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  1. springfield ronin 4.25 barrel 9mm 2 wilson combat mags and 1 springfield mag
  2. anybody on here own on or have shot any of the Kimber revolvers . I'm looking for a new revolver and I really love the way the Kimber looks . I currently own a smith & wesson 686-3 4" barrel and a taurus 856 . MY smith is a little big to carry and I'm have a hard time finding an iwb holster for it .Taurus is a decent gun very easy to conceal . The Kimber is sexy
  3. guess I'll give it a shot , not in a hurry to sell thanks for the advice
  4. Hey guys , not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but what are you guys thoughts on selling a pistol on gun broker as apposed to like trading it in to a gun store or private sale
  5. I have a savage. 22 that I love , I need to find a store in nort jersey with some inventory
  6. Thanks for the input so far. Trying to keep cost per round down, that's why I'm looking at rimfire calibers. That ruger 204 looks impressive though. The cz rifles are beautiful
  7. Hey guys looking for something in-between. 22 lr and my .223/556.Thinking .17hmr or .22 mag . Looking for better accuracy more then like varmint hunting. Any recommendations for a middle of the road bolt action rifle would be fantastic also . Something less then$600
  8. I dont know what he was thinking, but it still has the bayonet at least, looks like a Chinese sks now but with a really nice stock
  9. Hey guys I inherited a yugo sks from my dad. I remember when he bought it like 10 years ago, it had the grenade launcher and the launcher sight. when I took it home I noticed he had the launcher cut off and the sight was removed. I think I read somewhere that you can"t do that to the yugos ,that it has to stay in it's original configuration.what do you guys think , is this ok to own in NJ ?
  10. I'm trying to doe this as painless as possible. Most gun stores get 20% of the sale price . Not sure what most ffl's charge to do any paper work.Then it is also a matter of meeting up with the buyer at the ffl . Time is something I need more of.
  11. would you guys recommend putting guns on consignment or is it worth it to list in classified section and pay what ever fees ,and have to meet up at an ffl ?
  12. nice rifle , I have a model 61 in .22 mag and love it.
  13. thanks for the replies it looks like the liberty safe is the way to go
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