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  1. Today in email I received a request to connect on Linkedin to Brick Armory. Here is the link to the profile. Don't have a clue why I got this. I got my money back through AMEX. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=272235657&authType=name&authToken=oWXs&invAcpt=2319438_I5940924351359524867_500&trk=eml-comm_invm-b-profile-newinvite&midToken=AQGlzEhPa2YEuQ&fromEmail=fromEmail&ut=3TQgyc32q5dSw1
  2. Marlboro Twp. 2 permits about 3 weeks. Submitted 10/7 picked up 10/28. Nice people to deal with.
  3. Since it appears this place is history I was able to dispute my AMEX charge for the pro rated remainder of my annual dues. AMEX will refund the money after trying to reach the business. So anyone who still has time remaining can contact their card provider. I know this does not help those who had property there but its better than nothing!
  4. I also read that. First off I think it only applies to replacement cards. It would put you up the creek until you received the replacement. You would not be able to purchase Ammo or long guns in NJ. Since you must go to the local PD to complete the process I would think that the Firearms Unit might have a different opinion since it doesn't make sense. Of course if you lost it or your wallet went over the side while fishing then you could not turn in the old one. I am not suggesting you lie, but that could happen. They might make you swear that you really lost it and boy if they found out otherwise you'll be sharing a cell with James OutofOrder Kaleda. Good Luck.
  5. Thank you for the advice as well. I have a discount from Sig that I have not used yet which makes the conversion kit a good buy. I read about the Brownelle mod but you are the first one I've spoken about it. I looked at Sig Power but the guy who was running the site seems to have disappeared as far as some of his customers were concerned. I shoot the opposite of you. I shoot mostly 9mm and then my .22 Ruger Mark 1 for about a box of .22's. The funny part right now is that its easier to find .9 mm at a decent price than .22's. I've been hoarding the ones I have, the current prices are crazy. Good luck with the CR Grips.
  6. I installed a CT CMR-201 on my 226 9mm a few weeks ago. The price for the Grip version was more than I wanted to spend with no experience using a laser. Well, holy sh.. I was a fair shot at 15 yards, once zeroed in my accuracy is quite improved and at closer ranges I feel like some hot shot. For me it really made a difference. The only thing I noticed is that the mounting screws seem to loosen after a few hundred rounds. Not a big deal but it may require a readjustment the next time i go to the range. My wife has a Sig 238 that came with the laser and I notice that the screws for her laser also get loose. How do you like the .22 conversion kit? I've been toying with getting one but the mags are off the wall for what they are and need modification for the last round issue. Hope this helps, Tom
  7. I would suggest you watch your credit report. Although its only a single form of ID, identity thieves would have a good start on making your life miserable. Good luck.
  8. I just picked up a new Sig P226 on Gunbroker from Northern Firearms. They do a lot of selling on Gunbroker. Once the exchanges of money and FFL info was completed they sent a UPS tracking number so I knew exactly when to expect the gun. I used Steve from Monmouth Arms who is a fun guy and a pleasure to deal with. The rest of the info you have already. Good luck, enjoy your new toy.
  9. inevitable...Maybe, but at least you get about six more years and by that time some of these idiots will be gone and maybe we'll have new "important" issues for them to chew on and pass dumb legislation. By then I am hoping to relocate in more gun friendly territory.
  10. I have owned Escort Radar Detectors since they started selling them. My wife and I both have one and like others have said they work well. The only speeding ticket my wife got was in Virginia where they are illegal and we removed it while driving through the state. You can check the internet for reviews where they compare various brands. This is a high level electronic device and although pricey it works well.
  11. Someone mentioned not to land in NYC with a handgun. It would appear that you 1. don't ever try to check it in at a NYC airport, and 2. If your diverted from NJ it might be safer to find a Fed Ex office and sent it to your house. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/01/18/traveling-mans-gun-arrest-appealed-supreme-court/ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/04/02/pregnant-mom-arrested-in-new-york-for-unloaded-handgun-in-checked-baggage/
  12. I got the same reply. They really read every word???? Any Word?????? This is why we need larger groups to make an impact.
  13. In case anyone really cares to read more NJ Law here is a link. http://law.onecle.com/new-jersey/2c-the-new-jersey-code-of-criminal-justice/39-3.html I bought one several years ago to shoot a line over a tree for a ham radio antenna, so I guess that was justifiable cause. Target practice on fuzzy, nada.
  14. My wife and I purchased one gun each and our second permit was about to expire. I called the firearms unit and the lady who handles this asked for the date of the permits. She gave me a specific day to come in for the extension. I brought the permits over the the PD and she got the chief to sign them immediately. This is in Marlboro where I find the PD to be gun friendly.
  15. www.galves.com. Galves is the place most car dealers go to for their real value. Its been around a long time and now private parties can use it too. Of course there is a cost but you can get a short term deal and you might be surprised by what you find. Good luck.
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