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    AR-15 pistol?

    "The sks is considered a fixed magazine firearm but the magazine can be removed/replaced with some disassembly." Try loading it when it is not attached So if you had a magazine that was detachable but useless once taken off would that be ok? Ugh these laws
  2. Another Simplisafe recommendation.\Have had about a year, it's great, easy install and setup.
  3. Quite possibly the thermal fuse. About $8-12 and easy repair, happened to mine twice.
  4. Welcome fellow Freeholdian!
  5. upgraded to10 gigs, can do it online, thanks for the heads up!
  6. On the phone now,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have the 6 gig also heres hoping
  7. Have any links or numbers? Want ammo for when I call.
  8. Chris, What are the qualifications? I'm a retired LEO and would love to learn more about NJT, always loved trains. Thanks for offering your help!
  9. Have a look at these posts, possibly too many rpms on spin or unbalanced load? OR drain can be partially clogged. http://www.shopyourway.com/questions/1104122 http://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/threads/14986-Cabrio-and-repair-manuals http://forum.appliancepartspros.com/washer-repair/206746-cabrio-washer-leaks.html http://forum.appliancepartspros.com/washer-repair/509882-whirlpool-cabrio-leaks-water-rattling-sound-during-spin-cycle.html Good luck!!
  10. Thanks! Always enjoy your shots, would love to see a cardinal or red tailed hawk!
  11. http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/56467-muzzle-brake-for-non-threaded-barrel-in-my-case-mp15-sport/ There ya go
  12. I have one I may be selling, will post on Marketplace someday.
  13. I recently made my SKS 922R compliant, even though it's not enforced, I feel more at ease. Murray's trigger parts add 3 USA parts http://www.murraysguns.com/922r.htm
  14. That gun has nice lines, congrats!
  15. Yep 2 issues. I replaced my blower motor and resistor this year and found a nice rodent nest. It was similar issues as far as motor not blowing in pos. 1 but would labor on other positions. Not cold is something else.
  16. I had a similar problem and it ended up being one of the wires fell off the wireless network card on the laptop. It had 2 terminals and each wire slipped on like a car battery but without a nut of course. This laptop was a couple years old and I haven't had the need to check any of my newer ones to see if they are accessible now a days. Do you have another device/computer you can connect to it and see if it does the same thing to narrow it down?
  17. And removable mag. SKS with fixed mag for example is semi auto but can have evil features but then you have to make it 922R compliant.
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