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  1. its only ok when certain people do it. i asked a question in general discussion once. would yall be happier if we had no non firearm related discussion? get rid of all but like a pistol and rifle section?
  2. the national move seems to be to declare all opposition to certain beliefs as mentally unhealthy.
  3. i can not assert enough the dangers of forcing someone into care. i am not saying that they dont need help, but if you threaten childprotectiveservices you are potentially making everything worse for all involved. all parties involved need to tread lightly.
  4. youd be surprised what dosnt come up in the check
  5. as a general rule it is always best not to over disclose things. i am not a lawyer, however if it were me i wouldn't disclose. you may want to seek legal counsel of someone who has knowledge of nj firearm "laws" before moving further, because if you do not disclose and you get denied that becomes a black stain on you
  6. of me not incriminating myself, or of others doing it?
  7. i sent armslist a message identifying myself as the owner of the gun in the picture, and that the gun being sold in the add didn't have some of the mods such as the sight that mine did, so i guess they had issue with it. i just so happened to be looking for m70a mags, which i do from time to time
  8. thats how i got in the limited predicament in the first place
  9. notice i tend to not incriminate myself here. its a public forum. more for the sake of others i swear when i say things they make sense in my own head
  10. is add a sreencap of me having used 19MB out of 500kb... but i cant post attachments..... tried it for a few, they still show up under my atachments
  11. no copyright. not lookin to pursue the photo, more of 2 concerns 1, everything we put here is really easy to find. (not comply thread anyone?) 2, that is not the gun whoever buys that thing is gonna get. its not even a picture of a stock gun
  12. well i now apparently need to know this as well
  13. as the title says i just inadvertently found one of my pistols in an armslist add, no mistake about it. guy is claiming stock photos in the add. why the hell do people sell things they arent smart enough to take pictures of? judging from google image search, the photo was lifted from NJGF http://www.armslist.com/posts/8328712/huntsville-alabama-handguns-for-sale-trade--zastava-m70a
  14. that depends on why ya want to know. if the nsa is listening i am complying with all laws, if the cops are here then may i please see your warrant sir? if the atf is here theyll just kill my kids and burn down my house and blame it on me anyway