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  1. Rick will be regrettably closing shop at OMG Custom Guns in the coming weeks. He has been dealing with some health issues and wants to be able to devote all of his energy to getting and feeling better. If you have any firearms that need to be picked up, please make arrangements to facilitate that by the 22nd of November. He will not be accepting any more transfers from here on out. He wants to thank everyone on here for their patronage and hopes to see you on the range in the near future. Christopher
  2. And they say we're paranoid? Crap like this makes me VERY upset. This book should be pulled and the publisher should be made to reimburse the school for the cost. The approving authority should be reprimanded and/or fired. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
  3. Chris, I might have a holster for you. Give me a shout when you can. Rick.
  4. Hey Chris. Give me a call. I may have something you're looking for. Rick.
  5. OMG Customs will be closed from August 11th(Sunday) until August 15th(Thursday) at 2pm for continuing education. Any communication can be directed thru the forum as my friend, Chris, will be answering any inquiries. Thank you all for your continuing support. Rick.
  6. Bushings are not press fit. They thread in. Give me a call on Monday. I may be able to help. I'm in Bayonne. 551-221-2276 Rick.
  7. Please post a review of the pistol. Great to meet you. Rick.
  8. That's a good, solid trigger. Give me a call if you need any help. 551-221-2276. Rick.
  9. Give me a call tomorrow at the shop between 10am and 3pm. Earlier is better. 551-221-2276 Rick.
  10. These little rifles are crazy accurate. One can drill the little shoot-n-see at 15 with iron sights, offhand. It's nice and slow to where one can concentrate on the shot. Just a ball. If you don't have one, I highly suggest getting one. Rick.
  11. If you're interested in something a little smaller, I have the SCCY pistols. 9mm, small, light and U.S. made with a lifetime transferable warranty. Had some teething problems in the beginning, but the bugs seem to be worked out of them. Inexpensive as well. G23 is never a bad choice, either. Rick.
  12. FWIW, I have a used Delta in stock. PM me if you're interested. It's in my vendor forum. They are great guns, by the way. Rick.
  13. You can order your frame and have it shipped to me while you wait on permits. That way you're not burning up permit time. Rick.
  14. Transfer is 35 and includes NICS. I am a gunsmith so, yes, I can help. Topher built a Fusion and did all the cosmetic fitting to it. I helped out with the fire control parts (hammer, sear, disco, thumb safety, etc..). Rick.
  15. If you need a transfer, give me a call. 551-221-2276. Rick.
  16. Chris. If you need any help, give me a shout. You have my number. Rick.
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