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  1. wts have 580 ends of 6.5 x55 Swede, looking to get $320 for all. That is a little over 55 cents a round . The cheapest on ammo seek as of the time of posting is 61cents per round then you have tax and shipping on top. All the ammo is brass. Some are 139 grain some 144 grain. some fmj and some soft point If any one is interested and needs a further break down of how many of each let me know.
  2. I dont know what he was thinking, but it still has the bayonet at least, looks like a Chinese sks now but with a really nice stock
  3. Hey guys I inherited a yugo sks from my dad. I remember when he bought it like 10 years ago, it had the grenade launcher and the launcher sight. when I took it home I noticed he had the launcher cut off and the sight was removed. I think I read somewhere that you can"t do that to the yugos ,that it has to stay in it's original configuration.what do you guys think , is this ok to own in NJ ?
  4. I'm trying to doe this as painless as possible. Most gun stores get 20% of the sale price . Not sure what most ffl's charge to do any paper work.Then it is also a matter of meeting up with the buyer at the ffl . Time is something I need more of.
  5. would you guys recommend putting guns on consignment or is it worth it to list in classified section and pay what ever fees ,and have to meet up at an ffl ?
  6. nice rifle , I have a model 61 in .22 mag and love it.
  7. thanks for the replies it looks like the liberty safe is the way to go
  8. So I'm thinking about buying a liberty safe,the Lincoln version and having it installed and bolted to the concrete floor.with a budget of around $2000 are there any other brands you guys recommend?
  9. Not sure what part of Wayne it was.We are trying to stay close to the mall in Wayne on 46.My wife's new job is on 46 across from the mall.Trying to give her the easy commute this time.Her commute now to the city door to door is 1hr 15 min.,while I had a 4 mile round trip commute that was including the day care drop off and pick up.I see there are a lot of dealer ships on 46 so that will work for me also.My wife's family is all in Montville but we can't swing that kind of money yet on a house.looking to stay in low $500,000.I'll check Cedar Knolls,thanks guys
  10. Kinda leaning more towards Parsipany ,we saw a house in Wayne in a nice neighborhood then as we were leaving I kinda got lost and found myself in place I wish I had my ar with me,and it got ugly quick.
  11. Thanks guys NJ is my on hope for getting out of Ny for now,as wacky as it sounds to you guys I can't wait.
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