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  1. yes, i can and still vote as well as served on a jury.
  2. ok, let me try to explain it a little better, 1989 convicted of possession of a burglary tool (it was a ninja key chain used for self defence, also known as a three way punch. 1991 convicted of theft, 1994 disorderly conduct, 1995 failure to disperse and the last one, simple assault. now, when i went to the court to get my disposition reports the lady gave me all exept one. that was the simple assault one. that's the one i failed to put down because i thought it was dropped and removed from my record, (a big mistake on my part) i did apply back in 1992 or 93 and was denied for criminal record. i called on friday and found out. i honestly did not remember applying back then. as far as learning from my mistakes, you better believe i have. i have not gotten into any legal trouble since the last arrest/conviction. i got myself a job and soon after i decided to join the army and served for 4 years. honorably discharged. as for attending synagogue, i only go during the high holy days. i'm very secular. anyways, i hope this clear up any confusion and doutbs about my situation and would like to apologise for causing all the confusion as well. have a great and safe week every one.
  3. yes, i was denied back in 92 according to the officer. i have 5 disorderly persons convictions on my record, this all happened when i was in my late teens to early 20s. it wasn't even an issue when i joined the army. but i'll keep everyone posted on this.
  4. i forgot to mention an arrest that happened in 1995 thinking it was the disorderly charge, and the second one was that i applied before back in 1992 but totally forgot all about it. yes, you are correct, the 2nd ammendment is a constitutional right not a god givin right. i'm definately going to go with a lawyer to help me out on this. thanks again fellows for all your help.
  5. thanks for your replies, i just called a lawyer and left him a message so i'm looking foward to speaking to him regarding this issue. as for the person asking if i'm a troll, no i am not! that previous post was just a rant about this whole FID system. and in my opinion it should be repealed as it has not prevented any of the criminals from optaining weapons.
  6. hello, i'm new to this forum. i applied for a fid card last year and was denied. the reason for the denial was falsification of application which i did not intend to do. i simply screwed up on two of the questions. my question is if i've been denied, once i rectify the issues which caused the denial, would i still be denied if i reapply again and do i need 2 be fingerprinted again as well? the firearms officer of my town (west new york) is telling me that i cannot reapply and then says i could but i need to get refingerprinted. he says the state police told him all this and i found it a bit fishy so i called the state police firearms unit and spoke with a sargeant. basically what he said the firearms officer from my town is wrong. i am very fustrated because all i want to do is exercise my god givin right to keep and bear arms as a law abiding american. i would reall appreciate any advice on what i can do. thanks a million in advance. rodney
  7. this whole FID system is unconstitutional, i mean really, i don't need a permit to go to my local synagogue or to exocise my 1st amendment so why do i need "permission" to purchase a firearm. the FID system needs to be repealed as it infringes on our 2nd amendment right. what are everyone's feelings on this issue ?
  8. the only part of this bill i think would be good is the one that eliminates the paper form of the FID and becomes part of your DLs and state ids. also i think it should be up to the state whether a person is approved or denied when applying for their FID, not the local towns since they like to make up their own rules as they go along.
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