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  1. Republic Bank, Free coin counter, hassle free teller experience, no account required. Used them twice for $280ish and $300ish containers worth of change.
  2. Bighungry618

    Cz 1012

    IN For Realllzz this time.
  3. Bighungry618

    Cz 1012

    Can I shoot it?
  4. What?...I suck too... Although I dry fire every night at a spot on the wall specifically focusing on maintaining a clean sight picture while executing a smooth trigger pull. I use the itarget pro system at 7 and 10 yards for other practice at home (about forty "rounds" in a session) to get a feel for where the shots are hitting "down range". Live fire is a different animal altogether. While at the range try to focus on the same techniques you are using for dry firing, concentrate on site picture and breaking the shot while maintaining site alignment and don't worry about recoil. I've also learned over time that most issues (at least mine) with pistol shooting stem from your grip on the gun....BUT... there are far better and professional shooters here that can help you....though whenever you're ready to have some fun....we can go to the range and shoot Zeke's guns to show him how to use them. #sigmuscleisbetterforbighungry. #beersandwingsafter. #HK>Sig.
  5. Wouldn't taste like anything if they used Taylor ham....
  6. Bighungry618

    Cz 1012

    Synthetic - black furniture then I'm in....I like Testicals....err um I mean tacticool
  7. Rude. I like Jiffy to be honest. Have said it before and I stick by it. While I'm more than capable of making my own and sometimes do, it's really not worth the extra work when jiffy is a fine product (although a bit sweet) that's convenient to use. Your crockpot crutch is disturbing to me @Zeke
  8. I kinda want that dishwasher.....no lie.
  9. So ..is that code for getting some strange?..... Ruffed Grouse?.....yeah mine likes her grouse to be real gentle like. #grousebetterhavemymoney
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