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  1. Looking to buy or trade for an Arex Delta X Gen 2 Gray 9mm
  2. Reach out to JT Customs. You will not be disappointed
  3. I just picked up a Radical Firearms FO13 from JT Customs. Highly recommend.
  4. I just received an email from the company asking if I liked their product. I replied back asking where is the refund that was promised and haven't heard back lol.
  5. Hope everyone is safe and well. Looking to trade for a Troy Modular VFG or Tango Down Stubby VFG.
  6. I emailed them and never heard back. I also haven't heard back from Maks either. All I wanted was an update.
  7. I'm going to do that here shortly. Maks is supposed to get back to me soon.
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