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  1. Going to be in Fla. in March, can I apply for a non-resident permit, & if so what would I have to do? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. I'm looking to buy some .45 acp ammo
  3. Looking to buy some 17hmr ammo.
  4. Thanks guys, & sorry for the double post.
  5. Can a bore snake for a .223 be used to clean a .17hmr?
  6. Can I use a .223 bore snake to clean a .17hmr?
  7. How many times can a p2p permit be extended for 90 days?
  8. Pizza Bob is exactly correct. I bought the 250 full size thinking I would swap out all these different configurations, but not so. When you could FIND an x-change kit they would be way over priced. I love my Sig, just not happy with the way things turned out with it.
  9. Would you have either new or used, but in almost new condition? Also a price
  10. I'm looking to buy a reasonably priced Ar upper. I live in Woodbridge but will be in south Jersey all day today. Going to range 14 tomorrow morning.
  11. I've been looking for some time now for a holster for my Sig P-250 full size in .40 cal. Does any member here have a P-250 in full size? If so, which holster do you use? If not, does anyone have any suggestions? I've heard a Safariland 6378 will fit but on the web site it does show it fitting a Sig. Any suggestions?
  12. Maybe mickeyduck should try getting the tungston recoil spring & replace the plastic one. It helps with recoil & muzzle flip.
  13. You are correct, the food there is the best. I take the family there for Christmas Eve dinner, it's a ride from north Jersey, but worth the trip.
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