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  1. We are also planning to purchase out of state property. But for us it's a feel-good solution that doesn't accomplish a goddamn thing. I can carry a gun for a couple of years, before I'm either a cripple or judged mentally incompetent. Everything else that's wrong with the USA continues.
  2. the 11th is Frelinghuysen's district. He's apparently under pressure to vote for and against the reciprocity bill. He should abstain or vote against it if he doesn't want his seat to switch over to a Hillary-type Democrat. We lost Scott Garrett up here in the 3rd because the "Tea Party" decided to weaken Garrett by challenging him with a used car salesman. Our reward: we had the most conservative congressman in washington. Now we have a former Clinton speechwriter.
  3. Forget apologies. This is a forum. I have issued the only 3-4 apologies I've ever read here. When I don't know shit, which is often, I say it. But AFAICS everyone else is an f-ing expert. F with a capital F the f-ing NRA. They're a business that aims for the 6 foot targets 10 feet away and usually hits them. They have never done anything for NJ. And don't forget: never clean your guns in a room where you also store ammo. Physics, schmizics.
  4. Abstemious(ly). Looked it up I'll address some points Rosey has made as well. YUGE difference between answering a question, explaining the law, and actually ratting on someone or telling them they're going to prison or hell or whatever. YUGE. Some people are natural born "lawyers." They love the nitty gritty, the fine print. A section of their brain is devoted to such things. That doesn't necessarily make them "narcs." Everybody in this forum obeys these silly laws to the extent that they are comfortable doing so. Some follow them religiously, others don't. Someone "up there" recently confided to me that he couldn't care less if I carried a gun in public without a NJ permit. Yet this person follows the law to the letter and if you asked this person about the law he/she will recite chapter and verse, almost verbatim. I see no contradiction, not a hint of hypocrisy. You don't put a gun to your head and squeeze the trigger for fun because you're 100% sure it's not loaded do you? I mean unless you inhabit a fantasy universe you can prove 100% it's not loaded so why not joke around like that? Because the consequences of being wrong, however ridiculously small those odds may be, are pretty horrible. Spending 10 years getting ass raped is pretty f-ing horrible as well. So even though the odds are overwhelming that nobody will know, and you won't get 10 years even if they do, it's reason enough -- at least in a public forum -- to be a pussy about such things.
  5. Down Simba. I've posted about 5x as much as you have. This issue is 6th or 7th on my list of dislikes. Not everyone, particularly newbies, is aware that certain things have posted 300 times already. If one person doesn't know the bizarre laws regarding HPs it's a good bet 15-20 people don't know or remember. I don't remember them fully myself so I rely on a decision I made very early on which is simply not to buy hollow point ammo. If you think a thread titled, "Can I Drive Around With My 10/22 Unloaded In the Trunk" is lame DON'T READ IT. But don't tell 20 year old Joey Ninefinger Mozzarella from Bayonne that he can't ask, and Wise Glockbuggerer from Gutenberg that he can't respond.
  6. You're like the 3rd person who writes this. Other than Roubian, whose forum bruises were IMO self-inflicted, I don't recall any others. Rosie posts here frequently. PO6 used to post here even though they got dumped on quite a bit. I don't see how ANJRPC would benefit from posting here, say through Scott Bach. I heard Anthony Colandro was mad about something too but I didn't catch what it was. What exactly do you expect people in their position to do in the forums?
  7. I think you're being a bit harsh on posters. It's safe to say nobody who posts here regularly knows all the NJ gun laws or narcs on anybody. Nothing wrong with asking, or if you know for sure for explaining. That's part of the reason these forumns exist. Everybody takes the law, whether it be guns or anything else, to their comfort level. Just about every hobby has rules that some people think are silly. Given the worst consequences of screwing up in NJ (jail) or anywhere else (death) it's not totally nutso to be concerned with the rules.
  8. All I can say to all you freedom-fighting pro-2A three corner hat-wearing patriots is to pick the strongest Republican candidate and support him or her throughout the primaries and elections. Let's please avoid the travesty that occurred in my congressional district when some misguided souls sought to damage the most conservative congressman in Washington by trumpeting a snake oil salesman. Happy with that one guys? For what it's worth my pick is Kim Guadagno. She's not perfect but she has the best chance among Republicans of winning.
  9. You're not a full member yet. As a newbie you only have a 5-post allowance. To increase your total please send me cash, check, or money order for $259.99 for a six-month Exclusive Membership. Add $200 for permission to ask questions on behalf of elderly friends. For my address PM me or Art Roubian.
  10. I don't get this post but whatever.
  11. It's easier to view the states as belonging to 4 categories: 12-13 2A carry states, 3 non-issue states, 3 restricted issue states, and 30-31 shall-issue. The differences between these categories is much much greater than anything within each group. The deal is, after all, "the right to keep and bear arms." "Shall not be infringed," well, I know what "infringed" means but lawyers wouldn't have jobs if they didn't stir things up. That's why mag limits, while (in my view) unconstitutional, are a lot less of an infringement than not being able to carry at all. As far as NJ goes gun control is in our state DNA. You get a shot of the virus at birth. It takes to varying degrees.
  12. I feel for everybody who commits suicide but there's a reason it's the only sin a reasonable person can commit that the Catholic Church defines as unforgivable. Let's be charitable and say unforgivable in most circumstances. You're killing somebody's brother, father, husband, somebody's self. And a gun guy adding to an already grim statistic...now that's unforgivable.
  13. I can't relate a single instance. Can you name me one person who was convicted of murder in the last six months? I'm only being 95% facetious, as you can look up the murders. Point is that shit happens, and if it happens the wrong way you lose your liberty and a good chunk of your life. It's terrorism. I've raised the same kind of question about firearm sales and transfers. If there's no registration who's to tell? That's the surest way to end a thread on NJ Gunforums.
  14. You can carry an unloaded long gun with you anywhere. You can even dangle it out the car window according to Nappen, who does not guarantee you will not subsequently perish in a hail of bullets from the next NJ cop who sees you. You cannot keep a handgun or hollow point ammo in your car unless you are specifically traveling between exempt locations. Belonging to a club helps if you're stopped and you tell the cop you're on the way to the range or gunsmith. Supposedly you can make short, necessary, reasonable stops but the distinction between short, necessary, and reasonable and long, unnecessary, and unreasonable is up to the arresting officer and judge. You're right, and the same is true for leaving it at a relative's house. The 5-10 year sentences make pussies of us all.
  15. The redesign is visually pleasing. Unfortunately I haven't figured out the equivalent of "new content". Your 14 minute video was a nice feature but the sound is so low I can't hear it. So are postings up or down since the change? My guess: -25%.