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  1. Worst thing you can say to a Southrner is how great it is back north or thats not how we do it back home !!
  2. Rohm RG10 22.short !! I keep it in a sock , thats the only way I'm ever going to hit someone with it
  3. Looks like a model 311 stevens
  4. Hand guns .22 short .22lr .380 9mm .38 .357 44mag just sold my 45 long guns .22 cb shorts .22 lr .222 .223. 5.56 9mm 44 mag 3030 sold 270 sold 3006 gave to my bro 308 shot guns 410 20 16 12 .
  5. Any gun is better then no gun . A comfortable holster is well worth the money Button fly jeans are not holster friendly Buy clothes that hide or mask outline Don't stand next to the pool Guns rust from body oils
  6. They Raffle off an AR15 every year !! Think its a Rock River AR 15 this year . Two years ago a guy from Pa. won it ... $10 bucks a ticket only 250 tickets are sold !!
  7. Down South


    Think this is my new every day CCW !! Love my Rugers ...
  8. Just want to ask how much are they getting for a NJ compliant AR upper . I made my brother a NJ compliant AR upper cost was not that much . Was thinking maybe I could have a side job making NJ compliant uppers and stocks . Any feedback would be appreciated .
  9. Just a heads up if your down here in sunny FL. In Feb.
  10. Pawn Shop find !! I have found some great buys at pawn shops over the years . And no that was the only Speed Six I have seen in years !! Thats why I jump at the price $299.99 tax was $21 NICS was $5 $325.99 out the door
  11. Really slingshots ?? Run as fast as you can 2 a free state !! I walk into a gun shop and I can buy a handgun and walk out in less then 20 min !! Get some HP ammo and a holster at walmart and Im good 2 go !! Thank GOD I live in a free state !!
  12. Down South

    Back up gun

    Just picked up a Ruger Speed Six as a back up gun for my Ruger Security Six . Picked up the Security Six about 1997 for around $200 got the Speed Six last week for $325 out the door !!
  13. What do you all carry on your person every day and how many mags ?? What kind of holster ?? and what ammo ??
  14. Ok back 2 the real world !! The one mag I carry is the one I run my (good) ammo in after about 200 /300 rounds ammo that I carry with Im confident in my ( ammo mag and gun ) I will bet my life on it and i do every day I put it on my hip !!!
  15. I carry my s&w 469 about every day ! I carry one mag !! The one in the gun.
  16. Down South

    Rare gun

    Ok my brother said I cant sell my Timberwolf 44 mag pump gun and that I have 2 give it 2 him !!
  17. Down South

    Rare gun

    I was thinking of selling my 44 pump gun. looking them up I find one or two for sale maybe. so my thing is if i cant replace it then its rare ??
  18. Down South

    Rare gun

    What makes a gun rare ?? I see guns for sale that say rare and I look them up and find 10-20-50 for sale on different gun sites. Rare ?? I dont know !! Expensive YES !!
  19. Nice hog !!! looks like you used a 30-30 ??
  20. We got this one yesterday bow hunting some public land . We got down from our tree stands about 11 and did some scouting for some new spots and ran up on about 35 + hogs from little footballs to about 250 pounds . My friend mike shot this one from about 25 yards the arrow only went in about 12in not one drop of blood but we found it about 20 yards away
  21. looks like we have some hunters from NJ coming down for some great hog hunting
  22. i will host 2 hog hunts after deer seson if anyone is interested
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