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  1. SuRrEaLNJ

    Shot Show 2019 Wishlist?

    Wayne lapierre to remove his mask and reveil himself to be the diane fenstein wanna be lizard man all the while yelling "cobra-la-la-la-la"
  2. call me when we talk of lynching him. nothing that leaves him breathing is enough
  3. SuRrEaLNJ

    Anybody want to work at Picatinny?

    Im a "modelmaker" for an electronics company. Im in their R&D shop, but take what they do in cad, fix it, and make the prototypes. a weird skill set i know but im asumming im outside the scope of what you are looking for.
  4. SuRrEaLNJ

    Safe dehumidifier

    been running a goldenrod in my cabinet since i got it. spend so much time trying to raise the humidity in my house, and year round trying to remove it from the cabinet. have a whole house humidifyer in the furnace, and dehumidifyer in the basement, and the goldenrod in the safe.
  5. SuRrEaLNJ

    looking to buy my first rifle

    wow. what happend here... this thread has turned... well "special", yea we will go with that. .22LR is the best caliber to practice the fundamentals of marksmanship etc. that being said, im with some of the others, i fn hate shooting it. i keep getting out of .22, and i know another one is in my future, because when it comes time to teach the fundimentals of shooting with the boys, 22LR. I have spent hours pinking with a .22, and if i could walk out of my house and shoot, i would plink alot more with .22, and i wish i could, but no, for the limited amount that i get to shoot now a days i really dont want to spend it with a 22. I should but i dont. I spend as much time as i can with my go to weapons platforms, then get my hands on anything i can to shoot for familiarity. Everyone has a different path, maybe we'd have bigger numbers if well threads didnt go like this. and im guilty of it too at times, dont get me wrong. and if we really want to go debating the lethality of .22 it all comes down to 3things SHOT PLACEMENT SHOT PLACEMENT and SHOT PLACEMENT. you can kill someone with .22 and you can fail at shooting yourself with 22 (i read a thing by former sabers goaltender Clint Malarchuk the other day, has his failed attempt on my mind) , just depends on where it goes
  6. SuRrEaLNJ

    Birdcage on Netflix

    credit where credits due, bravo. best birdbox meme ive seen yet you may irritate the hell out of me, but i can still laugh with you.
  7. SuRrEaLNJ

    Paint coming off H&K VP9

    replace the extractor for finish wear? no you need to run a few courses or matches with it, get some good holster wear on it! thatll make it prettier! seriously, wear tells a story but i also think BFPU is cool, but being used hard enough to look like that by you is cooler
  8. SuRrEaLNJ

    A better AK? -the VSKA

    a rock beats the vska. one of the worst ones so far im having a hard time with the PSA thing on the AKs with how the gen1 and 2 went. I did look hard at getting one when they first came out, ran into the same no ship thing.
  9. SuRrEaLNJ

    You'll Never Smoke Cigarettes Again!

    Im quit for about 8 years now. quit because of expense primarily
  10. SuRrEaLNJ

    Had an accident at the range today need advice..

    shoot untill it burns off.... we can all help pull the trigger... till be fun.... if it dosnt burn off.... still fun! seriously though, there is a chance if its synthetic carpet that its just melted to the surface and may be brittle like melted plastic. razorblade or exact o may be able to lift pieces without much if any finish damage. if not then it may be wire wheel time. i have way to much experience removing various melted things from peoples exhausts, but never where ive had to worry about finish
  11. never want to have to lie, bring 2 rifle cases everywhere, one full and one empty my answers to this thing are in a far smaller number then i though although the last one went from "can i buy another ak," to "guess who just bought another ak" i mean i know shes gonna whine anyway, and aks are life
  12. SuRrEaLNJ

    ANJRPC SCOTUS Carry Lawsuit

    just went from hoping she croaks to actively wishing she croaks
  13. SuRrEaLNJ

    Name change

    seriously ill stop saying its a trap when women stop going psycho once the engagement ring is on, then ramping it up with the destruction of any joy for their husbands when the wedding ring is on.
  14. someone needs to give murphy those 2 extra rounds
  15. SuRrEaLNJ

    Fear Mongering?

    great. and they wonder why they get like 2 votes for column 3 everytime

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