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  1. work it work it work it and feel the burn lol
  2. makes you wonder where his welfare check was going if not to bills
  3. because it was a drill gauging the public response to martial law
  4. lol so i take it you see nothing wrong with the path this country is going down... drones?CISPA? NSA?DHS? everything is kool? ... i dont mean your average honest cop, hell alot of cops are 3%s ... but a large number like the ones who INVADED ppls homes in watertown mass ....
  5. many may disagree (and they will)... but i and many other believe they are just making the gradual transition to martial law... little by little the police become militarized and the laws stricter.. and one day you wake up and the constitution is gone and so are your rights.. and the (military) police are controlling your life...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rwmD4c_NxI&list=TLDGwNJoUCK4g ...
  6. Stupid right.. Thats what i was thinking.. cops filling quotas
  7. this is the best shotgun i want it!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOoUVeyaY_8&list=PLFdigLAVrdTEnHoyLfOFZb4nMB-2VHxj8
  8. nj has done a great job at brainwashing its citizens.. so much so that every law that passed they say "aww shucks that stinks" and get back to living as slaves... jersey is one of the most oppressive states in the usa ... like it was said we are politely losing our rights... if you look at whats going on in our country nowadays there is a revolution brewing.. the DHS is building its headquarters in DC as we speak that will cost billions... if this chief is actually ACTING rathering than bickering about how feelings were hurt then hes doing the right thing... but hey only 3% will fight... this is bigger then "i think those guns are scary and you shouldnt have them"... its more like "if you want to conquer a nation first disarm its citizens"-hitler... hell we cant even talk on the phone without them being able to listen in and how many ppl on this very forum are worried about saying certain things at time, what kind of freedom of speech is this... vlads right this country is vast and some areas are better "programmed" then others today i heard a guy at the gun store say that if ppl in new jersey had full auto like in other states that we would "abuse it" what ever that means ... they even got us programmed lol...
  9. [quote name="GRIZ" post="755904" timestamp= Many here complain about police abusing authority. I'll bet one of this guy's reasons for wanting to be chief is he could sign off on a letter and get his own "unobtainable for the rest of us" full auto AK full auto anything is not unobtainable neither is short barrel rifles or silencers we can have all those things outside of jersey
  10. the whole gun owners putting there heads down and asking nicely for our RIGHTS thing is getting old... i became a gun owner when i lived in florida before moving back to nj.. and out there ppl make no apologizes for what they say and think about the 2a... maybe thats nj's probleming trying to be so polite while stuttering out "please dont take my guns master" when we should be like " come and take em bitches lets see how far you get" ... this police chief has balls and for that i salute him
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