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  1. look up impacto fingerless. Also u-line might make something that would work
  2. don't go to a surgeon, unless you want to have surgery. Wrist/Hand surgery is a nasty thing and everyone is obsessed with this predisposition that you have to get freaking surgery on everything, or that surgery can fix everything. Alternative is where its at....I have PRP on cartilage tear in my wrist TFCC and its healed. My friend fractured his scaffoid bone in his wrist. They wanted to put screws in it. We put his own stem cells in it and he is back to lifting weights and working at the refinery. All i'm saying is explore and exhaust ALL options before the scalpel. Im about to have PRP on 2 of my rotator cuff tendons next month, super psyched. had I gone to a surgeon he probably would want to complete the tear and then mytek suture it or some bogus shenanigans like that Regenexx.com
  3. which service do you get it from and how? I have a 30 day money back guarantee on xfinity that ends 2/3. Id love to dump them and unplug ....efficiently.
  4. Can you still get outdoor and sportsman channel?
  5. dont have a pros and cons list for you, but you should have both. Im sure there are others like myself who have small flashlights stashed in numerous areas of their dwelling. I also have a TLR mounted on my HD pistol.
  6. I have a garmin fenix 3 and its great so far. Have barely touched some of the features on it. Just the waypoints and the running gps which is useful. I like it so far. I you don't plan on using any features i.e. skiing, hiking, running, custom watchfaces, etc. than your fine with a g-shock. My fenix 3 was 260 from hodges marine (remanufactured).
  7. Cabelas has Remington 9mm with $5 rebate per box. Max rebate is $200, just got 40 boxes. Comes out to 14 cents a round
  8. I cant thank you guys enough. This forum always has a kick ass "soup" of knowledge. You are all the shit....eat yourselves into a deep sleep tomorrow, you deserve it lol
  9. Does anyone know where I might find some laws on the books regarding lending my friend my shotgun for hunting tomorrow. He has an FID as well. Links or info would be great. Happy pre-turkey day
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