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  1. any special NJ LAW that someone should know about shipping the lower?
  2. I been looking at this one SAVAGE MODEL 10 STEALTH BLACK 6.5 CREEDMOOR 24 INCH 10RD $894.29 http://grabagun.com/savage-89.html
  3. Tromix sell 30rd Lancer mags that been converted to 10rd of .458 Socom.
  4. I should have also mentioned it will load and shoot the round. Making it a workable mag but not reliable.
  5. Seen this mag on the Tromix website and wondering if this would be NJ OK. The reason I question it, I took a 15/30 hex mag and did somewhat of the same modifications to it. WHY YOU ASK, makes feeding the first .458 round easier. But I am still able to load 15rd of 5.56/.223 ammunition in the mag. It WILL NOT hold 2 rounds or less in the mag (they pop out). When I shove 3 or more rounds, the pressure from the spring presses the rounds against the feed lips. It start holding the rounds in and then I can load the mag normally. I figured this will function the same way for a 30 round mag round. In my opinion these would be a no go in Jersey, What do you guess think ? Thank you for taking the time and reading this. SCG-11C​ Restricted State, Compliant Magazines. Available for California/Colorado etc. These 10 rounds magazines are equipped with black anodized aluminum center feed followers and base plates engraved ".458 SOCOM 10 rounds". These magazines will not accept a round of 5.56/.223 ammunition and are not readily convertible to 5.56/.223 due to their non-removable base plates. Also available in 7 round capacity. (No shipments to the City of New York or Monroe County New York)
  6. make sure to keep on looking at the flyer. With a discontinued model they may lower the price down ever week until the stock is zero out. BB will refund you the difference up to a month after purchased.
  7. I only have keymod and works well for me
  8. Best way to get 1080p movies
  9. correct Best add-on for movies is EXODUS add-on for sports is SportDevil I really don't watch sports on Kodi, Giants are broadcast local. Youtuber TopTutorials watch this guy and you'll learn TONS about kodi
  10. its not JAILBREAKING!!!! lol its sideloading an app called KODI. then installing some addon from there. I even shown my GF how to install it, very simple. Installation video of KODI on Firestick No fee for the movies and sports ... is it on the up and up ... NO .. will you get busted .. so many ppl have it, unlikely... Who ever got busted on NAPSTER?
  11. If you just looking to make a dumb TV smart look at these Nvidia Shield TV MiBox Android TV Both of these will give you 4K and if your an android phone use you will like these.
  12. hope this helps LG spec sheet Samsung spec sheet
  13. It's already welded Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  14. No, when canceling all the want back are the settop box. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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