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  1. So ..is that code for getting some strange?..... Ruffed Grouse?.....yeah mine likes her grouse to be real gentle like. #grousebetterhavemymoney
  2. "Masses are asses" In other words Tex, we're deplorables. #porkrolltruths
  3. First of all..."Wrap", millennial word for gringo burrito. Secondly, please ask said establishment to show you the package from whenst this meat originated, and then ask them why they insist on false advertising and deceiving the public. For shame. #taylorsham. @Mrs. Peel I and the rest of NJGF know you as a wise, fair and level headed mod. Your failure to admit the truth while blindingly obvious to all of us loosens the weight your judgement and sageness holds over these humbled masses. Say it ain't so Peel...say it ain't so.
  4. Try a Remington 870 Express Magnum Pump Leftie model with an 18" barrel and a stooopidly short LOP. Then, shoot it right handed using your dominant left eye. That's a world class clay shooting gun and superior technique that took me all of 3 minutes to master. Hell I'm almost up to 3 or 4 hits out of 25. Oh - and I know where you can one of those Remi's on the cheap.
  5. Cant believe im doing this....I agree with Zeke on this particular comment regarding poached eggs. Indeed, they are "bitchen". And poaching prevents the worst Egg Sin of all, Browning. #brownedeggsareruined.
  6. Who cares what he was thinking then? It aint Ham even when he called it Ham. Read the Bold above, He called it Ham at one time....since then Mr Taylor and his kin label it "pork roll" ergo, there is no such thing as Taylor Ham. As for your fake news photo of that box, go buy me some pork roll in that packaging from a local supermarket and present a receipt from the sale at that store on which the product is labeled taylor ham and I'll make you a PEC, apologize to all the misguided Hammers out there and refrain from ever calling it pork roll again. Deal?
  7. Respectfully I disagree. No ballot needed. The question above is invalid. It's been long established that the tubular meat product to which we refer and love, regardless of which brand it may be, is in fact "pork roll" An interesting question would be why someone would knowingly, and with disregard for the honor of their family name, choose to call pork roll - Taylor Ham.
  8. From the article: "North Jersey calls it Taylor ham, South Jersey calls it pork roll, and Central is split on the issue, though most of the Central Jersey places visited on my road trip called it pork roll. (All Taylor ham is pork roll; not all pork roll is Taylor ham.)" - Hogwash Pork roll is pork roll, Taylor ham does not exist. The parenthesized sentence would be accurate if written like this.; All Pork Roll is Pork Roll; Not all Pork Roll is Taylor Brand Pork Roll. NJ.com.....Pffft.
  9. for the love of christ man.......i'll handle wings. Smoked....not boiled #LOVESMESOMETATERSALAD!!!
  10. The guy is an obvious douche and deserves what he gets. A stripped AR15 assault bolt carrier you say?!?!?!??!!!????!!?? OMFG, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT????.....BAN IT !!! Who wants to bet that, "Police seized a semi-automatic assault handgun, a 9mm semi-automatic assault pistol with a high-capacity magazine, [and] a loaded 9mm pistol", all refers to the same pistol. I also loved the obvious slant that white male racists are the majority of those n possession of illegal scary "assault firearms". The new left agenda is; everything is racist, everyone is racist (if you're white), and all gun owners are racist and dangerous... The Racist/ Gunz-R-Bad platform of the left will be ramped up for this election cycle. Getting readers wringing their hands is exactly what is intended. Stoking the fear of the ignorant to insure candidates that share their view and agenda get elected. Beautiful.
  11. Anybody here in line to get one? https://www.thomasnet.com/insights/rezvani-debuts-apocalypse-ready-tank-xuv/?utm_content=featuredvideo&linktype=image&channel=email&campaign_type=thomas_industry_update&campaign_name=tiu190820&utm_campaign=tiu190820&utm_medium=email&utm_source=thomas_industry_update&tinid=221928953 Fully loaded its about 300K.
  12. Don't hate bro Bald is beautiful. And aerodynamic. Hey Gurl Heeeyyyy
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