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  1. https://news.thomasnet.com/featured/what-s-a-mustang-inspired-electric-suv?utm_content=featuredvideo&position=&linktype=title&channel=email&campaign_type=thomas_industry_update&campaign_name=190410&utm_campaign=190410&utm_medium=email&utm_source=thomas_industry_update&tinid=221928953 This is why i'll never own one. An abomination of mixed parts and failed ideas.
  2. Great!...that'll be handy for those times when I'm told to go f%#$ myself.
  3. @Zeke Gets u sum fer da Mrs. Zeke - Supplement your V-day gift cache. jus sayin.
  4. Ok... that was funny. Now I'm going to Chick-Fil-A Thanks for that.
  5. I will not comply. BradMax- Beyond Thunderdome.
  6. Like 10 round magazines? Guess I'll need a bigger hole in the backyard.
  7. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/remington-military-law-enforcement-training-ammunition-9mm-fmj-115-grain-500-rounds?a=2168161
  8. Fuck this shithole of a sanctuary state. Fuck it right in its libtard paradise, overtaxed, nanny state asshole. 8 years max is what I have left in this piss-bag-fucktard state. Mrs. Hungry and I are fleeing as soon as she gets her 25yrs in. NJ sux, most of the people in it suck, and life sucks because of it. Also winter sucks. Cannot wait to get the hell out of here. Fuck you New Jersey.
  9. I need to fingerbang one of these soon. Got permits coming. Any volunteers?
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