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  1. Only $135 for 1000 rounds after rebate. Place two orders to get the $10 off $99 twice. https://gun.deals/product/american-eagle-9mm-luger-115gr-full-metal-jacket-500-rnds-5-boxes-6747-shipped-after-code-m3?view=list
  2. Just checked. It's still in stock.
  3. Academy has the 1000 round boxes for $49.99 with free shipping! Good if you need some cheap plinking ammo but hate the Golden Bullets. http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/winchester-m22-22-long-rifle-40-grain-rimfire-ammunition#repChildCatid=324016
  4. Seems reasonable to me. $280 a year or $20 an hour.
  5. We love our 15-22. Super fun to shoot, a good training platform, and it has happily digested any ammo we've fed it, including Remington Golden bullets.
  6. So very sorry.
  7. So I called Trenton on Monday the 10th. Was told my P2Ps were approved and just had to be typed up. I was told they would be typed up the following day and then off to the barracks. Was told the barracks would call that week. Having heard nothing, I waited until Wednesday this week and called the barracks. They still said they were waiting on Trenton. So, I called Trenton again and got the same woman (Debbie) and she told me that my permits were finished when she said they would be and had in fact been at the barracks since Thursday. I told her the barracks said they were still waiting. She said she would call me back. 30 minutes later I get a call from the barracks and they tell me "good news, your permits came in today". Lmao So I drive out to get them and the permits are there, but my one gun a month waver is not. I asked about that and they said I had to call Trenton about that. Here we go again. So I walk out and in the parking lot I call Trenton. I get a nice gentleman named Lt. Ross and he says my 1GM waiver was approved back in March and that it has been at the barracks since then. I explain to him how the barracks keeps blaming Trenton and you could hear him getting angry, not with me but with the barracks. He said he will get to the bottom of it and call me tomorrow. Tomorrow was yesterday, so today I called him again. He apologized and said he was waiting for them to give him their official excuse. He said they had until the end of today to explain themselves or Monday he would be showing up at the Barracks. He asked that I give him until Monday night to hear back from him. He also said he will be mailing the copy of my 1GM waiver directly to me if the barracks can't find it. So, I wait.
  8. Absolute Bullshit. Let me guess, they pick up their mail once every 91 days.
  9. I assume that was meant for me? I'm not talking about the feeling of euphoria as a result of the adrenaline rush. I'm talking about someone posting his eagerness to find himself marveling "at my good luck" to be presented with a justified shoot. That is a perfect example of "bloodlust".
  10. It also appears you don't care what your fellow gun owners think. No one is saying that violence shouldn't be met with violence. What myself and if I may speak for Newt are saying is that your appearance of eagerness at killing someone hurts our cause.
  11. Because you balanced it with feeling bad for shooting someone you felt didn't deserve it. And again you use the word "happy" to stab the guy. That doesn't sound at all like you are counting your blessings, it sounds like you are hoping the right person comes along to give you a legally justified reason to kill.
  12. "Marvel at my good luck" It's this bloodlust that gives credence to many anti's arguments that gun owners are looking for an excuse to kill someone.
  13. How did you make out?