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  1. I knows words have very little if any standing with each of you involved. But I am here to tell you that I did not intend for things to happen the way they did. I know nobody wants to hear any excuses from me and I am not giving one. I am only here to say that I will repay the money owed either to you directly with a money order or you can file a claim with your credit card company and I will provide you with proof that I paid the chargeback to the credit card company. There are members here who believe that I want you to file a claim so I can skate by without paying the money back and I want to prove that this is not so. Regardless of what some may say, I did not try to screw anyone out of their money. I did not try to get a quick loan from anyone. I simply mismanaged a group buy and didn't fulfill my end of things. I have not once said I would not provide a refund to anyone. I processed the first refund just as I said and he got his money order as I described, the refunds processed from square were not completed and I am working to resolve this quickly. I didn't become a member of this forum to make over 400 posts and meet numerous members in person and at the range, build a positive feedback profile just to screw a few people out of less than $3000 total and face criminal charges. I did not run away from the forum and try to "fade away" in hopes that things will blow over. I've been back consistently to try and bring this ordeal to a amicable conclusion for all parties involved. My actions and handling of the group by are by far less than stellar. I will be contacting each of you later today to discuss arrangements to get you your money/refund back as quickly as possible. Again I apologize to everyone.
  2. Mak - I will give you a call later this morning.
  3. I have, and I regret the way I handled things. You are right I should have taken care of things better, followed through better. I realize that everyone has little faith in what I say, that is the reason I encourage the claim with your card companies. I want everyone to get their money back. Either from me or their card company. And if they file a claim I will provide them with proof the card companies were paid back. Will that do me any good on the forum ? No. But at least I can prove to each of them that I made good on my promise to pay them back and I wasn't trying to skate away and not pay te money owed back.
  4. No this is not the case at all. Do you tie in your personal finances with a business account? I bet you don't. So why would you assume that anyone else would do the same? Again, you are mistaken. Yes I encourage everyone to file a claim if they do not have any confidence in what unsaid. I want to make sure they get some piece of mind that they will get paid back. I have already said I will provide documentation that the card companies will get their money. And each person can call and follow up on the claim even afte that to make sure I'm following through on my promise to pay. I'm not trying to get over on anyone. I want to get the refunds back to everyone and given the opportunity I will, like I did with David's. But if no one believes me then file a claim and I will still follow through.
  5. Vlad, as a moderator of the forum you have these guys back that is for sure. But as far as your role here to help try and come to an amicable solution for everyone you are far from perfect. Yes I have failed miserably with this group buy. But I am doing what I can to get things resolved. I encourage those still waiting to please file with your credit card company for a claim if you don't believe I will refund your money. Even if you file your claim I will provide each of you with documentation that the card company has received the payment. I don't want anyone to think I skated away and didn't pay back what was owed If you want to give me the opportunity to refund you via money order like I did with David then I will do so as I have said before. If I was trying to screw everyone out of their money then why would I refund one person? Why would I come back to answer questions time after time only to get blasted over and over? If I were guilty of trying to screw everyone out of their money I would just "lay low" and not come back again. You will all get your refunds, that's all I can say... I want this to be over just as much as everyone else. Like you all have said already, my reputation here is ruined. This is a great forum and the people are quite a stand up group. I did not try and screw anyone out of their money although it sure seems like it. The only thing I can do is apologize again and again and make sure everyone gets their money back. I am truly sorry for all of the agravation this has caused and that this has been a tarnish on this forum and it's membership.
  6. I have tried looking up a call number for Square but have only come up with a line that is a recording. The customer service department responds to email requests from your dashboard and usually responds within 24 hours.
  7. I messed up with this whole group buy. I admit it and own up to it. But I did not try and screw anyone out of their money. I may have had some bad deals in the past on another forum but I made good on those deals and I am going to make good on this debacle. Regardless of what everyone may think, you will get your refunds. I made good on my promise to refund David and will be doing the same to each person involved in this group buy. If no one has any confidence in my statement then file a claim with your card company. I will provide documentation to each person that the card company gets the money back so you can be assured I am not going to just scoot by and not pay back the money owed. And no, I'm not playing the victim. I want this resolved just as much as everyone else.
  8. I'm not making any excuses. Once I hear back why the refunds didn't process and the hold will be released I will send each and every refund to each person and provide the same refund info I did for David. I am not trying to screw anyone out of Any money. I said I would send David his refund and I did. I will do the same for everyone else as well.
  9. When I processed the refunds there was enough money to cover the refunds. I don't know why there would have been a problem. I have no desire to drag this out any longer than it has already been. Once I hear back from square I will be happy to process the refunds like I did for you. Provide photos of refunds and tracking info just like I did with yours.
  10. I just sent square an email and have requested information about the refund. My account shows the square hold for the funds in excess of $2700. I have not been notified otherwise by square that the transaction did not go through. If they confirm that the funds are/will be released I send whatever refunds out via money order like I did for David. I am not playing the victim. I tried to do a group buy here and it failed miserably because I didn't follow through with my responsibilities and get everything ordered, shipped and communicated properly and in a timely manner. I am now trying to get everyone their money back. I am not trying to screw anyone out of their money. If I was I would just "disappear" and let things happen as they will. I have been coming back to the forum to answer questions and to try and make things right. Get everyone their refunds and get everything resolved. I had chosen not to come back as often recently because when I do post I get blasted non stop and it seems to do nothing to help resolve the situation. I screwed up this whole thing. I admit it and I own up to it. But I did not intend to screw anyone out of any money. This was not some ploy to get an interest free loan as some have implied. I simply did not handle things properly and it has turned in to a huge mess. It's a lesson I learned the hard way and not something I intend to let happen ever again. Once I get a response from square why the refunds didn't go through (the funds are/were in the account to cover the transaction) and they confirm what David said (I should refund with money orders) I will gladly issue refunds via money order like I did for David. It's right on squares sight that refunds should be processed through heir system and not outside of it. I am not making anything up regarding the process If you do not believe that you will get your refund and you have not already done so PLEASE file a claim with your credit card company. If square confirms what David has said then I will issue refunds in money orders like I did with David. I told him a date I was sending it out , provided a photo of the money order and shipping label and provided tracking and was in contact daily until he got it.
  11. I don't know why everyone hasn't received their refunds yet. I processed them through square like i said I would and everyone should have gotten their conformations. I will contact them and see what is going on. Jty I emailed you yesterday with your info. I have not been on the forum because I have been tied up with other responsibilities. I will post back as soon as I hear from square. I have done everything possible to get these refunds back to everyone as quicky as possible. As soon as I hear back I will post more info.
  12. I have already said it before and I will say it again. I am deeply sorry for all of the agrivation that this has caused. I can see that no answer I give will be right or enough. Hopefully the refunds will hit soon and everyone will get their money back. I am not washing my hands of this. I just am tired of getting beat up over this. I'm doing the best I can to get everyone made whole again. Processed refunds and apologized and feel really shitty that everyone is upset and feels they got screwed.
  13. I told you weeks ago that I didn't get your MO for shipping. If I didn't get your money order then I did not get it. All you have to do is go get the refund from whoever you got the money order from. It seems that there is no answer I can give that is acceptable here.
  14. Did you check to see if your money order was cashed? As far as my records go I only had one mount and shipping payment that was processed (for jty) and he is getting his refund shortly. If you can see if it was cashed please let me know and I will get it back to you.
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