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  1. everything on gun forums somehow works its way back to that book and we wonder why were so disjointed
  2. sanctuary is treason. sanctuary should hang.
  3. for me, that is baby steps.
  4. signed. disappointed its not to throw him into a volcano
  5. interested pending the health of the tiny humans
  6. but.... you have satellite internet.....and the internet is for porn.
  7. im not an animal, i just really hate pants i am a gift from god and i will share it with all
  8. clothing is always optional
  9. feels the same as it does living in nj.
  10. to think of all the warnings and procedures i disregarded when i was still turning wrenches
  11. well i hate to say it, first stop on the unexplained electrical anomoly check list, is it german or gm? it is supposed to take multiple sensors including accelerators yaw sensors and impact sensors to trigger a deployment
  12. im in the same boat
  13. people who have their high beams on on busy street lit roads. those people need to die horrible deaths
  14. suicide is a hot button for me, seen lots of people struggle, seen attempts made because of dealing with the loss of somone to suicide, seen blood, seen how much vomit a botched od can make, seen more of this shit then i should have had to. it is what it is, but i will admit i do tend to lash when the subject is up. far too much personal experience. we are far more on the same page then i originally gave credit for. defining selfishness in that way, wich is correct, and i am in agreement with the factual-ness of the statement. if all of our acts are self motivated, then everything we do is selfish and then yes inherently suicide will be the pinnacle of that point. i still think the s/o is covering for a buddy of mine, still dont know how he died, dont buy the narative. one thing ive gotten from a PHD/LPC is that the thing with feelings is that everyone has them, and no one is wrong for feeling what they feel, its what you do with those feelings and how you handle it that matters. we are all entitled to have our reactions to stimulus, and that does not make them wrong, but we are not right for letting that reaction afect how we respond to the stimulus especially when it negatively effects the other party. they could probably explain it better then i did, but i hope i got the point across. i am going to object to the use of "self absorbed" in point 4. we can only say that making the asumption that the person in questions mind is not clouded or skewed through the illness. its verry easy to lose the outside world when your own head becomes the enemy. and there again were playing the semantics game with words there, but i just cant see it that way having seen the other side so much. i know its words, and under the definition you are right, but its just not that simple from my end. i am in pretty much agreement with this post in its entirety, and quoted the most potent point for me at this point in my life i want to be left alone to do what i want, and will leave anyone alone who does their stuff over there and dosnt effect me with it. guess im finally going full libertarian. im sorry to hear about you having to watch that with your mom. i dont know what to say beyond that. for me it was my great grandmother that made up my mind on euthanasia when i was a kid. watching my grandparents argue with the nursing home staff over what esentually was a breathing rag doll, rose couldnt sit up on her own, so they bounced her between bed sores and proped in chairs wich she kept falling out of. as far as im concerned my great grandmother left us 5-10+ years before they let her body go. i tell my wife all the time to kill me before doing that to me. Grandma beat cancer (to later die on the table in a vein surgery), grandpa didnt the answers i want are the ones no one has. what causes mental illness, how do brain chemicals actually work, what in our environment or society is causing the rise in mental illness, etc and im not sure how much ground we can cover until we know some of those answers. instant gratification in this society is causing some severe dopamine issues and what not, that much ive been able to theories, but beyond that ive taken far to few psych classes and fear someone will have to reach omnipotence before that level of understanding is open to us
  15. sarcasm comes from being sick of the religious throwing their holier then thou bs on everybody, wich is generally where the "selfish" comments come from. so if i jumped the gun at you apologies, and get through the fist part of ranting here to get to some meet and potatoes. Incase no ones noticed i get testy at times. This country has a massive mental health problem. big pharma makes a killing on it, religions just say they're going to hell screw em, and most people either dont care, or blame the inanimate objects our society is screwed. our values are screwed. mental health is such a stigma its so hard to get help, everyone pushes you aside, its all in your head, your crazy, theres nothing wrong with you, just stop feeling that way. those that do get help have a shit road to try and take. theres only so much help out there, and you become ostracized from people for trying. the meds are a hell rollercoaster ride before they can get the right cocktail. most people cant be bothered to take this journey, to understand it, to support it. many have tried, some take the ride a few times, but it wears on you, and those that do get support or help, its really difficult to get humans to repeat some of the cyclical patterns it creates. to many its not worth it. to many they burn out before you find the end. even worse is we as humans have no idea how the brain works, or how much of what we are exposed to effects it in the long run, and less of an understanding of how psychotropic drugs work. so no, i dont prefer to blanket statement it. I prefer to be an advocate for mental health, which i have found to be extremely difficult from not being a liberal, because this stuff generally dosnt fly in conservative areas. Mental health is one of the few things both sides actually work together in, the left breads mental issues and sweeps them under the rug the right hates them, and the religious just want eternal damnation for all other then themselves. ok, yes that is general blanket statements, ya got me there. Im convinced that there is only one way to understand mental illness, and thats to suffer. even being by the side of someone for their whole journey you never know what the experience is like untill you walk a mile in their shoes.One point ive found in many of my conversations is that people say they dont understand, and honestly they dont want to, because if you understand then you've already suffered too much in order to get it. Everyones case is different, The human brain is such a complex thing. No 2 are the same, and that makes mental issues so complicated, they're intertwined with what makes you you, your personality, your experiences, your beliefs, and somewhere the question of what shapes what comes up. sometimes you can see all the signs, try and act and you cant save the person. sometimes they dont want to be saved. i present a flip side here. and this is where the discussion tends to get interesting if someone is selfish for ending thier suffering, and not thinking about that effect on otheres then isnt it selfish asking for someone to suffer so much to spare the others their leaving? i am of the mind that it is selfish to ask someone to exist against their will to spare yourself the loss. especially if you dont know how bad the pain is. the person comitting suicide in my findings is generally aware of this burden they are placing on others, but cannot bear the burden of continuing regardless, we have the issue of asisted suicide for medical reasons, if someone cant be helped or cured weather or not there should be a way to end their suffering, yet we dismiss mental suffering as not an actual thing. we for some odd reason dont see people with mental illness as being sick, and thats where the problem is imho. its a terminal illness in most cases, that can be treated and controlled, but alot of these people basically have lifelong sentences to have to work with, or around their illness and the rest of the world looks at them as not being sick. I truly believe that our mental issues start in society as a whole and unless we can adress that perception we cant help the individuals. years ago we locked everyone up, then decades ago we were appalled at how we treated them and we let them all loose. never addressed any of the issues on any end, and big pharma is making a killing prescribing ssris that they truely dont know how they work to millions some people come out the other side, some dont. some of them grow up to be conservative pro2a *gasp* my story isnt over;