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  1. Really appreciate your post and especially the link. (Fwiw, I did verify to my own satisfaction that the 6/26/2003 document is still the latest.) I too have found the differing range CCW quals disconcerting as I plan my own way forward. To me, the existence of the RPO Qual on page 7-79 strongly suggests that the RPO Qual would represent the most stringent qualification that the state would require, as opposed the the HQC1/2 police officer quals. Ie if the RPO qual has been the standard for RPOs all these years, one would think that it would be more than acceptable for the average citizen seeking his/her CCW. The RPO Qual strikes me as being challenging yet achievable for the average citizen who is proficient with their handgun. Neither RTSP nor GFH's quals exactly match the RPO one, but RTSP's seems to more closely match it. (e.g. holster draw, 15 yds max, etc.). Not sure whether RTSP's quals are timed or not. Anyone know? Bottomline for me is that I think I will practice the RPO quals at the range, and then take the Intro class(hey why not)and quals at RTSP. p.s. I have even seen some facilities requiring HQC variants as the CCW quals. Not sure why anyone would require anything more stringent than the RPO.
  2. NJ law does not distinguish between concealed and open carry. (Fwiw, this has come up numerous times here and on Facebook.) The concensus is that for numerous reasons, including public perception, that concealed would be the better choice.
  3. My understanding is the text in brackets is being removed and the underlined text is being added. So 7 months or when the state has their databases/systems in place, whichever comes first. I am concerned that online dealers may decide the reporting requirements (as opposed to just requiring copies of FIDs) are too burdensome and not sell to us at all.
  4. Not sure I understand your comment. To clarify my post, I was merely suggesting that when you submit your change of address and receive your duplicate/replacement/whateveryouwanttocallit FID, that it will be the new 10 year expiration version.
  5. IANAL, but my default assumption is that when you process a change of address and you are issued your “new” FID, that it will be the NEW fid with picture and 10 year expiration.
  6. I think one of the cases remanded back was an AWB case(Maryland?). Not sure if a favorable ruling there immediately and directly helps us. They are in a different Circuit Court. However, note the below FPC case. I assume this NJ case would benefit from a favorable ruling above.
  7. IANAL but In the latest bill text at the links above, With regards to current FID expiration, it states on page 8, lines 7-9, that they do not expire. On page 7, lines 36 and 45, , the various references to 4 years have been changed to 10 years. (The wording in brackets is being removed.). Please do correct me if my understanding is not correct.
  8. I use an Excel workbook comprised of several spreadsheets to keep track of my firearms related information. You could make it as simple or complex as you wish. You could store it on the cloud(Microsoft OneDrive, Apple Drive, google Docs, etc) of your choice and access it via your mobile devices.
  9. Interesting. A “catastrophic” shortage of judges exists before even factoring in the forthcoming 200,000 CC applications. I am glad to hear that. Will hopefully compel the judiciary to take themselves out of the CC application approval process. I.e. let the police chief give final approval as with FID and P2Ps. The judges can still hear appeals to any denials.
  10. SCOTUS has issued their “Orders” for 6/27. I took a quick look and do not see any references to the pending gun cases(e.g. mag ban). Am mobile so cannot examine it more closely. Anyone else have a look as yet? (Google Scotus Orders).
  11. My own understanding at this point in time is that the existing SP-642 is still the official form to use. At some future point they will upgrade the form to remove the reference to JN. Also based on the governor’s new conference, FARS will be upgraded to also handle CCW. The timeline for either or both of the aforementioned is not yet known.
  12. Thanks, great suggestion. I do have Talon grips on mine and glad I installed them. They have held up perfectly. However I have large hands and even with it, the G43's slim profile directly impacts the base of my thumb where the arthritis is.
  13. A novice at CC here. Sharing what I have acquired in the past for CC, including gunbelts. Hopefully will give some of you some ideas. About four years ago, when for a very short time I was able to conceal carry in PA using my Texas non-resident permit; I equipped myself for concealed carry in the hope that we would one day be able to carry here in NJ. I had exactly ONE glorious day of concealed carry in PA before they stopped recognizing my Texas permit, lol. However I have continued to periodically take training and practice shooting from the holster. Here is what I purchased at the time and will be my initial setup for concealed carry here. Will adapt to suit as I get some CC experience. I purchased two gun belts from BigFoot gunbelts. https://gunbelts.com. Excellent quality and a must as the OP indicated. I purchased the following model belt in two sizes. One was size 36 for use with my regular jeans and OWB holster. The other was size 38 for use with the next size up jeans for IWB carry. Product was "Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core Belt Size38 ColorBlack Buckle and Snaps Finish Flat Black Product# GB14C-38-BL-FB." The holsters I own are as follows. Once I obtain my NJ CC permit, will be trying these in ernest to see what works best for me. So far have mostly used my Vedder LightDraw OWB holster. Brand Type Description IWB or OWB Hybrid or Kydex Firearm Make and Model Comment Alien Gear Holster Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Hybrid Glock 19 Alien Gear Shell G26 Shell for Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster IWB Hybrid Glock 26 Spare shell Vedder Holster LightTuck IWB Kydex Glock 26 Vedder Holster LightTuck IWB Kydex Glock 43 Vedder Holster LightDraw OWB Kydex Glock 19 G26 also fits. Fobus Holster Fobus Evolution OWB Kydex S&W M&P 22 (Walther made) The primary firearm I plan to qualify with will be my Glock 26. Secondarily perhaps my Glock 19 and/or Glock 43. Albeat the Glock 43 single stack is painful to shoot due to arthritis in my hand. (I do not intend to use my M&P 22 for CC. Listed it in case anyone has that model and is looking for an OWB holster that fits it.)
  14. #2 is what is in effect now. No insurance required. #4 would require future legislation. I was only trying to pass along what I heard.
  15. I totally agree. It sounded, today at least, they they will be trying to hit a grandslam with respect to defining sensitive places. Such an overreach could be in clear conflict with Scotus's wording with respect to sensitive places. I imagine that when an actual bill is written and goes thru the committee process, it could be watered down to conform with the new reality. Obviously we all need to remain vigilant and keep fighting. While most of the posts over the last day have focused on NJ's now defunct justifiable need requirement and the concealed carry application process; SCOTUS's revised guidance on the standards (i.e. text, history, and tradition only) that courts must use going forward to judge 2A laws is a huge gamechanger for the entire country and for us. Laws restricting magazine sizes, "assault" weapons, and so on will now be subject to being overturned based on the new guidance. Stay tuned in the coming week to see what SCOTUS does with t he cases they have had on hold pending yesterday's decision. Our elected officials better have Advil on hand as I believe more headaches are coming their way.
  16. That did not come up. However if you are referring to the handgun “unreasonable deviation” transportation constraint we live under, current law states that does not apply if you have a nj concealed carry permit.
  17. I am a member of Union Hill Gun Club. Holster draw is allowed after you have demonstrated safe firearm handling with one of their RSOs. You then receive a sticker for your membership card. As a courtesy I inform them when I arrive if I plan to holster draw.
  18. (Cont.) 6) They intend to move ahead with all the new laws in Murphy's Gun3.0 package. They stated they believe they all are constitutional even in light of the Bruen ruling. Lastly; they sounded very bitter, defeated, and employed all of their usual anti-gun rhetoric. Was wonderful to listen to them squirm and acquiesce.
  19. To summarize my main takeaways from the news conference. 1) They have clearly capitulated with respect to justifiable need. It is dead and buried! Stated the SCOTUS ruling is immediate and time is of the essence to align with it. 2) I anticipate that by end of day the AG will issue a directive to all of NJ law enforcement that justifiable need is no longer required. The rest of the existing concealed carry application and approval process remains in full force. 3) The are going to push very hard to legislate an expansive list of sensitive places. 4) They also indicated they intend to make liability insurance be required, "Like you have when driving an automobile". (I am not referring to plans like US Law Shield but rather liability insurance.) 5) They anticipate 200,000 concealed carry applications. Mentioned improving the existing online system(presumably a reference to FARS) to also handle these types of applications in the future. The head of the NJSP made mention of communication with all NJ law enforcement entities with regards to the ruling and the staffing challenges with respect to processing these applications.
  20. Based on what I just heard, yes. The head of the NJSP stated they had communication with all of NJ law enforcement regarding the implications of the ruling. I took that to mean local police chiefs as well were part of that. He also went on to state they plan to ramp up their online system(FARS I assume) to handle concealed applications(No doubt will take some time). He anticipates receiving upwards of 200,000 concealed carry applications! Highly recommend you listen to the actual news conference and not just rely on my rushed post.
  21. Listening to the Governor now. Sounds like he/NJ will accept the Supreme Court ruling and no longer required justifiable need. However he is calling for legislation to define an expansive list of "sensitive places". These to include bars and restaurants where alcohol is served as well as "BY DEFAULT" private property (malls, homes, etc.) without the permission of the owner. DA's office to issue a directive today to NJ law enforcement with revised guidance consistent with the SCOTUS decision.
  22. Further to Ant’s earlier post. You can also watch this on youtube as shown below. Channel name is “New Jersey Office of the Governor”. P.s. I like many, have waited eight long years since the disappointment of the Drake case to experience the elation of yesterday’s opinion. God bless this man. Btw, I was also gratified by Thomas making specific mention of the Drake case in his opinion.
  23. We often (once or twice a week on average) get these people coming to our door. Most are there to sell solar. I tell them sternly that I am not interested nor will I ever be. If they keep talking, I tell them the conversation is over. I also get occasional home improvement companies (POWER among them) and send them away as well. They strike me as sketchy. E.g. no business cards, ID badge facing backwards so you can’t read it, etc.
  24. Related to this topic, I recommend you go to “gun.lawyer” and listen to Evan Nappen’s latest podcast entitled “Guns and Mental Health”. Moreover, I concur with others in recommending you consult a firearm attorney. Otherwise you risk going down a rabbit hole and permanently losing your 2A rights. Also recommend you search these forums for “Question #26” for past informative info on this topic.
  25. I would recommend being especially vigilant, not complacent, and top off all your preps if you have not done so recently already. Especially water, water purification, food, otc medicines, batteries, power generation to name a few. (See Peel’s thread from a few months ago for more info.) Also I want to point out something that under normal circumstances is something highly unlikely you would ever need; BUT if you ever needed it, would be impossible to find. And that is potassium iodide tablets. In particular, the gold standard which is IOSTAT manufactured and sold by www.anbex.com. Check their website. They are currently out of stock but you can put your name on a list to be notified when they come in. More expected “mid-March” but I am sure they will sell out very quickly. I have had enough on hand in my home for all my immediate family, children, and grandchildren. Given current events, I have given them out to my kids to have at hand in their respective homes.
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