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  1. For me, I shoot MUCH better with a heavier pistol(ie bull barrel). For example, I shoot my High Standard Sharpshooter(circa 1974) with it's bull barrel much better than my much newer M&P 22. Makes for a much more satisfying range session.
  2. As an alternative, you may wish to also consider a JR Carbine in 9mm Glock. I have one and have been happy with it. I purchased it from Garden State Shooting Center who had ordered it for me.
  3. To the OP. Recommend you not take the criticism personally and do become a supporter and contributor to this community. There is much to be learned and many good people here. With that said, I must say I too cringed at the title of your post. The declarative nature of it did not help this get off on the right foot. (can that be re-worded?) Regarding the other poster's suggestion to calling the PA AG's office for clarification, for the reasons others have already expressed; in this particular case, I too strongly view that as a very bad idea. I would also like to draw your attention to the various very lengthy threads on NH permitting and recognition, as well as the discussion of this topic on quite a few GunForHire podcasts featuring Scott Bach and others. You may find those resources helpful on this topic and more generally. They, in their totality, have left me feeling confident of the NH permit's validity in Pa, without me personally playing lawyer and trying to analyze the wording of statutes and reciprocity agreements.
  4. No worries. I believe most of share ours. You are certainly welcome to try out my Mossberg 590. However, it is an HD shotgun, not optimal for clay shooting. Mmmm, maybe that's the reason I can't hit those dam things! Then again, I am very much a novice at clay shooting.
  5. I am certainly hoping that is not the case. My disappointment with the Drake case not being heard is still fresh in my mind. We shall see.
  6. An update. Count me in. I plan to attend. See you all there.
  7. I recently turned 64, am in reasonably good shape and health for my age. However had terrible eating habits (candy, sweets, over eat, fatty foods, late night bowls of cereal, etc). Have been concerned for quite a while about what trajectory my health will take as I get older if I continue on that path. Have been 185-195 over the last 10 years. So 2 months ago I re-joined Weight Watchers. Key to WW is the tracking of everything you eat and the food points you consume. Helps you make better food choices and portion control. Early March was 195 lbs, as of this week, am down to 177. My goal is 175 which represents a loss of 10%. Waist size, which had grown to 36, is now 33/34. Blood pressure down 10 points. I will say I believe I have a screaming high metabolism rate, so weight comes off easily. The challenge will now be to stay disciplined and not fall back into my old habits. I never worked out but am now planning to exercise more. Baby steps. Btw, the May 7th GunForHire podcast was devoted to the importance of physical fitness. Also, have any of you noticed the transformation that Tex Grubner Outdoors on Youtube has gone thru? He was the overweight guy who shot himself in the leg while practicing. A total joke of a gun owner. Not any more. I can't speak to the quality of his channel, but kudos to him for his amazing change.
  8. An update. Just ordered and received a Glock 26 Bluegun. Purchased from www.bluegunstore.com. They stated it would take 10-20 business days. However, I ordered it on 4/30 and it arrived today. Specifically, I ordered Item #FSG26G4W, manufactured by Ring's Manufacturing. The "W" indicates I opted for the "Weighted" version ($73.99, free shipping). It weighs in at 1lb 11 oz. Nearly identical to the weight of my real Glock 26 with a loaded mag. Very pleased with it. Very much matches the size, profile, weight, etc. Importantly, it's fit in my Vedder IWB holster is exactly the same as my real G26.
  9. Tradtionally, For each of my firearms, I have their respective purchase documentation (purchase receipt, copy of the P2P, etc) in a 7x10 manila envelopes labeled with the firearm model and purchase date. All the above documentation is also scanned and stored in folders on my home pc. As with all my pc data, i routinely perform backup to external hard drives and have a set always stored offsite. (I use Novabackup to handle my backup and restore needs. All storage drives are always under my control and physically destroyed at such time they fail or are discarded. For privacy and bandwith reasons, I do not use online backup services. For over 10 years I have also used a product called Cyberscrub. Excellent product that cleans up the many trails you leave behind thru the use of many programs, not just web browsers. Note it also has a "Infinity Safe" feature in which you and store sensitive files in an encrypted form. Good secure way to store your firearms info. Unfortunately they do not support mobile devices. Lastly, I do use a spreadsheet to keep track of my modest ammo and magazine inventory. Helps me keep track and highlight when I need to purchase more of a given type or caliber. Ie when the amount on hand drops below my minimum threshold. Will consider cleaning it up and sharing it here. regards
  10. I am tentatively planning to attend. It's been several years since my last one, so really looking forward to it and to meeting those attending. I will be bringing hunting license, 2 boxes of clays, ammo, and my Mossberg 590. (I do not have a thrower.) regards. Art
  11. I looked over the contract. There was no specific verbiage concerning a going out of business scenerio. Recommend you call and speak with them directjy regarding that.
  12. I will look at my contract later today and update you. I suspect a scenerio where any business that has possession of your firearms and goes out of business would be a very stressful and very challenging time consuming affair to get your guns back. (The former Brick Armory comes to mind.). That said, Gunsitters struck me as a professional organization. When I first arrived there, if there was anything that caused me concern, I would have just turned around and driven back home. Again, I strongly recommend you listen to the GFH podcast where they were the featured for the entire show. To be clear, I am only trying to give my objective observation based on my recent experience. Am not trying to go out of my way to promote them. Each person needs to weigh their situation and risks and and decide accordingly. For example, if you sense a deteriorating domestic situation at home (even if you are not directly involved) that could result in your firearms being siezed in the dark of night by your local PD, a service such as this could be invaluable and provide great piece of mind. That is just one of many examples that has been discussed on various GFH podcasts.
  13. See my original post above for cost in my instance and my estimate of pieces IN CASES. Recommend you refer to their website for their official estimate of pieces (firearms not in cases) and the various sizes and pricing available. They do have the capability to store very large collections.
  14. Yes, please do let me know. I look forward to meeting and introducing ourselves. All the more since I am only 5 minutes up the road (Rt 36).
  15. Whippany is the original and main business. I believe the others are licensed to use the name and business model. Having said that, I think there is nevertheless a strong affiliation. I myself am very interested in the Pa location. Should any of my firearms or mags magically become illegal to possess in NJ in the future, that is where they will be going, followed my me and the wife eventually. On yesterday's GunForHire podcast, it was mentioned that the Pa location is doing a brisk business of NJ residents storing their NJ illegal/Pa legal firearms there. Eg store them there, shoot at a Pa range, then return them there before returning to NJ.