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  1. With everything from guns to ammo costing so much more these days, a discount would definitely be a plus, you'd see me more often for sure!!!!
  2. Date start : 5-3-13 Date finish: 5-18-13
  3. Beltronics rx65, covers all the bands, been using it for4 yrs. now, great range and features.
  4. Good doing business with you!
  5. Good stuff.. Thank you!
  6. Submitted 5/3 was told 16days, we'll see..
  7. Bought and paid for handgun last Friday, they said 16 days, could be more?? Not right...
  8. Rockaway township, change of address and 2 pp, almost two months, but I have to say the lady handling it was really patient and understanding of all my calls.
  9. Welcome, thank you..
  10. Gaucho

    Your First 9

    Berreta 92 A1, check out youtube. alot of videos there on many guns.
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