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  1. I would also consider the Browning Maxus Sporting. I have it in the carbon fiber and it is very soft shooting and light weight. Comes with shims to adjust cast and drop along with spacers to adjust length of pull.
  2. Fiberglass - i have had mine for 12 years now, may be a little expensive also and restrictive in size typically. Mine was done on all clean fill because my yard was low and sloped, if anthing the ground has actually heaved a little but not the pool, but something to think about. No liner, no resurfacing. Very little chemicals annually, at least for me, 20 lbs of alkalinity increase and some calcium because of heater when i open it and 25 lbs of chlorine that is it. I add chlorine every two weeks, throw in a Polaris 360 in May and I am done until close up time. And whatever you plan on spending for the pool don’t forgot additional costs for patio, furniture, fencing, landscaping and other things to make your yard to look like a resort.
  3. Thanks all for the input. Very much appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Noob to the forum! Got invited to do some sporting clays in Long Island tomorrow. Also passing through NYC. Planning on bringing my shotgun, un-assembled in a hard case, locked in my trunk and no ammo. I always believed this was fine, I have looked everywhere for confirmation, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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