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  1. Not a Trump supporter. I guess calling someone a birther is supposed to take the place of rational discussion. This is a Constitutional issue, as it was in 2008.
  2. Maybe this should be the topic of another thread. But one must have two US citizen parents at time of birth in order to be "a natural born citizen". Cruz's father was a Cuban National. There are no candidates that are strict Constitutionalists. There was one in 2008 and 2012.
  3. Cruz is ineligible to be President. He also is not a strict Constitutionalist.
  4. Are there any no-compromise RTBA organizations in NJ? I'm not a fan of the NRA, at least on a national level. Nationally, GOA is probably the best group, though they disappointed me with their endorsement of Ted Cruz. JPFO used to be solid but I recall that their new leadership might have gotten squishy. Thanks.
  5. I thought I had posted an apology to my comment on Buds, but I didn't. The item shipped much faster than they had stated. Will definitely use them again.
  6. On checkout, you are offered a few options. For the cash price, there is check (which I guess is mailed) and then there was an e-check. You do the standard: routing number and account number.
  7. As long as I get my gun and it is in new condition, I'll be ok with it. But I'll never order from them again.
  8. Budsgunshop.com has been a disappointment. Not with the gun or even customer service. It's how long it's going to take. I ordered an HK VP9 from them. The price was good. It took 5 days for my e-check to clear even though the funds were taken out of my bank in three days. I just got an email today saying that the gun will ship out in 3-7 business days. Add a couple of days for shipping and that brings me to a grand total of at least 2 wks. I saved about $100 but I probably would have been better off going to RTSP. There price was higher but I would have been done in one day and I like their sales staff. It's just a little bit of a hike for me.
  9. How do I know if a gun I'm buying online is NJ Compliant? I am currently in the market for a H and K, VP9. I found one at Budsgunshop.com for what I think is a good price of $597. I'm sure it's NJ complaint. But what if I was buying something that I wasn't so sure about. It's not up to the vendor to tell me. Is there a way to find out or is this just one of the negatives to buying online. Thanks.
  10. Move the range closer to my house! In all seriousness, I took my first private handgun lesson there about 2 yrs ago. The instructor, I believe his name was Charlie (Vietnam Vet, competition rifle shooter) was excellent. When I purchased a handgun there last year, the service was excellent. The staff was friendly. No one was pushy. Being new into the shooting sports, sometimes I get the feeling that knowledgable people have a condescending attitude. I definitely didn't have that feeling at your shop/range. One of the biggest plusses is having your firearms prices online. No surprises! The other big store in my area has a terrible website, IMO. I will be making another purchase soon. I look forward to seeing the range since the renovations.
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