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  1. The latest issue of the ANJRPC bulletin included an article on NRA's efforts to get out the vote for this year's gubernatorial election. They have three grassroots field reps, including the author of the article. If you can tear yourselves away from polishing your blue guns for a few hours this fall I suggest sending NRA-ILA NJ Grassroots coordinator Christian Ragosta an email and volunteering. Christian's email address is cragosta@nrahq.org.
  2. I've only taken it out twice. It's a great gun -- very accurate, almost no recoil -- but IMO a bit over-built. (Note I am not an expert on guns). Plus the week after I bought it the manufacturer had a sale In retrospect I should have waited for a more retro-style with a milled receiver and a wood stock, which is more my style as an SKS enthusiast. I've seen tons of ads for AK-style rifles lately. It's a buyer's market. Ask around the forums for testimonials.
  3. I don't pretend to understand what goes on in Congress. I do know there's a reason it hasn't come up yet for a vote. Does my point...fail because the premise was wrong? Do you think a congressman in Nebraska believes that his constituents traveling to Camden is a big issue? Or that he gives a crap that the only way I can carry is by getting an out of state permit? What is your explanation for no vote?
  4. Put yourselves in the Republicans' shoes for a moment. 94% come from states that grant carry permits in one form or another. 86% are from "shall issue" states. They don't get elected by us or Marylanders or Hawaiians, but by their constituents. Reciprocity won't help their voters nearly as much as it will help us. This is one bill on their agenda.
  5. If you had a brain you'd be dangerous. Please take up another hobby before you hurt someone.
  6. It's called having an opinion, right or wrong, backed up with facts. Something that's totally alien to some people. LOL OMG.
  7. Let me get this straight: NRA "bailed" on New Jersey, 24 years ago no less, but you still defend them and send them money every year. Your debating style is interesting. You purposely misquote other posters in a pathetic attempt at humor. When you are called on it you snap like a chihuahua, then create a fanciful narrative out of various "clues" you dig up -- secret signs -- then tie it all together with a false historical analysis. I hear CNN has an opening in its Conspiracy Dept.
  8. 1) I have donated to the forums once or twice. Ops? If someone would send me a reminder I'd send them $$ once a year. They don't. I have other things on my mind. 2) Nothing to do with perception or brains or superiority or anything. I understand you're trying to be funny. I also tried explaining nicely what you are doing when you "edit" someone else's post. You refuse to understand. I turned the tables on you once -- did you like it? 3) I have been banned and reprimanded 3-4 times for expressing certain opinions outside the proper forum. I agree most of the times with the Ops and sometimes not but I respect that it's their forum not mine. Let him who is without sin lob the first grenade. 4) I tell it like I see it, which is the point of an open, public forum. When Mr. Roubian was wrong IMO I wrote as much. Tell me how did that recall go? Did your ugly t-shirt dry yet? When he published my address and phone number I called him out on that, as did several others. When he wrote an excellent opinion piece and did good things a few months back I praised him like I would a $7,000 cocker spaniel. Roubian has thick skin and can defend himself. 5) As for the NRA I'm not the only person here who has asked WTF they have done for us in this state. I pay dues and range fees to ANJRPC and am more or less happy with them. Scott Bach is doing a nice job under horrible circumstances. The New Hampshire non-resident permit for NJ residents was worth more to us than the whole F-ing NRA and its sanctimonious president have done in 20 years. If you don't like my posts do what I have done with one particularly obnoxious individual -- make him invisible. Also realize that when you post something here anybody in the world can see it, and all forum members have a right to comment on it. If you don't like that you can instead scribble your pearls of wisdom on toilet paper and flush them.
  9. You can jump in a lake with them Zeke.
  10. It's between you and the poster you purposely and childishly misquoted. You can both jump in a lake for all I care.
  11. You didn't learn your lesson, did you?
  12. I see no difference between these two types of scumbag. Anyone who breaks into someone's house while the resident is home deserves to be shot, for the simple reason that whether they are armed or not, a teen or a career criminal, they know they often must harm whoever is home to get away with their crap. A part of me rejoices, therefore, when I read about such shootings, and my heart sinks when I hear the perp survived. That is not the point of this discussion, however. I don't know your personal history, if you did 7 tours in Afghanistan or just watch a lot of Charles Bronson movies. I do know that stronger men than you, fighting for causes as noble as your dream scenario of shooting a burglar, have been deeply affected by having to kill other members of the Homo sapiens tribe. The mods for this forum are good, fair-minded guys. They've let me slide a few times for using dicey language outside of the 1A Lounge. But they (and all of us) should take note that comments like yours reflect much worse on our gun culture than any 4 letter word, any slur of gays or blacks, any disparaging reference to a particular scumbag who happens to have been a NJ U.S. Senator.
  13. It's a miracle Trump has accomplished anything given the unprecedented level of shit he's taking. I give him a B+. The last president IMO with that high a rating was Eisenhower. His speech in Warsaw was, even with the military crap, the best speech by a US president in many decades. He has a set of brass ones that will not bust. I'm proud of him. Conservatives are against reciprocity because of federalism, which is a cute little charade. The natural or God-given right to self defense is codified in the 2nd Amendment, a Federal document. So IMO the feds have every right to intercede when regulation, which I believe in (but less and less when it comes to 2A), becomes persecution, confiscation, and outright denial. I see the upcoming election as another opportunity to recruit 1 million voters going to waste. Where is the NRA on this? You guys give them money every year to take credit for stuff they didn't do in other states. While you're writing your discounted lifetime membership check do you ask what they've done for us besides sanction training that you can't use or could otherwise get without their blessing? Minus the signet ring and faux enameled eagle-encrusted knife of course.
  14. So you don't think that killing someone will stir up at least as much in you as the last time you tossed and turned over...whatever, someone denting your car perhaps?
  15. You think you're confused? I mixed your post up with Ray Ray's. BTW Ray, I love your necklace.