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  1. I hope we're just being paranoid here and not predicting the future. I, for one, would have difficulty shooting an 8" target at 75 freaking feet with any consistency. Maybe with my ruger .22 semiauto, but probably not with any serious self defense weapon. There is virtually no real-life situation I'm likely to find myself in, except perhaps a contest or a new career as a hired assassin, that would require that kind of accuracy at 25 yards, with a handgun. AFAIK no other "shall issue" state requires CCL holders to demonstrate police-level skills. It's certainly not in that old white male-inspired document, the conster...conflat...I forget what they call it it's been so long. I have a sneaky suspicion, however, that in this state the ranges will lobby hard for long, anally painful training requirements, as will our "friends" the hero sandwiches in law enforcement. We should do everything we can to uncover any back-alley dealings between NJ Gun, Inc., cops, and our crooked, craven, reliably mentally ill legislature. For the last two and a half years I have made an art form out of transferring people from the "friend" to "asshole" category. I'm itching to switch a few more sacred cows.
  2. I recall that upstate NY State applicants have had good success with "For all legal purposes" without mentioning anything specific.
  3. See what I mean? https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/2022/06/i-wanted-kill-them-jury-finds-times-square-car-daniel-greenfield/ We have no legal system or justice system, only insanity. Anything can happen here.
  4. Maybe the only good news I've heard in almost three years. However, I recall a conversation I had with my NRA instructor when I first got involved in this. "We will NEVER, EVER, EVER get CC in this state." "But what about flipping the legisl..." "NEVER HAPPEN" "But what about a federal court ru..." "WE WILL NEVER HAVE CONCEALED CARRY in NEW JERSEY, PERIOD!" "Well let's say the Supreme Cou..." "##$*(&#$ (first Amendment Lounge utterances) the $#*(*&$# and your $*(*&#$#$ ..." Yes the Supreme Court has ruled, but we now live in a post-truth, post-reality, post-justice world. The USA no longer exists as we believed it did three years ago. I would not be surprised if NY and NJ simply ignored this ruling, either by continuing to bust our 'nads over issues like bathrooom trips and coffee stops, or by passing such draconian licensing requirements as to make the SCOTUS decision moot.
  5. It has been a very long time since the SC operated as you mention. I'm not a legal scholar but my guess is it NEVER was free of partisanship, not even when G. Washington roamed the earth. Roe v. Wade was a political decision, for example, that had absolutely nothing to do with any law or constitution. What is a split decision anyway? It's two factions of "the top legal minds" (or at least 9 individuals who attended very expensive law schools) looking at plain facts, at plainly written laws, at the body of constitutional whatever over 250 years, and coming up with diametrically opposed positions.
  6. An appropriate edit, especially in light of those BRAVE HEROS in Texas who sat outside checking their flashlight battery levels while children were inside the school being murdered. What do you think the odds are of a cop in YOUR town doing the same if god forbid your child was in a similar circumstance? "Never here in Outer Whitelandia! I'm friends with the chief! They're all Iraq vets! They approved my unconstitutional purchase permit in just 14 weeks!" There's a word or two for individuals who only pick on people weaker than they, on people who have no chance to fight back.
  7. The only entity that is screwed royally is US. We had a president and both houses just 3-1/2 years ago. What came of it? It will take something like a nuclear war or alien invasion to make a lot of conservatives wake up and realize that neither party, and NONE of our traditional heroes, can or even would lift a finger to save us. Note how many cops stood watching with their fingers up their dick-holes two summers ago as the country burned. Just as the Democrats live on myth and fake reality, so do we. Our myths are just as ludicrous as theirs. We are coming backwards.
  8. There can be no challenges to SCOTUS rulings. What will instead occur is NJ and NY will institute clearly unconstitutional (and anti-ruling) training or financial requirements, which will have to be litigated, which will take time...unless the ruling somehow warns states not to f**k around. If anyone who knows the application process decides to start that thread, please notify us here.
  9. I must have been asleep for the past several years. Can anyone take that live fire course? Do you have any other info or links?
  10. Has anyone posted a strategy for applying for NJ CC in the event of a favorable ruling? Should we have an application ready to submit?
  11. I get bad vibes when I see posts like this. In the past they've been harbingers of disappointment. Just sayin'.
  12. It's possible to get a gun almost anywhere in the world. It's very hard in China and N. Korea, ok, but gun ownership is very high in Canada, former Yugoslavia, Uruguay, Russia, Yemen (!), Switzerland, Germany. You can pull strings almost everywhere except the two countries mentioned and get a gun. The world is SWIMMING in guns. The white US population has approximately the same murder rate as northern Europe; even US blacks have LOW rates (though much higher than US whites') compared with Africans in the rest of the world. Yet we have these god-awful incidents. Do we have more crazy people? It's unlikely given we are a melting pot and demographically mirror the rest of the world, more or less, and we are still richer than most countries. What gives? 1. We take more drugs, especially mood altering drugs 2. We have a horrendous, profit-driven medical (and mental health) system whose mission is not to heal but to sell drugs -- doctors are pretty much salesmen for pharma and expensive procedures 3. Our government is out of control and is run by psychopath enforcers owned by mega-corporations Any other ideas?
  13. The plot to kill JFK was ongoing and active for months before he was killed. There was an incident in Chicago and one in Florida, where killers were waiting. Kennedy cancelled a trip to one of those places -- Oliver Stone explains. The (conspiracy) theory was that Kennedy was resisting a buildup in VietNam that his generals (and Eisenhower, the author of "military industrial complex" - Ha!) were pushing for. 60 years later I can think of only 10 years or so when we were not either in a hot war or a proxy war. The "loony right" view JFK as a martyr. Our alphabet agencies, including some allegedly tasked with law enforcement, have an endless supply of disaffected, perpetually offended, idealistic, not-too-bright recruits to play with. They have infiltrated every organization and groom the nuttiest from among their membership. Then there's the constant drum of media inciting hatred based on race, religion, sexual orientation, anything. The recruits come out of the woodwork and do their thing, whether it's a mass shooting or some other mayhem, which is immediately exploited by the media and elected officials. This past month our friends in Washington enjoyed a bumper crop. I'd like to know, for example, how the asshole in Texas got $4000 to spend on firearms when I, who can afford a $2300 rifle, still scour the mil surp ads for bargains. Why the cops showed such brazen cowardice (and are getting away with it even as we wave or "thin blue line" flags). How he got away with his social media posts when I'd be kicked off instantly for posting the same stuff. I'd also like to know why we spend 10s of BILLIONS on NATO when a s******e country like Ukraine is supposedly beating Russia. All we needed, after all, was Ukraine, right?
  14. I'm not a lawyer or a mind reader. Assuming they will rule on Roe v. Wade in the manner suggested by the recent leak, however, I see a similar originalist (albeit mirror-image) argument. Abortion is not explicitly mentioned or even implied, so they correctly saw no constitutional right. That position would/will be gutsy. "Shall not be infringed" is literally in the document, and would require a similar level of intestinal fortitude. On the other hand we've just had three high profile shootings, probably all groomed by the alphabet agencies. It was pretty obvious that either the cops are total pussies, which was amply demonstrated two summers ago as they watched the country burn, or they were ordered not to enter the building. Either way contributes to the general Twilight Zone look and feel of modern America. The only thing police protect and defend these days are their salaries, benefits, their sick day accruals, and the guys in the dayglo yellow holding "SLOW" and "STOP" signs at construction sites.
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