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  1. golf, I'm in that class on the 28th as well. looking forward.
  2. For me personally, it's either recommendations from people I trust, or stuff I have read/watched and think will be interesting. You have to determine what you want to get from training, Ex- Are you looking to improve your fundamentals? Maybe learn how to shoot accurately on the move, Maybe you feel you are interested in increasing your proficiency in transitions from rifle to pistol. Once you determine what you want to accomplish, then look for a quality instructor that will provide the help in these skills. It isn't hard to flush out a quality instructor, from a guy who is just stealing money, and is a bit of a clown, ( see the florida guy who shot himself post in the forums for an example of who NOT to attend). I would also pay attention to guys that have a lot of time behind the gun, on this forum guys like High Exposure do this all the time, I would expect you will get sound advice if you listed to who he is training with, or has. I think he even mentioned, try and take a class that pushes you out the comfort zone, but isn't way advanced, it will keep you learning, and not overwhelmed. The reason a few of us mention Joe at Sight and Triggers is, he offers a lot of info for the money, is local, and actually watches your fundamentals, and will give you things he see's to work on. Other classes are guys reading off of lesson sheets, and not really offering any guidance, just giving you drills to do. I echo the issue with Alias, they consistently over book classes, and there is nothing worse then 18 to 25 students in a class with one instructor, and maybe one assistant. Classes should have a solid 1 teacher to 3 or 4 students, if they intend to give everyone solid feedback. Inevitably, you will have that one student who is either way novice, or worse, unsafe, and the instructor will have to spend all the time watching this person and ends up neglecting the rest of the class. YMMV, but this is what I have witnessed.
  3. Checko, keep us posted on the carbine II, I have been eyeing it as well. been good to see some of the guys on this board in person.
  4. +1 Joe is gtg. Looking to do more with him this year. Although, like HE said, Proctor is also on a short list.... Were did I put that winning lotto ticket again?...
  5. I agree the ace is cool, but the last on I used was a proprietary receiver extension, not a standard carbine. So, although its a cool stock, you don't get the flexibility I mentioned. AND when I ripped the foam pad, I was bummed... LOL
  6. +1 here on the fixed stock. I gotta say, I have had multiple professionally/ manufacture pinned stocks come undone with heavy use. I now have all my rifles outfitted with the magpul moe fixed. It's too easy, and if you ever leave this useless gun state, you just slide it off, and add the collapsible of your choice. One could even take classes in pa, or other states and use a different stock while there, then switch back when retuning to this world. I'm not saying they are my favorite stock, but they are my favorite option in NJ. Plus if for some reason NJ pulls it's head out of its ass some day, and realizes this stock pin thing is pointless, you have the option at that point to make a change in minutes.
  7. MIke is top shelf, and always willing to help. It doesn't hurt that his work is fantastic.
  8. On the topic of payment, it should be noted that failing to pay for a firearm that is in your possession, I.E. Someone scams you somehow out of funds, is technically a federal crime- they stole a firearm, so reguardless of payment type, you always have the ability to report it stolen, and provide the buyers info. It is not wise for anyone to fail to pay for a firearm. And contact with the buyers FFL should allow you the ability to keep them from obtaining the product. No FFL will transfer a firearm to anyone if they know that person to be delinquent in payment. It adds them as an accessory. I tend to use an FFL on my end as they will have to take the item into their books, in order to ship it, essentially transferring out of my name, this extra level of protection from the issue below is what I feel most comfortable with. Technically, if the receiving FFL is ok with direct transfers to them, you can bypass this step, but read below. For the few times I have interacted on these web sites as a seller, I worry more about the shipping being lost then I do about not getting paid. My hiney was in a new state of pucker when ups lost a pistol for about 12 days.... Not a fun 2 weeks!
  9. I also believe that since we can technically only purchase one a month, getting more then 6 would not make sense, but then again, I might be wrong.
  10. You can do it yourself, but if you don't want to I would recommend calling mike at tier one. He spends most days building custom bolt guns. I'm sure he could do it on the quick like.
  11. My references got their call today... Maybe I'll be good before 2016.
  12. All great points, and I appreciate the time you are taking to explain. Funny enough, I dropped the paperwork off with the Chief, as the duty officer who handles the firearms processing was not in. I also got the feeling that "Chief" is not a fan of civi gun ownership. Some of his comments went the way of- just let the police handle everything. It's our job. So I suspect this is, as you mentioned. "deliberate" one to discourage ownership. When I moved back to NJ, and went in for my FPID renewal, duty officer asked me if I was going to register any firearms, knowing it was " at will" I said, I don't think I am required to, Chief comes from around the corner and says, You are correct, you don't have too, I might be crazy, but I think at that point they did not like that I had some info on how the law worked. I will make a call again next week, as I will be nearing the 2 month mark.
  13. Also, if it's a criminal background check, as in 4473, that takes about 15 mins in most other states to get a response, so I am not sure what the delay there would be.
  14. Ah, thanks HBec, I Thought it was a release to allow mental status. I get it. I am in Hunterdon County, Specifically High Bridge Boro. I do already posses the FPID, This is just a Pistol Permit. PK-I have asked both references, and they both have not received paperwork, or calls. So, I think that is part of my annoyed state right now. I called about a month ago, to ask if everything was "OK" I was told - I'm sure it's fine, this takes time. I don't know why they need to take months for something that could/should be done in 30 days. I just wondered what of this is thru waiting and what is them just not wanting to bother.
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