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  1. This was also the policy(and I assume may still be) at Garden State Shooting Center when I was a member there. Even if you were a well known member, if you wanted to rent and shoot alone, you must have had one of your own firearms with you. I wasted a trip there as a result but respected their adherence to their policy and the reasons for it. On subsequent occasions when I only wanted to rent, I would bring one of my long guns with me (i.e. no risk of an unreasonable deviation while transporting). p.s. normally would need to provide your DL, not FID, when shooting.
  2. Rlsmedia.com has an article on this. (Am unable to copy/paste the exact link.). Man was there with two friends to target shoot. He fired “a few rounds” downrange, then turned the gun on himself in an apparent suicide attempt. Per police , not believed to be an accident or horse play.
  3. OP, I have been meaning to look into firearms insurance. Currently dont have any other than what NRA provides. To obtain the coverage, what info do they require? E.g. do you have to provide a detailed list or.just specify the total amount of coverage you wamt.
  4. Last Saturday late afternoon while on my way home from Cherry Ridge, I stopped at ReloaderzNJ in Wayne. Had never been there and it’s always fun to check out a new local gun range/store. And whenever I visit a lgs, I always make it a point to spend money there and buy something. This is not a review, rather just wanted to share a few impressions from my visit. The facility is ultra-modern and clean. Really quite impressive. Was very crowded when I was there, so clearly a popular range in that area. I did some browsing and purchased about $65 worth of cleaning supplies and a few accessories. My one criticism is my experience checking out at the register. After scanning my items, the clerk asked me for my drivers license. I asked her what exact info did she want from my license. She replied that they scan them. I declined and told her to make it out to cash. She again politely pressed for it and I again declined, at which point she completed the transaction. I am very sensitive to any business that as a standard practice asks for more of my personal information than is required. In this case, my license # and date of birth (and god knows what else is encoded on my license) is none of their business. This really soured the entire experience for me. Lastly, not intended as a criticism, but rather a humorous sign of the times; behind the gun counter they had a 200 round “range pack” of 9mm ammo(I believe 115gr FMJ) available for sale for $299. Yikes!
  5. Thanks all for the feedback. Ryu, unfortunately I was at the 200 yard range so missed you. If you noticed a guy in a silver grey Jeep Grand Cherokee drive thru the 100 yard parking lot around lunch time, that may have been me checking it out, lol. Perhaps next time we will be able to introduce ourselves. Overall, had a great first day at Cherry Ridge. Spent the morning at the 200 yard range shooting my RPR 556. Will measure my groups tomorrow but overall was pleased given it was my first time shooting at 200 yards. It was very windy, so that was an added challenge. On average there were only 2-3 guys there including me. After lunch I visited the 22 plinking range. Lots of fun. I contributed 300 rounds of brass to the "wade" area, lol. Lastly, I spent some time using the 5-Stand clay throwers at the shotgun range. Only the second time I have shot clays (or more accurately, TRIED to shoot clays). The first time being an NJGUNFORUMS meetup at Clinton about 5 years ago. I was able to confirm that I still suck at it, lol. A true Opportunity for Improvement, as we say in work. For someone shooting alone, it was nice that you can set a delay (1-5 seconds) before the clay is launched. regards
  6. I have been a non-range member of ANJRPC for the last seven years. Decided to upgrade my membership to include range privileges. Completed the orientation and quiz last weekend. Am planning to go to Cherry Ridge tomorrow for the first time. Looking forward to seeing the facility, lay of the land, etc. If any of you will be there I encourage you to say hello. I will be the bald guy wearing a NJ2AS cap. Am driving 80 miles to get there so want to make the most of the day. My primary shooting objective will be to shoot my RPR (556/223) at 200 and 300 yards. Never shot beyond 100 yards before. Plan to also bring my Ruger Mark IV 22lr to shoot at the multi-purpose range. My understanding is there are numerous metal targets to plink at there. Thirdly, will bring my 12ga shotgun to try at the 5 stand clay range. However the range calendar shows an all day shotgun class is planned. So not sure if that uses that range. I will call today and see what guidance I get. Lastly, there is also a precision pistol state championship there this weekend. Will be interesting to observe. Hopefully the facility won’t be jammed up with people/cars. I would appreciate any thoughts, guidance, tips, etc that you may have. thanks, Art
  7. I completely concur with Johnny’s advice. One more thing, be mindful that moving within NJ would trigger the need for a change of address on your FID card. So avoid moving, so you don’t have to deal with the (re)application process. Better yet, move out of state.
  8. Good point about not letting it run dry. I read a post on a generator thread several years ago in which someone stated that letting a generator run dry while there is a load on it risks damaging the engine(cracked cylinder head). So best to plan when you are going to shut it down for refueling and not allow it to run dry on it’s own.
  9. Yesterday I installed the Hutch Mountain propane kit on my Honda EU3000is. Was a relatively straight forward install. Took me a few hours, mainly because I did not have a 11/16" drill bit on hand for the hole through which the quick disconnect fitting goes. Ended up drilling a 1/2" hole and enlarging it with my Dremel tool. Also tightening the QD fitting onto the fitting sticking out the hole took quite a few hard turns of the wrench to fully tighten it. Was afraid I would break the brass fitting or threads. However was able to fully tighten it without a problem. The "business end" plate goes between the air filter housing and carburator. That part was easy. Also installed a new spark plug gapped to 0.022" per the instructions(still seems to run ok on gas with the smaller gap as compared to the usual 0.028-0.032 gap.) Once installed, I was able to seemlessly switch between gasoline and propane. Ran the generator for about an hour on propane. Ran fine in both normal and Eco mode. Note that per the instructions, you must have the gen housing closed. (Ie close the access panel that you had open to do the installation.) Otherwise, it runs like crap especially in Eco mode. Bottomline, I am thrilled to now be able to use propane as my primary fuel for the genny; while retaining the option of using gasoline when required. Easier and safer to store and handle the propane. Purchased three 30lb propane tanks at Tractor Supply. So will have at least 90 lbs of propane on hand for any power emergencies.
  10. Several past threads, and my inputs to them, are linked below, for your general information. regards.
  11. I will see if I can find my personal past post/guidance on the topic of “Question# 26” and repost it here. As others have already stated, if I were to need an eval, my goto doctor would also be Dr Pirelli. Coincidently, I am also in Middletown. Feel free to private message me.
  12. OP, Just to add, I purchased my Troy A4 (556/223) in early March just before all the craziness started. Purchased mine from Tony at Weshoot(formerly Garden State Shooting Center) in Lakewood, where I have purchased the majority of my firearms. Have been thrilled with my choice of the Troy, my first AR. Have shot approx 1,000 rounds thru it so far, no malfunctions whatsoever. Vast majority fired from the shoulder. As others have stated, firing from the shoulder is a non-issue. After a while, I did upgrade the charging handle with the one from Radian Weapons. Nothing wrong with the stock one. However the Radian one is beefier and ambidextrous and easier on my increasingly arthritic fingers and hands. Also accessorized it with a Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot sight and a Streamlight TLR-2 HL light/green laser combo. Now a great package for all use cases.
  13. Firstly, I found the US Carburetor website confusing but from what I could discern, the USG kit involves removing and modifying the gen's carburetor. In contrast the Hutch kit seems to be a much cleaner install that requires very minimal changes to the genny. If you watch their video I linked above, you will see that it is very easy to switch back and forth between propane and gasoline. Lastly, and a big consideration for me, is that on the gen itself, the Hutch kit provides a quick disconnect port and the propane regulator attaches to the propane tank. I.e. I don't have to mount the propane regulator to the outside housing of my genny. It would get knocked into all the time in my garage (likely by my knees, lol). My understanding (if correct) is that the USG kit would require the regulator assembly to be mounted to the generator housing. So overall struct me as a much cleaner design that would also enable me to switch seemlessly between propane and gasoline as the situation might call for.
  14. Brand of what??? Per my post above, the generator is a Honda EU3000is. The propane kit is from Hutch Mountain. www.hutchmountain.com
  15. Just received the propane conversion kit yesterday. Took about three weeks to arrive, so patience is required. I will post an update once I install it. Am pleased with the design and looks like a relatively easy installation. The propane enters the engine via an adapter plate that mounts between the air filter housing and carburetor.
  16. Collier-Mills, and I believe also Clinton, now allow up to .30 caliber. I shot my RPR (556) and Troy A4 Other(556) at Clinton several months ago. Had no issues. The game warden/LEO came by twice to check for hunting licenses. I am sure he observed what firearms I had been shooting but did not say anything regarding them.
  17. OP, I recommend you visit Weshoot (formerly Garden State Shooting Center) in Lakewood. They have a good selection of new firearms as well as firearm rentals. It is a public range and a welcoming experience. I was formerly a member and have purchased most of my firearms there. If you plan to go to rent a firearm, recommend you call first as they may require you to go with a friend or bring your own firearm with you.
  18. Several days ago I ordered a Hutch Mountain propane conversion kit for my EU3000is. I like the fact that the propane pressure regulators are at the tank side and do not have to be mounted on the generator. Looking forward to receiving and installing it. Will post an update when I do. The video below shows it in use.
  19. Congrats on your purchase. I have shot one and really liked it. Recommend you check out the Sig Sauer Romeo 5.
  20. Midwayusa has Federal American Eagle 556x45 XM193 ammo in stock. 5 boxes of 100(500 total) for $234.99 (.47 per round). I received the notification this morning. Still showing available as of this time. Won't last long. Product #: 861045 Manufacturer #: XM193BL UPC #: 50029465062496
  21. Congrats Bob, am genuinely excited for you.
  22. I am not a lawyer. But I do not believe driving is a prerequisite to obtaining an NJFID and/or permit to purchase a handgun. So I assume your official State of NJ ID would suffice. With that said, please elaborate on your need. An aspiring new gun owner?
  23. I heard about this on 101.5 this morning. I find it very concerning. Also don’t forget that much of what you have on your phone may also be syncing up to the cloud depending how you have set your phone to backup and/or sync to the cloud (Apple, Google, Verizon, etc.). So even wiping your phone may or may not remove what is held in the cloud.
  24. Was in Costco in Hazlet on the weekend and they have Foodsavers on sale. This is not the exact model I purchased earlier this year but I assume it functions the same. Plus it is on sale as are the refill boxes.
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