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  1. This week's winner for delayed UPS truck is.... (drum roll please) Minot, ND.
  2. Just ordered some .45 reman. I don't think they'll be as slammed this time because they're still out of stock on a lot of stuff.
  3. Thanks. I thought it was pretty interesting to see it on this duck which is basically a yard pet now. But I guess it's not rare at all.
  4. I'm not a waterfowler (yet), but I am curious about this. There's a female duck that hangs out around my koi pond that has a band on it's leg. I'm pretty sure it has come around for a few years. Are the bands common?
  5. Now, I have small hands, so take this for what it's worth. I have had my 92FS for about 25 years and put many rounds through it, practicing a variety of scenarios. I actually like the slide safety because for me, if it's engaged, it's a quick thumb lift to disengage. I can disengage the 92 safety quicker than my 1911s. As far as accidentally dropping the safety lever when racking the slide, I always focused on how I grip the slide instead of how my hand approaches it. Because my fingers are small, depending on which method I use, a finger or thumb always is under the safety when I grip which prevents the safety lever from dropping. I've been doing it for so long, it's a muscle memory thing where my fingers are always immediately in a position to prevent the lever from going into safe. That said, I keep a sig 938 by my bedside. But that's just because I like it's compact size.
  6. It seems to me that it is important to know what happens if the law goes into effect and then the manufacturer's either drop the technology or go out of business. I wouldn't put it past Weinberg, etc, that it is an intended outcome that a conventional handgun sales ban stays in effect even if smart guns disappear from the market.
  7. I read through the law (at a remedial level, law-wise) and couldn't find an answer to this question. What happens if the 3 year clock starts, but then all manufacturers making smart guns go out of business? Is there a provision in the law that negates it if the market ceases to exist?
  8. I'm guessing they caught up on processing because an order I placed on Sat just shipped.
  9. I ordered on 4/4 and got it in yesterday. Funny thing is, part of my order was for 230 grain .45 reman and they sent me new ammo instead.
  10. Taking an even closer look. Unless it's a highlight from the camera flash, it appears you have residue on the inside of the brake. Look at the flat rim on the underside of where the bullet exits the cage. It looks like all the residue is coming out the muzzle. Just a best guess from your picture, but that's where I'd at least do some investigating. It could be that the design of the brake is directing too much gas against the barrel.
  11. It looks like gas being blown back from the muzzle. Look closely at the the white residue. The forward edge (closest to the brake) has a harder edge and the rear section closest to the gas block is feathered out. That makes me think the gas was blowing in a rearward direction. Very similar to airbrushing in that direction. It may simply be excessive gas and powder residue blowing back from the muzzle. My 1911 has a similar pattern after a day at the range.
  12. I guess that's the opinion I was looking for High Ex. I can certainly see a judge saying that it "could" still be considered collapsible. I wasn't looking for some nuanced way around the law, I just couldn't find any exclusion of a removable, single position stock. I've pinned them before, I'll pin them again. Until I move to Wyoming. Brings up another thought. Anyone ever epoxy one in place? I've used some modern adhesives on metal to plastic that I guarantee are more permanent than roll pins.
  13. Does a butt stock have to be permanently pinned to the buffer tube to be considered NJ legal? What if it was plugged so as to only allow the pin to engage the first hole, but not allow it to collapse any further? It would make the stock removable, so I could swap a different style one on if I wanted. I couldn't find an interpretation of the law that specifically describes a removable stock as similar enough to the "folding" or "telescopic" feature making it illegal. The plug would be epoxied and it would only lock the stock into one position, with no chance of adjustability, the only question is if being removable makes it illegal. Even removed, the overall length of the rifle is still over 26", so I don't think there is an issue there. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks OG. I really didn't want to have to study again.
  15. I know I read some threads on this, but I couldn't find them again. Regarding the Hunter Ed Program... I did Shotgun last August and I'm doing Bow this April. Do I get to skip the main written exam and just do the Archery portion or do I have to take the whole written exam over? It's less than a year and my Voucher from the Online Hunter Ed Course hasn't expired yet, if that makes a difference. Just trying to see what to expect. Thanks in advance.
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