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  1. At your qty. You will spend more time reloading than shooting. Buying supplies in smaller qty will reduce or eliminate any savings. Reloading for competition with different weight heads that is a different story
  2. The sound may be an indication of over pressure. At 6.1gr he is pushing 1100-1200 fps. If his brass is crimped too tight, it will cause a pressure spike and likely velocity spike. Both conditions will increase the sound pressure of the report. Let him check his scale and his crimp.
  3. A progressive press with case feeder and bullet feeder will turn out 500-900 per hour, relistically. There are more advanced options if you want to spend a few thousand. Saw a listing on armslist for a full set to do 9mm,40 and 45. It in NJ.http://www.armslist.com/posts/4552787/nj-reloading-for-sale--hornady-lnl-ap---full-setup- If you want to shoot 135 to 147gr 9mm and lighter 45acp bullets, you will get the biggest benefit from reloading standard 115gr 9mm is pretty cheap. 45 is pricey in the stores.
  4. The press alone is about that price,new. All the other stuff, to actually do reloading, maybe 500 hundred more.
  5. For 9mm try Tire group or CFE pistol. For 45, Bullseye is one of the best. It is a bad idea to leave powder in a plastic powder drop. Drop a piece of dryer sheet into the powder reservoir to reduce static.
  6. I spoke to the seller - it seems that CL keeps deleting the post. Some keywords I guess. Here is the link: http://cnj.craigslist.org/tls/5145188580.html
  7. There is a complete Hornady LNL ammo plant listed on craigs list cnj. Sounds like the seller has powder and other supplies too.
  8. Dicks freehold has Winchester m22 1000rd box for 69.99 NO LIMIT. I got 2 boxes
  9. If anyone has some WST , I have 5, 1lb sealed jars of CFE Pistol that I recently purchased from Cabela's.
  10. For 9mm and 40. - great stuff. Especially for minor PF loads. Meters very well
  11. I've paid their price to get 1-2 lbs. online savings are great but the hazmat and shipping kill that if not purchasing large qty. the 5lb I got from Cabelas still came out to $28/lb. The most u save is around 0.01 per round in powder cost.
  12. Try checking with Chayenne Mountain. If they have powder in stock, they will set it aside for you. I like to order plated bullets from Extreme. Great price, low shipping, no tax, great product
  13. I aspire to "legend among Women" but to each their own.
  14. Go to bullets . com they are running a sale with flat rate shipping 10K max order.
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