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  1. Sorry, I guess my question more specific is, do you that use the monitor services use the thing Equifax offers? do you use some other monitor service you like more? or does it matter? I'm with you all on the password internet and who sees what, I am asking more about IF you guys use a service what one.
  2. So.... don’t bother with credit monitoring service or....?
  3. Sort of on topic, any use them as a credit monitor? I had Lifelock, but felt it was overpriced. thoughts?
  4. And again, Not much time on this one, Walther PPQ M2 that gets no attention. I have 2-10rd mags. I replaced the front site for the Warne fiber optic, I might have the original, would need to dig around. Ask any questions. SOLD
  5. *SOLD* the P320 Compact, has been back to sig for the drop safe update. I have 2 -10rd mags that are full size. or we can do no mags if that makes more sense for you. The pistol gets no time, maybe 500rds thru it. I guess I am a Glock guy. LOL. I have this OD frame I did some sanding to the bottom of the trigger guard, as well as the original Black that it came with. Has Triji HD's on it. Might have the originals, would have to look around. Sold awaiting Paperwork.
  6. SOLD.HSGI Wolf grey belt rig. I have attached the cart view of this system for reference. used a few times, but mostly like new condition. Size of belt -41.5 and inner belt is XL I believe. Ask any questions. Looking to get $375.00 for the entire as is. ( does not include med parts, only the actual blow out pouch. also does not include a holster, just need to add what ever you run.
  7. Selling the PRS with Rifle length receiver extension. The PRS is not the newest Gen 3, I believe it's a Gen 2 any questions just ask. lower has been sold! PRS $175.00
  8. Bummer, we will be there. looking forward to this class. Always a good time. See you at P2
  9. You guys were a ton of fun. And I think I dropped more mags then anyone. Stupid fat hands and G34 extended release, ripped that out! Looking forward to carbine 1.
  10. golf, I'm in that class on the 28th as well. looking forward.
  11. For me personally, it's either recommendations from people I trust, or stuff I have read/watched and think will be interesting. You have to determine what you want to get from training, Ex- Are you looking to improve your fundamentals? Maybe learn how to shoot accurately on the move, Maybe you feel you are interested in increasing your proficiency in transitions from rifle to pistol. Once you determine what you want to accomplish, then look for a quality instructor that will provide the help in these skills. It isn't hard to flush out a quality instructor, from a guy who is just stealing money, and is a bit of a clown, ( see the florida guy who shot himself post in the forums for an example of who NOT to attend). I would also pay attention to guys that have a lot of time behind the gun, on this forum guys like High Exposure do this all the time, I would expect you will get sound advice if you listed to who he is training with, or has. I think he even mentioned, try and take a class that pushes you out the comfort zone, but isn't way advanced, it will keep you learning, and not overwhelmed. The reason a few of us mention Joe at Sight and Triggers is, he offers a lot of info for the money, is local, and actually watches your fundamentals, and will give you things he see's to work on. Other classes are guys reading off of lesson sheets, and not really offering any guidance, just giving you drills to do. I echo the issue with Alias, they consistently over book classes, and there is nothing worse then 18 to 25 students in a class with one instructor, and maybe one assistant. Classes should have a solid 1 teacher to 3 or 4 students, if they intend to give everyone solid feedback. Inevitably, you will have that one student who is either way novice, or worse, unsafe, and the instructor will have to spend all the time watching this person and ends up neglecting the rest of the class. YMMV, but this is what I have witnessed.
  12. Checko, keep us posted on the carbine II, I have been eyeing it as well. been good to see some of the guys on this board in person.
  13. +1 Joe is gtg. Looking to do more with him this year. Although, like HE said, Proctor is also on a short list.... Were did I put that winning lotto ticket again?...
  14. I agree the ace is cool, but the last on I used was a proprietary receiver extension, not a standard carbine. So, although its a cool stock, you don't get the flexibility I mentioned. AND when I ripped the foam pad, I was bummed... LOL
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