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  1. For anyone who is interested... http://precisionrifleblog.com/2015/07/07/muzzle-brakes-recoil-results-for-6mm-6-5mm/
  2. I recently acquired a late 1970's Remington 700 in .308 w/ a worn out Bell and Carlson Stock from my father-in-law. Went to the range a few times with it, and it was shooting all over the place. I had it checked out by a local gunsmith and he said the barrel is probably worn out and should be replaced. I did some research here on NJGF and found Tier One Defense. After going back and forth with Mike over message i made the drive up to his shop to have a new barrel Installed. Mike was very easy to work with and very helpful with all of my novice questions. I got a call probably 3-4 weeks later that my rifle was finished. I went to pick it up, got the rifle home and went to throw it in the stock... The only issue i found was the contour of the stock would not accommodate a M24 profile. So i got some Sand paper and a PVC pipe and sanded away until i got it to fit properly. I plan on replacing it eventually, I'm looking to upgrade my optic first. I can say that Mike will be getting my future business for my AR and Bolt gun. Thanks again Mike
  3. Thanks for that. I saw their have pretty reasonable prices for barrel installs etc.
  4. Wanting to get a new barrel for my 700. Just looking for some advice
  5. I've seen a lot of different opinion on this. I have a CZ-75 in need of a good cleaning however, the Q-tips just dont cut it.
  6. I'm hoping the Bengals can keep their draft streak going.. past few years we've done pretty good.
  7. How's it going? I look around the forum everyday an decided its time to join. My range of choice is range 14 and so far my firearm collection is at 1 and I'm hoping to expand in the neat future
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