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  1. Coffee shop? Well if it is Starbucks she wouldnt have to worry about someone drawing on her.
  2. Passed all 3 catergories this past weekend in Chester, NJ at the Black River WMA. Plan on doing some hunting this season with friends.
  3. My brother has been waiting just a tad over 9 months now. Called and called and was told every time that it is on the chief's desk waiting to be signed (FID and P2Ps). Called last week and got someone new who gave him the real scoop of news....His permits are not on the chief's desk cause she put him on hold and went to check for him. She also stated she "doesn't know where they are along the line as far as processing". He called over to NJSP to place a complaint and they told him to have a meeting with the Chief and if that doesn't work to call back and they will make a call for him. Chief's secretary still hasn't returned his call to make an appointment to see the Chief. SMH what a bunch of hoops you have to jump through.
  4. I am going to have to look into it to see if in fact there is such an ordinance
  5. That's what I'm thinking will most likely have to be done. Like I said his immediate neighbors talked to him and since he didnt care they call Everytime he pulls up with his rig.
  6. His immediate neighbor who is friendly with me as well have tried talking to him and from what they said it had got them no where. To be honest I don't care what he does or if he only gets to bang his wife once a month but to take up 3/4 of a lane is bullsh!t. If it is there tonight ill snap a photo and try and post it up. It's not there every night being that he drives his pick up home and parks in the exact spot. There is a thing called common courtesy, which he has simply disregarded. So, with him not caring what his neighbors' concerns are I won't even waste the time to try and talk and "understand" him.
  7. You would think the cops who came on the initial calls would have seen that as well. I guess not.
  8. HA! Then we will have a truck who will never move until he puts air back in his tires. This is a good point although it sounds time consuming. I wonder if I made a call to the Chief if that would help.
  9. So, to briefly sum this up without dragging it out. There is a neighbor that lives about 3 houses down from me. Lately he has been driving home his semi and sometimes with his trailer. Parking it on the street. Now with my street being a "coastal evacuation" road the whole commercial vehicle parked on residential streets is a wash. It started to be a concern because the truck and sometime with trailer takes up most of the lane causing you to either stop and let on coming traffic pass then get into on coming traffic lane to proceed, or if you are already pass the part where you are in on coming traffics' lane you better hope that the car coming at you stops (which happened to me the other day). Neighbors have called and complained when he brought home a refrigerated trailer the other night and had it running all night, because cops came and made him turn it off as it was too loud. I called and made a complaint when I had to get into the on coming lane and the car coming towards me didn't want to stop and let me pass before he went. I was told by dispatcher that "It is up to the cop to decide if the vehicle is causing danger, not you" Cops drove by but never stopped or came to my residents, even though I requested to have an officer stop by after he made his decision. This being all said, what other routes is there to take since local police aren't doing much.
  10. Well, I know a lot of homes are waiting for insurance money through flood insurance. Now if it catches fire I wonder if then your claim can be sent in through home owners insurance....hmmmmm
  11. Just saw that it went from a 3 alarm fire to a 6 alarm fire...ambers are setting other buildings on fire due to the strong winds....a damn shame as if they didnt have enough damage from Sandy.
  12. Got a box lastnight from Dicks in Woodbridge...Thanks guys.
  13. Found some...a bit of a drive but ill take what i can get.
  14. Trying them as I type but last year when I went to buy some they didnt carry any (Freehold)
  15. Came up last minute and need a box asap...anyone know who carries them?
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