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  1. I am looking for 12 Gauge target load ammo 2 3/4 #7 1/2 or #8 Buy or trade I have some 22lr, 9mm and 38 special to trade. Please either PM or leave comment. I am in Plainsboro.
  2. I am also interested in installing a recoil pad in my Ithaca 600 shotgun. Thanks.
  3. Nice collection! The closest place from Princeton you can shoot is Citizen revolver and rifle club. Check out their web site: crrc.org Simon
  4. I saw one in Cheyenne and it fits me well. It is over $1100. Just wonder if there is a better price of this gun in other places or online. Feel free to PM me if you know. Thanks
  5. Is it good? Any experience or comments? It will be for shooting clay. Price is about $1000-1100. Sound reasonable. Thanks
  6. I am really interested in these semi shotguns, especially the trap and carina models. Do they cycle light target load well? Anyone has tried it for trap, skeet or sporting clay shooting? I can drive over to PA to buy it and then bring it back to NJ. Thanks
  7. Good to see so many people interested in joining a club like CRRC. Last meeting was a bit chaotic. I have not seen that many people showed up. I am also not a fan of the new member application process. Don't worry about finding a sponsor. You ask any yellow badges and they will sign it for you. To me, work hour is not a burden. Just the family fun shot days will get you more than 8 hr.
  8. I am a member of CRRC and I live 10 min from the club. In the range, you can only load 5 shots each time (old bullseye rule). The club requires members to help out 12 hr per year. If you cannot do it, you can pay $15/hr. It is pretty easy to fulfill this requirement (club maintenance, open days, range officer, instructor, ....etc.) The club has 2 25 yard indoor ranges which can be used 24/7 (card access). The 50 yard outdoor range and archery range are close in the winter but will reopen in March. Sunday afternoon trap shooting is all year round. People are pretty friendly and no crowd at anytime. If you shoot handguns, small bore rifles and trap, I think the club has enough facilities for you to enjoy. However, if your primary interest is high power rifle, the club is limited. If interested, PM me, and I can give you a quick tour in the weekend.
  9. Recessedfilter, could you PM me the info of your O/U? Many thanks.
  10. Thank you for all the advice and comments. I do believe in improving the technique is more important. I just wonder if it is a good idea to always practice with a field gun. Will I develop some bad technique with it? In my trap range, almost all good shooters use O/U. Only newbies like me use pump or semi. Could you tell me which shops have CZ? I checked out Griffen & Howe website. They have a lot of nice O/U but most of them are out of my price range. I did not take any lessons. I actually shot over 20 in the beginning. However, my average went down significantly and I was very inconsistent after shooting for a couple of weeks. Now, it is a bit more consistent at around 17-18. At one point, I was confused with shooting with 1 eye or 2 eyes open. I shoot rifle and handgun and used to aim with the dominant eye only. I used to focus on the front sight and to squeeze the trigger. My club has quite a few experienced shooters and they did give me a lot of help/advice. Beretta silver pigeon seems to be very nice. I have not had a chance to do any research on it and have not seen anyone in my range use it yet. I will check it out. I just pick up this hobby and 75-100 rounds per week is the best I can do at this moment. Hopefully I can have more time to bust clay pigeons in the future.
  11. I have been shooting trap for the last 6 month (about 75 rounds per week). With my Winchester pump action field gun, my average is around 17-18 per 25 rounds. I am thinking about getting an over and under target shotgun but I cannot afford a brand new Browning. An used and affordable Browning is not easy to find. I am considering a few cheaper options: Mossberg Silver Reserve II, Stoeger (forget the model) and CZ Redhead. I saw the Mossberg and Stoeger and they fit me well. CZ is difficult to find and I don't know if it fits me. Should I stay with my field gun until I get better average? Or go for one of the cheaper options? If so, which one will you recommend? Thanks for your advice in advance!
  12. They still have more than 50 boxes. I think the kid in the firearm department is not very knowledgeable and pissed off a lot of customers. It helps to keep the ammo around for a bit longer. I will not waste time with him.
  13. As of 6:30pm, it was still $14.99 per box. The guy in the firearm department may not know or misread the price. The cashier charged $14.99. I got 6 boxes in the last 2 days.
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