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  1. Don’t call them aliens... Call them undocumented interterrestrial immigrants, the libtards will come in droves to pass out free shit.
  2. You be trippin Cowboy....uppity, pastry -eating hombre. Brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts rule.....
  3. ...and Totino's Pizza Rolls ..oh....and Pop Tarts.
  4. I just moved in. Don't knock it 'til you tried it. #roomformore
  5. Ya just got cook him a little longer that's all. His fish looks good...but I ain't touching his meat log.
  6. There is nothing about this method that is perfect. We will kneel before you?....Maybe......but it'll be so we can look you straight in the eye. Much like the amusement parks restrict @Zeke ability to ride due to his height, his "bbq skills" restrict him to the use of a crockpot. #sticktovelveetasoup
  7. Ouch AbeBROham Lincoln. Boston Market wishes. Danke Herr Pit Meister We still gotta cook something at the same function. You know...if @Zeke would just organize an event every once in a while.
  8. Small brisket, St Louis cut ribs and a pork belly (cooked half of it) Rubbed w/salt and pepper, put on the smoker at 11pm Dry brined ribs overnight, then rubbed with Bighungry's Magic Dust... Porkbelly seasoned with 50/50 ratio of Bighungy's Thrill for the Grill Rub and Magic Dust Brisket after 8 hours temp is approx 170°F, gets wrapped and liquid added, returned to the smoker to finish Ribs and belly on, brisket wrapped Belly, cut, sauced and returned to smoker on top rack to caramelize. Ribs done. Not much to say about perfection. (own horn tooted) My father in-laws late Fathers day BBQ meal. So first time doing pork belly "burnt ends" and I only made half of it....that was a mistake. I was eating those off the smoker every chance I got. So freaking delicious. Will be buying those 2 at a time from now on. Brisket was delicious - got a wee little bit dry on the long side of the flat but all of it was tender and juicy as hell and the drier pieces were saved for awesome brisket sandwiches with cheddar cheese and pickled veggies, piled on sesame rolls. Not shown in process: the porkbutt, MIL's chicken, or the twice smoked sausage.
  9. Guys....relax .....cut @Zeke a break, he's trying at least. Bless his heart. Besides I think he meant INMATE talent. Maybe his cell had a crockpot and that's what he knows.
  10. Braised rib stew in a Sweet Baby Ray's reduction. Served in a bowl freshly strained out of his crockpot.
  11. Technically I ain't a Yankee. Born in Kentucky...I'm a hillbilly. In @Zeke s BBQ world - soup spoons and spatulas abound.
  12. In honor of your return to a free state, I'll be smoking a whole packer brisket and a whole pork belly for pork belly "burnt ends" this weekend. Along with a rack of St Louis cut ribs and some split breast of chicken (for MIL). Pictures from start to finish will be posted here if I remember to take them during the stages of prep/cook. I'll take the BBQ reins in your absence. Spatulas have no place in BBQ....that's a grill tool. Silly @Zeke.
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