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  1. Yep... but im my mind there's no doubt they had the material written already. They just folded it into the Parkland story to fit their agenda and to use this Hogg idiot's new found notariety.
  2. Oh boo-hoo....So sad for ole Zeke...he got's him a woman who knows about, likes, builds and uses firearms. I just don't know how you do it. Must be hard on you to have a spouse that enjoys shooting...that doesn't get mad when you bring a new gun home AND gets you a sweet SIG220 for your bday....wow. Hang in there man....I feel for you. Oh and the color scheme on her AR..yeah that's muscle. You know I'm right
  3. i can send a box too....or two labels ...one for the pellet bag and one for the others
  4. i'll take them....all Can i send you a PM with info. And can i send you a shipping label (ups) instead of driving?
  5. self imposed break over??? #revivezekeformod cuz @bighungrysaidso
  6. I actually teared up when I heard this... Bourdain is someone I grew to respect immensely, while politically we are opposites, his talent as both a chef and a TV personality is something I will greatly miss. His shows were profound, meaningful and entertaining. It took a while for me to grow enough to appreciate his work but, simply put...the caliber of the chefs who called him friends and his culinary pedigree is something most people in the industry aspire to have...He was friends with and respected by the likes of chefs Jose Andres, Paul Bocuse, Daniel Boulud and of course Eric Ripert He was/is a true rock star chef. Too soon chef, too soon. RIP Chef Bourdain. You are missed.
  7. You gotta clean that thing too?.... Anyway, I don't have to clean my manhood either...I transferred ownership of that when I got married.
  8. What he said ^ Plus it comes with cool stickers. Also - Koffee Kult dark roast. Great for cold brewing for iced coffee. Excellent for french press as well. Got this on amazon subscribe and save as it's the daily brew for me and Mrs. Hungry. https://www.amazon.com/Koffee-Kult-Roast-Coffee-Beans/dp/B00PV4FG3Q?th=1
  9. Government front. Federal LEOs posing as "gun cleaners" with the intent to ascertain the type, quantity and legality of your personal firearms as well as any other glenable information pertinent to their end goal of complete confiscation and the disarmament of the American people. Clear as day folks....what?.....you don't see it? Open your eyes people. My double layer tin foil hat is securely in place. Anyway, I don't clean my guns....I don't have any.
  10. I guess that's better than an itchy pole. I spend no money yearly....I have no guns.
  11. You guys practice?.......
  12. If only that was true......sigh.