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  1. Sorry guys...not the best but here are some pics of the VZ 58. The last photo is before the M4 stock and muzzle brake done by Jack.
  2. Picked up my VZ 58 yesterday from Jack...nice guy and great dealer to work with. He put up with my emails and questions while waiting for my parts to come in and customize my rifle. Did excellent clean work. When I decide to go with my first AK I will be sure to use JT Custom Guns & Collectibles. Thanks Jack, Phil
  3. Congrats on the purchase! I just bought my first CZ 75 (SP-01 Tactical) a few months ago and it's my favorite 9mm! I went with it because I have small hands with bad arthritis...the weight makes the recoil much more manageable and more accurate follow up shots. Definitely a smooth shooter and feels good in my hands. Now I'm just wondering which CZ to purchase next! Good Luck to you!
  4. I recently bought the SP-01 tactical with 18 round mags pinned to 15. They gave me a piece of paper with my purchase certifying they were pinned to 15 rounds in NJ. Get the 15 round mags if you can, don't worry about the 10's. Good luck!
  5. I don't wear glasses and have no astigmatism. I'm pretty sure the optic has issues but I'll try the camera test just to see what happens. Thanks Flank.
  6. I just took delivery of this sight and the reticle is completely fuzzy at all brightness levels. The horseshoe looks like it has three lines and the chevron is not distinguishable at all...it looks like a blurry dot! I'm thinking this has to be a completely defective sight! I'll be contacting them to send back tomorrow. Anyone else have any experience with one of these? I know it's not an Aimpoint or Eotech but after some research it looked like a decent optic for the price point~
  7. Try Cigars International. I've always ordered from them and never disappointed. Plenty of samplers to select from. https://www.cigarsinternational.com/
  8. LOL...watching John Wick has definitely made some of us spend some $$$. Great find...good luck!
  9. Agreed...it does seem a bit like craigslist for guns. I probably would not buy used online unless I could meet and inspect. I'm trying to sell at the moment. Thanks!
  10. Thank JT. I'm trying to sell at the moment but that's good to know.
  11. It seems like a lot of armslist experiences...anyone use gunbroker?
  12. Thanks. It seems like armslist is to be avoided unless you can get lucky with an honest FTF buyer.
  13. Oh man...that stinks! I hope they straighten it out. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. I'm just looking for some feedback from anyone who sold a pistol or rifle on Gunbroker or Armslist. Are there any restrictions/difficulties selling from NJ? I have never bought or sold on these sites. Thanks.