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  1. You mean like on purpose to f**k things up?
  2. Thanks Nick. This is a very nice upgrade, most unexpected. Somebody in Trenton must have caught The Plague and lost their sense of smell to allow this outrage.
  3. Just got notice that the Flatbrook WMA has been upgraded, "up to 30 caliber." I'm assuming this does not include handguns (I don't remember if they allowed rimfire handguns), correct? Also, a Mosin is sort of 30 caliber. Yes? How about an SKS (7.62x39)?
  4. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Oh baby that's nice. What kind of coverage does it give you in terms of bands?
  5. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    I hope and pray you do not have to convince anybody lacking a Y chromosome that you need to put that thing up. My wife gets anxiety attacks when I show her pictures of antennas.
  6. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Is anyone planning anything for Field Day this year? The NJ clubs are limited to at-home operating. I'm thinking of going up to Stokes or High Point. Anyone is welcome to join me but be forwarned: I will NOT be social distancing or wearing a mask. I'd also be interested in joining a club that is holding a normal FD without the infection fetish. I hung out with some hams at the Matamoras gun range a few years back, I think it was FD 2016, and it was enjoyable.
  7. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    I didn't say don't stockpile ammo. After what happened during the Great Ammo Shortage you'd be foolish not to load up. But emergency food, emergency ammo, emergency anything by definition means that you have more than you need. Unless you're in combat you will not shoot more than a couple of hundred zombies during armageddon. Isn't there like a personal rapture that occurs after you've killed the 50th zombie?
  8. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    The problem with 27 mhz (CB band) is you need a pretty long antenna. I have a handheld CB but I've never spoken to anyone on it. 30cal is right if you use 27 mhz as your base station and UHF/vhf for handheld/portables. Your family and friends will do a lot of eye-rolling if you try to get them into this. Believe me I've tried. Plus unless you and yours belong to a band of nomadic gather-hunters or a professional hiking group the occasions in which any radio beyond WalMart walkie talkies will be of use are almost nonexistent. I understand though that prepping is an end in itself, a hobby, a way of life. How many rounds of ammo do you have? Any chance on God's Green Earth, even if we were in a civil war, that you'd use more than 100 or so before you bit the dust? Like stockpiling ammo for Armageddon ham radio It's fun, it's cozy, it's a fraternity, but in the long run probably not that useful.
  9. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Are you still a ham, Dolly?
  10. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Yes, but cell phones don't have those cute antennas any more,, or curse in Chinese 4 years ago I was on my way home from the Middletown hamfest, on Rte. 84 heading west, when my serpentine belt blew. It was a beautiful day and I was able to hit three repeaters from where I was, plus 146.520 and 446000, the VHF and UHF calling frequencies. So I called, and called, and called for about 30 minutes. I even tried "SOS" a couple of times. Nada. Luckily my phone was charged. Ten minutes after turning the expensive handheld off I was in a tow truck headed for the nearest open mechanic. Any ham who brags about "emergency" or SHTF operation is presenting a very optimistic picture of the hobby's capabilities. There simply aren't enough people on the air. I used to take my handheld everywhere, but after several years of going to big metro areas without making a single contact, I now leave it home. PS last summer during a 9 day road trip my only QSO (contact) was verbal. A fellow ham at a tourist site saw my callsign hat and said hi. That was it for having my radio on several hours every day.
  11. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    A repeater merely REPEATS the signal, thereby doubling (approximately) the distance over which you can communicate. No unlicensed radio allows you to talk to anyone more than a few miles away. An exception is during rare "openings" when you can hit stations hundreds of miles away on 2m, 10m, 11m (cb). Counting on your friends and/or family to get licensed is a very, very bad bet. They won't, you'll be disappointed, and they won't invite you over for Ramadan next year. Listening is very easy. They sell scanners but I know nothing about them, other than they're expensive. Hershey park: Use inexpensive GMRS. Your kids, your uncle, will NOT get licensed no matter how much you think you like ham radio. They will not. I believe some GMRS radios have scrambling capability but ham radios do not. Everything you say on the ham bands is public. Anyone anywhere can listen in. Obscuring the meaning of your transmissions is illegal.
  12. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Great observations, Cecil. It's difficult to gauge sentiment of 120-130 local hams on this but from a recent poop-storm initiated by me on one of their mailing lists, it's obvious that most are still uncomfortable with lifting restrictions. Your demographic profile was spot on: men in their mid-late 70s with multiple health issues, retired. I was originally surprised (again, still operating in the Left-Right paradigm) but now I'm understanding the dynamics of opening a bit better. Fear is more powerful a motivator than sex, and I have been as guilty as anyone. Two months ago I was cleaning off every blueberry with concentrated sulfuric acid to remove viruses. CR is my range as well. If you'd ever like to swap viruses -- I mean implements of death -- I mean shoot my Ultimate Revolver Collection while CW'ing with Vlad from Romania -- let me know.
  13. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    In SHTF situations local communications are all that will be needed. You'll be hard pressed to get food or water from the guy in Albania you talk to on your "big" radio. CB is ideal for local communications, as are 2m, 70cm. The 70cm band includes the FRS and GMRS frequencies. EESEE, look into CB radio! One other point: ham radio is practically dead. The local clubs don't do much related to radio. They try but the membership is old and ailing. Many of these fine people have served amateur radio for 50 years, and they are tired. Can't blame them really as getting newbies to study and learn is an uphill battle. Takes 2 to tango. I discovered something very interesting this past week about hams. I used to say that politically, hams were further to the right than 2A groups. On the matter of reopening, though, many old hams appear to be still quite fearful. Individuals who normally say "all the right things" politically, who usually operate on facts and numbers, are being extra cautious, even deferential, to the forces that would incarcerate us for going to the barber but not for burninig down the barber shop. I originally bristled at this inconsistency but my position is now, "let him who is without irrational fear cast the first stone." I hate crowded elevators and once took a cab from downtown Manhattan to Hoboken because the crowded Path train gave me an anxiety attack. I have not been in an airplane in 20 years. I will no longer visit New York City. On and on. What are you afraid of?
  14. Newtonian

    Ham radio

    Eesee, It sounds like GMRS or FRS is the way you should go. These radios provide pretty good range, probably more than you'll ever need. I once stood on a ridge in Stillwater (Sussex county) and was able to reach stations in Long Island on UHF, which is the frequency range for GMRS, FRS, and some ham activity. I would not bother getting a ham licence, however. The technician class license is relatively easy to get but the only privileges it grants is repeaters, which are dead as doornails. You also have limited privileges in another band that is also quite dead. My advice is to get a name brand walkie talkie, specifically designated for GMRS, which allows higher power than FRS. Buy at least two and experiment in your preferred locations, see what it does for you. I believe you will be able to modify these radios for higher performance but I'm not sure about that. Now, if you want a taste of ham radio you can program the OUTPUT frequencies ONLY for local repeaters into your Baofeng. Repeaters are stations that receive on one frequency and transmit on a different one. The reasons are unimportant, but you'll be able to listen in on repeater chatter. The only problem is that NOBODY is on the repeaters. You could wait a very long time before you hear humans. Maybe a better way for you to get your feet wet is to buy a used "shortwave" receiver and listen in on the amateur bands. You could also buy an inexpensive amateur radio for this but you will NOT be authorized to transmit on that radio. If you have any more questions we are happy to help. P.S. I do not believe the store you mentioned will be able to help. Get your help from hams here first. If you are serious we will provide additional resources as your knowledge and interest grow. They may or may not!!
  15. I must have received a dozen notifications of range reopenings, which I welcome as heartily as I do emails from Oroho informing me that there's a coronavirus flying around, and from Allstate that "no action is required." I'm sure there'll also be so much patting on the back, both genuine and self-inflicted. Just like the announcement that retail was reopening. If by reopening they mean we can still order online but now we have to wait in a 40 minute line to pick up our CUOMO for PRESIDENT boxer shorts. Guys, the ranges are not open until we can enter the premises as free people taking whatever precautions we ourselves have decided are appropriate, up to and including staying home. Until then we are beholden and (willingly) subservient to the various connivers operating behind the scenes to grant us a tiny sliver of our rights in return for shutting up. Somebody please show some testosterone.
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