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  1. thats too long. mine went in friday and approved monday afternoon.
  2. according to chart this extended tube https://www.thordsencustoms.com/kak-tc-extended-buffer-tube-for-frs-15-and-ar-pistol/.html with this upper assembly https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-10-5-chf-carbine-length-5-56-nato-1-7-9-lightweight-m-lok-railed-upper-without-bcg-or-ch-51654486742.html would put me at/over 26. Would this be correct?
  3. idk man i submitted my paperwork April 2, the FFL called me the 10th to inform of delay, which i knew would happen because it always does, and now here it is the 14th and still no word. This is the 3rd business day from the 10th. I will call him tomorrow to see if it went to OPEN status and will he transfer. I already bought a gun through him 2 years ago so I'm hoping he will agree. I have had no negative interactions with law enforcement of any kind aside from expired vehicle registration in 20 years.
  4. anybody know a gunsmith who will do the compliance work? by which i mean pin/weld the flash hider. the two i called here in south jersey told me they wont work with any barrel under 16. both also told me an "other" must be purchased as 1pc. I know it is not true but i'm not going to argue with him.
  5. thanks for the response. In question 2 I guess I should have asked, is the flash hider that comes on that upper just screwed on, which I would have to take to a smith to have pinned/welded? I'm in Washington Township Gloucester County. Also does the brace need to be pinned?
  6. Hello, I just ordered 2 of PSA's $99 lowers, and am looking to build an other firearm. I haven't taken poss. of the lowers yet. I'm looking at PSA website and they have this 10.5 nice completed upper: https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-10-5-5-56-nato-1-7-phosphate-10-5-lightweight-m-lok-upper-with-romeo-msr-mbus-sight-set-bcg-ch4.html According to the chart on the other thread, this would be gtg if I added the Vltor A5 buffer system with brace or the milspec sba3 or 4. I understand i would also need a mlok VFG which i plan to get from Primary Arms. My questions: 1. I did search for Vltor A5 but am still unable to determine exactly what constitutes this system. Exactly what parts do i need to buy? 2. Who can pin and weld the flash hider? 3. Is there anything special i need to do while taking possession of the lower(s) from the FFL? Thanks for advice.
  7. does anyone recommend the .327 revolver in general and/or ruger model in particular? When (if) my expungement goes through and I get an FID, I'm looking at it as a first purchase for HD. But by the looks of things, laser pistols will probably be available by then.
  8. illegal because no fid. "but it's a bb gun!" "not in NJ. put yr hands behind your back and STFU". Good times.
  9. I will tell you from terrible personal exp that you can be charged with UPW for 10-pump Crossman bb/.177 pellet rifle. Graves Act offense 3yr minimum. Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, 1990. Arrested on private property (not my own). YMMV but I would not risk it, and ignorance of law was no defense.
  10. Bobs little in glassboro requires FID to join range and/or rent range guns. Did not ask him if they require FID for BYO shooting.
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