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  1. I'm still going through this myself... Its the suddenness I felt that was harder to deal with. I'm sure you've been inundated by everyone in your life offering you an ear. I know I was. But if you wanna just talk to someone about it please feel free. I say this like I'm even in a healthy enough place to talk about it myself... I won't say that 'I get what you're going through' though, because everyone's pain is their own. I just hope that you hold up OK.
  2. Serves ya'all right >_> *runs*
  3. Ahahaha In all seriousness tho I am going to hurry to my vehicle this afternoon when I get out of work. Assuming this guy hasn't been caught yet. Can't help it I'm bugged out that I'm close to this.
  4. Oh Jesus what did I say wrong. They had big guns Lol it was scary /noob Edit: reread my post I meant assault rifles shut up hah
  5. Around 6:30am I drove up the GSP right by this search. It was before I knew what was going on. I saw about 30+ cops, armed, some with AKs which unnerved me. I work off 100a and at that point they had 100 closed. AND at the time I drove by they had made a barricade with their cars to prevent anyone from leaving that rest stop right there... The whole thing was uncomfortable.
  6. JLF

    RIP 'DLF'

    Hey guys sorry that I'm not really saying much, its just too hard. But I still want to say thank you to everyone who's gone out of their way to offer condolences and a kind thought...
  7. Well I am certainly not looking for match quality ammo that's for darn sure. I just stumbled on a site that had this in stock and thought WOW available 22lr... Well I'm glad I have you guys around to tell me this stuff cause I'm clueless and would otherwise get hosed. I've seem it for double that per round too...what price is the right range for this particular ammo?
  8. Well after shipping (before taxes though) its .36/rd if I get two boxes...seemed worth a shot...
  9. Sure I could google it and I have but I'd prefer to also check with you guys and see if anyone has toyed around with this particular brand of ammo at all? And if you have did you use it for a pistol or a rifle? I have a semi auto rifle and I'm trying to decide if I should just look else where?
  10. JLF

    RIP 'DLF'

    Thank you Jack, this topic was still really hard to make but I figured I should just rip the band aid off quickly... I will feel less agitated once that Marlin is home with me... Thank you for your support. To everyone, thank you for all your kind words and support...
  11. JLF

    RIP 'DLF'

    Some people have cottoned on to me and I suppose I will feel it better to have it out there. My father 'DLF' on here passed away suddenly two weeks ago. He introduced me to this forum and firearms and was so proud that I had taken an interest in one of his hobbies... The last thing he ever bought for me was my Marlin 795ss, its currently sitting with our wonderful FFL and I can't wait to pick it up. So if I've been asking some really noob questions lately bare with me because now I'm starting back at square one because the man who was supposed to teach me all of this is gone forever. RIP SGT. Veteran Relief Commander of the Tomb Guard in Arlington National Cemetery...
  12. Well I had a little bit of a sob story both times I checked with them so that might have greased the wheel... However they were always very patient and pleasant when my dad checked in too. Our clerks at Lacey Township are some very nice ladies.
  13. All forms turned in 4/24 It will be 9wks tomorrow. I went in to inquire on the status of my FID and permits two weeks ago and they said it would be 2-3wks. So I went in today and the detective in charge specifically said regarding my things that he would be calling me later this week or early next week. So I won't heckle them anymore.
  14. Edit: never mind, thought better of it
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