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  1. Tide Pod Meatloaf ..... for the millennials.
  2. Ok (step uncle) ... so using your argument above lets look at this situation again. A turkey is not a mammal, its a bird, and since Zeke used ground turkey for his meatloaf there was no '"cross contamination" of fruit and "meat". Thereby rendering the objections in this thread to pineapple touching turkey all moot points.
  3. Congrats and Thanks for what you do!
  4. @WP22 No need, Zeke forgives you. Also, and partially because your a fan of Lidia....I forgive you. How about less classic combinations like rotisserie turkey breast finished on the grill in a peach-apricot honey glaze? What say you then? That's what house Hungry had last night over grill roasted broccoli and portobello mushrooms finished VERY lightly with fresh herb infused white truffle oil and smoked sea salt. My wife knows there are two people i'd leave her for. 1. Lidia Bastianich 2. Alex Guarnaschelli.
  5. Wrong, Just like you're wrong about porkroll. Unholster that ban hammer if you wish- make me a martyr for the fruity meat followers. WRONG This is fruit and meat. You sir are guilty of said "crime". Only fast food eating, chicago style pizza loving, food neophobes, subhumans with unrefined palates and those with Ageusia would say that fruit and meat don't belong together. I feel for those unfortunate souls. i got your culinary back @Zeke.
  6. If anyone is that worried about jackbooted, brownshirted thugs kicking in your door and butt raping the cat while pilfering your illegal more-than-10-round magazines. PM me and i'll send you an address to which you can ship them... For fucks sake people....repeat this to yourself three times a day: "what magazines?" Buy one or two for anything you want to take to the range and go about your lives.
  7. Ok...That is freaking funny....seriously chuckled at that!!
  8. Nothing like a few new drills to remind yourself that you still can't hit sh*t. A second, "hand-me-down", thanks to HE for that Zeke delivered dose of reality. That being said...ballistic masturbation is soooo much more fun if you get to waste other people's ammo. Sig220 muscle. Jus sayin.
  9. Yep... but im my mind there's no doubt they had the material written already. They just folded it into the Parkland story to fit their agenda and to use this Hogg idiot's new found notariety.
  10. Oh boo-hoo....So sad for ole Zeke...he got's him a woman who knows about, likes, builds and uses firearms. I just don't know how you do it. Must be hard on you to have a spouse that enjoys shooting...that doesn't get mad when you bring a new gun home AND gets you a sweet SIG220 for your bday....wow. Hang in there man....I feel for you. Oh and the color scheme on her AR..yeah that's muscle. You know I'm right
  11. i can send a box too....or two labels ...one for the pellet bag and one for the others
  12. i'll take them....all Can i send you a PM with info. And can i send you a shipping label (ups) instead of driving?