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  1. My range is very much open, GunForHire. Why fool around anywhere else.
  2. Never dealt with him, really good guy. OK so no experience here. Get off this board.
  3. Why are you committed to an unopened, unproven range with no track record? Plenty of alternatives where you can go now.
  4. Become a member, go to the front of the line.
  5. I was there just an hour or two before this happened and there were 6 RO's in the 25-yard range so don't know what you're talking about but it isn't reality. You can't stop stupid like this guy was.
  6. Fine by me, I pay less than half of what the rest of you do. Pays to be a member.
  7. Too bad i can't get on rtsp's website on either my phone or tablet Tire kicker. Go there. I get a great deal in person at their shop.
  8. I purchased a handgun at Ottomanelli's this week. I paid $630.00 plus $44 NJ sales tax plus $17 NICS, total of $691 for it, but before that I did plenty of research on the Internet. Gunbroker's best deal listed them for $569.00 buy it now. Then add 3% for CC fee, $17.00, then add $35 shipping, then add $50 for the FFL transfer. That totals out to $671.00. OK, in the end I paid a premium of $20.00. What I got in return was: A) ability to see and handle the gun before purchase. B) ability to ask questions in person. C) ability to walk out with my purchase. D) ability to support my LGS and E) build a relationship. This was my second purchase at Ottomanelli's. They know me by name, greet me when I walk in, and make me feel welcome.
  9. +2 for Ottomanelli's. Finally received my P2P and went in Saturday afternoon, got the phone call this morning (Monday) at 10AM, NICS approved! Thank you Gov. Christie! Had the best purchase experience when I returned tonight to pick up my handgun, greeted by the owner and 2 others by name, answered my couple of questions and felt welcome. I will definitely purchase there again. In an era of nameless Internet purchases, the one on one service was much appreciated. I will be back. Thanks!
  10. I've been to Ottomanelli's many times and have always had excellent, friendly, knowledgeable service. Absolutely no one has ever talked down to me, nor have I ever observed that behavior towards anyone else. Ottomanelli's service and selection is excellent. As far as eating at the counter, who cares? If those guys are willing to eat lunch while they work, helping their customers, I have no problem with that.
  11. Very impressed with the place, I joined on the spot.
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