive work for the last 40+ years but never owned an inch/lbs one. Better late than never. It will also help if I ever buy an RMR for my Glock 34 MOS.
  12. For replacement parts for old Mossberg rifles, check out Havelin Sales. I don't have the link handy but Google them. I have purchased some parts from them for my 144, including the little red and green buttons as well as a new trigger guard. The original trigger guard pulled away from the stock.
  13. What was the source who told you it is closed and effective when? i was there about two months ago and it was very much open as usual. I believe some years back there was a clay shooting range there (birdshot only) that had been closed and never reopened. Perhaps there is confusion with that. ps the archery range is separate but in the immediate vicinity of the gun range.
  14. As promised, attached are several pics of my new RPR in 223/556 and the Nikon 6-24 scope. Ultimately decided to go with the Nikon Black mount which I have on order from MidwayUSA. (Thank you to those who provided input on mounts, rings, etc.) It will be at least several weeks before I have an opportunity to take it to the range. Will post a range report when I do. In the meantime, I read the manual, familiarized myself with functioning, bolt removal, etc and did an initial cleaning. Next I plan to further familiarize myself with the bolt disassembly/re-assembly process and watch the Techtips videos on the Ruger website. Overall, I am very pleased with the rifle's quality and features. One question for now, any pros/cons on whether one should remove the muzzle brake when cleaning the rifle? Thanks p.s. the scope appears visually distorted due to the ultra wide angle of my GoPro. It's front objective is 50mm (60mm OD). The eyepiece end is smaller.
  15. I will reply with more info later. However, I own a mossberg 144 LSB that I purchased in 1974. Great target shooting rifle. Why are you planning to part with it? I plan to pass mine to my kids.