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  1. I approve this thread. Damn fine Gumbo Tex. Damn fine! Thanks!
  2. $679.00 now, went up $20 since last week. Bought it anyway....sigh.
  3. You'll definitely need their email addresses, addresses and phone numbers. They will send an email to your references that they will fill out submit online. My place of employment has never been contacted.
  4. Bighungry618

    Cz 1012

    Thanks for letting me shoot it Tex, I liked it, soft shooting i thought, ergonomic too with that funky little palm swell, my finger was perfect distance from the trigger. But reading above - maybe it was shooting soft 'cause it was dirty? Cheek wield was a tad low but probably because i'm bulky. Fairly lightweight, would like to try it with a 28" barrel to compare (also when i'm not hungover). It was nice enough for me to want one. It was indeed fun to shoot although IT did miss a lot of clays.
  5. Addias Climalite.....moisture wicking. only undies I wear. For those few times I actually wear any.
  6. I was yesterday - it was hot as balls...I had to bend over and pick up a few shells that I dropped, like downward dog for a minute until I saw @Displaced Texan walking behind me. You know those boat guys...any port in a storm and such.
  7. A meat pocket is a meat pocket. It's prison rules dawg. Crotchless just means you don't need to sag your pants in the yard.
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