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  1. We just found (and fixed) a bug in the system. If you have laws on your watch list and had set your preferences in your control panel to be emailed when the laws were updated please log back into your control panel and update your preferences again. There was a problem in the back end code that was setting the email updates field to false no matter what you chose... sorry about the problem.
  2. Nope, no more Glocks ... we sold the last one last year. Don't know what RIch is up to any more, we don't see much of each other. On another note, we added another new feature to the site this week, Gun show reviews. They work a little differently than the FFL reviews though. Basically the reviews are 'attached' to one promoter doing a show at one venue. This way the reviews will follow that show and all new dates for that show as long as it's the same promoter and venue. And just like the FFL reviews only logged in members can add reviews, everyone can see them.
  3. We added a new feature to the site yesterday, FFL reviews. You can add your positive (and negative) experiences with an FFL by locating them from our locate FFL page: http://amgoa.org/Federal-Firearm-Licensed-Dealers and then click on the link below their information that says 'Review this FFL'. We do require membership (again 100% free) And reviewers to be logged in to add reviews, keeps the spammers and idiots from posting garbage.
  4. Truth be known I am a 1911 fan and own Kimbers (older models, new ones are crap)
  5. So as I mentioned in my introduction (over in the intros section) I wanted to come over here and try and explain this new organization as best I could. First off the 'From The Founder' page explains most of it. The basic idea is the ability to get information to all gun owners, groups etc as easily and quickly as possible. We pull all newly updated and newly added state and federal laws every morning at 2am, 7 days a week. We then look through them in the morning to make sure we didn't pull anything that wasn't gun related (keyword matching across any platform is never 100% correct). Members can mark laws they want to stay informed about by adding them to their watch list by clicking on the gold star at the top of the laws page. They can then go into their control panel and set up automatic alerts for changes to the laws on their watch list. (also your watch list is at the bottom of your control panel) Once we bring the laws in in the morning any member that has a law in their watch list that has been updated (or a new law has been added for their state or the federal government) an email is sent to them telling them what laws, what has changed and a link back to the site where they can read the updates. It is also meant to help bring groups together to fight for a cause that may not have even known the other existed. For instance, someone on this board announced a rally in, let's say, Hackettstown. The rally could be pushed out to us who can then inform other groups that are close by that may want to lend support. We would push the info out to other groups from NJ as well as eastern PA in an effort to bolster the rally. The same applies to anything else. That's the basic basic gist of it, we are adding more and more every day. If you look under the resources menu item you will notice we have listings for just about anything you might need. Once thing we intend to add over the next few months is gun shops (and reviews of them), private ranges (and again reviews of them) and some other goodies. Any questions .... I'll be glad to answer
  6. Sorry, I'm not a Glock fan either but the general vote was for a Glock (also probably the easiest one to get considering current backlogs)
  7. Sorry but in PA it's not a NICS check, it's a PICS check (PA State Police) and yeah they charge $2. Most dealers usually add on another 2 or 3 bucks. We hate it but we haven't been able to get Harrisburg to get rid of it (even though it costs the state millions ever year). To the OP, sorry to hear you had an issue over here. You should have gotten the manager right away and complained as corporate could care less. We had an issue with a person we knew in that very store where the person that checks in handguns swept him 3 times with a loaded revolver. Our friend got the manager and the person was immediately reassigned to an area where they never touched guns again.
  8. Thanks, The organization is The American Gun Owners Alliance, the thread is here: http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/53612-win-a-gen-4-glock-19-at-amgoaorg/ As soon as I get a few things done this morning I am going to post there about what we are trying to accomplish
  9. Hello there, I noticed someone posted about our new organization yesterday so I wanted to stop by and introduce myself and then explain our newly formed organization over in that thread. First off the wife and I live in the Poconos. She is a 'Jersey girl' (greatest women in the world down there) and I lived in NJ from 1977-1985. We still have family and friends in NJ and visit as often as we can but honestly the gun laws 'over the border' really bum us out so we limit our visits. We are both rights advocates and also 'open carriers' (well at least when it's warm enough). In our area we get a lot of interaction with NY & NJ people and get to 'educate' some of them once in a while when they ask about the gun laws in PA. BTW, name is Dave. Hope I can help out as much as possible with laws and whatnot
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