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  1. every time someone points to CTD i want to beat them with a rolled up news paper. I wouldn't accept a freebee from those scumbags on principle alone. not to derail here, just people forget way to easily
  2. agreed, but couldn't pass up the chance to take the pot shot at .gov wich is one of the reasons why i presonally dont get OC, especially in areas like here and our surroundings.
  3. why did you say the same thing twice?
  4. I CC in my property. my property, my right. I dont have anything set up for OC that isnt a warbelt type setup. although ive also been known to mow the lawn with a slick plate carrier on for weight, because i dont exercise nearly enough so yea...
  5. its still dvr-ing, and i want to watch it, but literally every time i have an hour i find something else to do with it
  6. itll never happen. it was never going to happen. the gop will never stand up for us
  7. im 2 seasons behind. havent been able to get into it at all
  8. i agree. for 1k personally id go slr107-11p, but there hasnt been a glut of those lately so im keeping my eye on the fox.
  9. Im an AK guy (incase you havent noticed) and In a pro/con thing with ars, its my primary go to, prices are not what they were. why is it always ar vs ak? cant we have both? i mean in an ideal world id say ak sub 300yds and 20" ar 300yds plus, imho thats where performance is best on both platforms, but thats just my .02 that being said century domestics have a poor track record. century imports, like the wasr have a good track record. I honestly wouldnt touch a century domestic ak after the RAS47. WPB Fox is looking promising, arsenal, wasr, etc are the ways to go without having the saigas coming in.
  10. yea, i went right to damnit what did i say now? its funny ive read and reread those questions many times, did it before responding the other day. when you look at 24 it says one thing, when you look at 26 it says one thing, its the 2 together that seem weird upon re reading again now. maybe this is why im not a dr or a lawyer. i would assume the driving factor of people not wanting to mark a yes there, is the same thing that keeps people from applying for ccw knowing they now have to check the denied box on a pistol permit application
  11. lesson learned is if warning flag number 980367 hasn't deterred you from taking a piss then maby you need to rethink your life altogether
  12. didnt say that you did, was just attempting to add to the discussion, not dispute anything you said
  13. i am not a doctor, not a lawyer, but a self proclaimed mental health and rare disease advocate This is where the stigma comes from. it also furthers things like you need to be a dem to be sick and a republican to own guns thing that ive been hitting on both sides. and thats not a shot at 9x19, but increasingly with me owning guns, and the kid being sick i have been basically been flat out told that neither party will work out for me also generalizing here, but statistically, atleast in my interpenetration the ones who talk more are less likely to act, more likely to talk. i concurr agreed I know a few with FPIDs receiving help in some way shape or form, via counseling or prescriptions. 26 is intentionally confusing, and i am under the impression it has more to do with psych hold and less to do with you saw someone to talk or went to counseling with your wife etc. I believe in all cases they actually qualified to answer no, but i do not have specific proof or examples of who said what for what reasons to offer
  14. yea, that 2yo of mine who is 433 days post transplant living with a incurable rare genetic disease really cramps my style....
  15. sorry man, bags packed, guns in the bag, neither me nor the bag are in the car. family decided otherwise