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  1. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    I have been using LCWO for about a year. It's a great service but has its limitations. Because LCWO is keyboard based I pretty much need to have the keyboard for any kind of speed (see my post on my "three speeds."). CW ops use a lot of abbreviations, which LCWO doesn't seem to cover. Abbreviations are a huge obstacle, as great to me as the letters themselves. One school of thought says to learn to hear the words in your head. So I've practiced the "500 most common English words" and I can copy those at 15-20 wpm, but the problem is CW QSOs use abbreviations, and the ARRL tests use an ungodly number of acronyms, numbers, and technical jargon (J10QrS or some such) which are not words. LCWO's plain text mode uses very familiar expressions so it's pretty much useless ("A stitch in time saves nine"). I also joined the Long Island CW club but I have never been able to figure out how to use that service. Unfortunately, like everything in this hobby "cw education" is haphazard. We pretty much must find our own way. Sink or swim.
  2. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    F u Cn rd ths U cn gt a GD jb
  3. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    I agree but it's very hard to learn morse without real practice, which is why I posted on this topic. I have three copy speeds: 20-25 wpm if the words are spaced, 13-15 wpm with a keyboard, and 7-8 wpm in my head. How do I lose the crutch of having the keyboard? It's like, when I hear "dih dih dah" I first think "middle finger on my left hand" and about 100 msecs later I think "d". I'm working on my extra as well. Any suggestions for actually LEARNING the material vs. memorizing the answers? Haha DIH DIH DAH = D indeed. I meant "index finger right hand, up" and then "u"
  4. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Is anyone here learning or just learned morse code? I have started making CW QSOs and it's a blast. If anybody would like to practice on the air let me know. Angelo KD2HPQ
  5. Is this very recent then? My brother waited from October to, I think, February. He also has to go through the state police. I think my wife's friend does as well. Somebody musta given this system a YUGE enema because it appears to be unstoppered. Something is fishy (maybe). I recently dealt with two other agencies in Trenton, for an estate and for citizenship. The estate transaction took about 3 months for two forms to go back and forth, and we were told the other issue would take ONE to TWO YEARS. The reason, of course is DA VARRIS.
  6. My wife and her friend recently got their FPID cards and purchase permits around TWO WEEKS after getting fingerprinted. This is a record for Newton, for us. Is this the new normal for NJ? My brother lives in S. Jersey, claims it took 4 months last time he tried to buy a handgun.
  7. You mean like on purpose to f**k things up?
  8. Thanks Nick. This is a very nice upgrade, most unexpected. Somebody in Trenton must have caught The Plague and lost their sense of smell to allow this outrage.
  9. Just got notice that the Flatbrook WMA has been upgraded, "up to 30 caliber." I'm assuming this does not include handguns (I don't remember if they allowed rimfire handguns), correct? Also, a Mosin is sort of 30 caliber. Yes? How about an SKS (7.62x39)?
  10. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Oh baby that's nice. What kind of coverage does it give you in terms of bands?
  11. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    I hope and pray you do not have to convince anybody lacking a Y chromosome that you need to put that thing up. My wife gets anxiety attacks when I show her pictures of antennas.
  12. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Is anyone planning anything for Field Day this year? The NJ clubs are limited to at-home operating. I'm thinking of going up to Stokes or High Point. Anyone is welcome to join me but be forwarned: I will NOT be social distancing or wearing a mask. I'd also be interested in joining a club that is holding a normal FD without the infection fetish. I hung out with some hams at the Matamoras gun range a few years back, I think it was FD 2016, and it was enjoyable.
  13. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    I didn't say don't stockpile ammo. After what happened during the Great Ammo Shortage you'd be foolish not to load up. But emergency food, emergency ammo, emergency anything by definition means that you have more than you need. Unless you're in combat you will not shoot more than a couple of hundred zombies during armageddon. Isn't there like a personal rapture that occurs after you've killed the 50th zombie?
  14. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    The problem with 27 mhz (CB band) is you need a pretty long antenna. I have a handheld CB but I've never spoken to anyone on it. 30cal is right if you use 27 mhz as your base station and UHF/vhf for handheld/portables. Your family and friends will do a lot of eye-rolling if you try to get them into this. Believe me I've tried. Plus unless you and yours belong to a band of nomadic gather-hunters or a professional hiking group the occasions in which any radio beyond WalMart walkie talkies will be of use are almost nonexistent. I understand though that prepping is an end in itself, a hobby, a way of life. How many rounds of ammo do you have? Any chance on God's Green Earth, even if we were in a civil war, that you'd use more than 100 or so before you bit the dust? Like stockpiling ammo for Armageddon ham radio It's fun, it's cozy, it's a fraternity, but in the long run probably not that useful.
  15. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Are you still a ham, Dolly?
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