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  1. Here's a couple more pictures of the triggergaurd slots at the front
  2. Parker, the triggergaurd slots into the front, not screws, and thats where we've been having the problem, everything we can find screws in
  3. My dad has a 1907 Ithaca Hammerless that were having a hard time finding information or parts, namely a triggergaurd for. Anyone familiar with this shotgun that can give some insight?
  4. What happened to all the pretty pictures? I was looking for a mental refresher before gearing up to convert another.
  5. i have forced hot air with a humidifier. hmm...... pool resources?
  6. if you took my using quotes as personal, then sorry, now that it seems to be coming back aimed: wasnt my choice for the .000199% chance for my kid to have an incurable genetic defect that he was diagnosed with at 19 months. so yes, my life is hell. no, i didnt chose it. but i fight that hell every god damned day, and that fight would make alot of you piss yourselves in a corner. just sayin.
  7. THIS^ about $300/ounce in NJ according to Google doctors prescribe SSRIs to people under 18, side effects of wich include everythything from depression to suicidal thoughts, exasperate everything they're trying to prevent in some cases. Brains have thc receptors, but not ssri receptors and we once thought asbestos was great, so we are wrong a lot as humans, and truth be told we dont know enough about how our brains work to be playing with these things. we waste a boatload of money on policing and enforcing the war on drugs. that whole "you need to deal with lifes issues" thing is how we went wrong in the first place. if someone can find a moment of joy in this hell of a life weve created for our selves then let them have it. might just be the libertarian in me, but leave me alone, ill leave you alone.we can have our freedoms they can have theirs
  8. THIS!!! EDIT: wait i got distracted. theres pictures 12 minutes ago.... ow long did it take me to make this damn post? what the hell. alright ill go back to my corner....
  9. the problem isnt necessarily the hi-points themselves.... its that their owners have a statistically higher average of being the gentleman who owned this firearm. id be willing to shoot a carbine and see if it tickles my pickle, but personally zero interest in them.
  10. those goodyear pos tires didnt make the first oil change on my JK. worst tires ive ever had. damn focus came with better rubber on it. i have NEVER had a good experience with goodyear tires. i hear duratraks are the exception, not trying out on my dime. and ill throw out the ase cert as credentials to back up such harsh words. I like BF goodrich personally, have run a few from LT to ZR on various things with favorable results. if i had my way id be on 35" km2s, but the 285/70R17 BFG ATs will do for now. they replaced 255 Km1s
  11. bring me up to speed, whats so bad about the shields safety?
  12. all i care is that it gets the love it deserves. as long as he is willing to spoon her and tell her shes pretty keep in mind, my valuation is based on i has a surplus of children, which means negative monies, and a few functioning organs left
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