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  1. My Remington 550-1 eats up CCI CB shorts as fast as I can pull the trigger , holds about 20 of them .
  2. I'm sorry Florida is full ... I hear the Carolinas are nice ? But on a real note I don't care how you do it up North ,keep all that BS stuff there please.
  3. Ok I get it nobody likes Taurus only got one response on the G2S post but this followed me home when I picked it up at the gun shop .
  4. Ordered a Taurus G2S because it was a (deal) 229.99 with 3 stripped lowers (PSA) . haven't owned a Taurus in years. Anyone have any firsthand experience with them . Thinking maybe just keeping it as a boat fishing gun .
  5. I'm in Free Florida and would recommend looking up Shark Coast Tactical , they do awesome work. Plus they have a cool ass Logo .
  6. I have had 4 golf carts all electric and use one every day at work all day. Get an Ezgo 48 volt and you will get a good 4/5 years battery life .
  7. Just did 4 AR lowers, 32 dollars total . 25 dollars up to 5 guns and 7 dollars NICS . But then again i'm in the land of the free.
  8. I informed the Boss about batteries , Thanks . Found info on the other 2 mags . The are Tula 1st Rib style from the early 60s .
  9. Lunch time find 56.08 + tax 60 out the door ....... And Yes that is a Russian Slabside AK 47 Mag !!!!! Still trying to identify the other 2 .
  10. My Uncle gave me a small suitcase full of old break top revolvers and small autos . some I put in safe but most are non-working . Im thinking of finding old adverting for them as a backdrop and do shadowboxes. Think they would make great wall art .
  11. you sir are correct , I'm actually looking to do a 9MM build so both Handguns take the same mags
  12. From house to truck and back its my bug out gun
  13. SBA3 Brace is so much better .. the blade works but.....
  14. I have had 5 or 6 encounters with LEOs over 30 years of concealed carry in FL. All of them good .
  15. go to Wal-Mart and get a cheap canvas shoe holder put it on your safe door
  16. Picked up a G43 and I really like it. Last few years been carrying a S&W 9mm Shield , great gun. Now I just need to run some ammo through the 43 and see how it performs . I've been using gold dot in my shield with no problems. Heading to range this weekend .
  17. I'm sorry, I live in a free state ....
  18. Ordered a PSA 16'' CARBINE LENGHT 5.56 NATO 1:7 M4 NITRIDE MOE UPPER-WITH REAR MBUS,BCG,&CH. 219.99 with free shipping Added a PSA lower 129.99 free shipping + 10 call in 139.99 And a PSA 36'' Single Gun Case with 7 30 round PMAGs 79.99 free shipping . Total cost 439.97 ............................
  19. Sorry Florida is full . Plus we have sinkholes, hurricanes, rednecks , Zika virus . I hear North Carolina is nice.
  20. some of the mags I had to file down just a bit ,maybe 15 of them . Im a happy camper.
  21. Look up Project Appleseed and SW M&P 15-22
  22. Tried 6 in my WASR 10/63 all of them fit perfectly .
  23. Picked up a case of 42 mags from PSA 229.99 and free shipping . That's 5.48 a mag . So far so good . Will let you know how they work after this weekend .
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