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  1. So that's two yeses? i'm in for now...you driving?
  2. Chew on that ya heathen hammers. END OF DEBATE THREAD LOCKED.
  3. Easy, more of everything.
  4. Good food, good meat, good God lets eat Happiest of Turkeydays to all of you!
  5. Nope Yep yep yep nope yep nope
  6. Don't tase my boy bro. But yeah I'd watch.
  7. Efff a hand thrower, nothing makes you feel more inept than throwing a wobbly lame duck that lands 12 feet in front of the shooter and watching it break on impact thusly rendering it useless for launching in the real thrower. #Wasteoforange Hand throwers should be banned from all events for the foreseeable future.
  8. what he said ^ but it's got cool furniture.
  9. Welcome. And...For the love of all things carne, it's Pork Roll... Join us in Clinton on the 10th. Shotguns n Fun!
  10. Yeah I am. Bringing clays, ammo, chair, waters... oh and a pos lefty remi 870.
  11. Many of the most loved, now mainstream, foods like soul and BBQ are derived from using cheap cuts of meat and other "disposable" parts of animals cooked by the poor and slaves. Some people (like me) choose to eat that stuff because it's good food. Find a way to cook anything delicious and people will eat it. Taste is subjective. Also @Zeke says he loves cat food.
  12. also pretty much this ^
  13. pretty much this ^^
  14. Shitty hole-in-the-wall dive in Columbus Farmers Market. "The Chicken Coop" Best around here, cash only, always busy, and they also have the best fried potato wedges I've ever had anywhere in the world. A bajillion times better than french fries. Their fried gizzards are awesome and if you never had fried gizzards - you should try them. Also stop by Kate and Al's Pizza while you are there.
  15. 2 please. Size: 2XLT