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  1. Not even @Zekeis that horny.
  2. Shoot it!.....Because meat shortage.
  3. Very true.....Kinda like a fungus...he grows on you. @Zeke truly is a good guy....though it took me awhile to become fluent in his particular dialect of retardese. Also I won't mention that the last time I shot (a slightly modified) Glock, it was a tack driver. Some of my best groups were with that gun. It made me want to buy one, but if i bought it, she'd be that one ugly girl with the group of hot chicks.. i'd have to spend considerable money to make her up enough to take out occasionally.
  4. I'll tag along. HK-VP9 and multiple M&P 9 flavors available to try.
  5. but goddamn they're ugly.
  6. Meh, except if we're shooting wheel guns.... If you happen to be in the area....I'm ready when you are for Bristol when things open back up
  7. iTarget pro. https://www.itargetpro.com/ Its fine for what it is....front sight acquisition and trigger pull. Obviously it's better than Zeke's system.....you know.....cuz I'm better than @Zeke #HKMuscle But the iTarget system is cheap and effective.
  8. Update: Picked up permits from local PD on friday 4/24 Interesting side note - these are not the usual 90 day permits- they are good for 180 days as marked off and signed by the chief of police. All three are good for 180 days, strange but not complaining.
  9. Grammar/spelling aside......i thought it was funny.
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