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  1. Makepeace is a great place. They have a few shooting tables and benches made out of concrete on the 100 yard range. Just make sure you have cover and sunscreen if it's a hot day.
  2. Today is day 113 of the wait for me for P2Ps.
  3. 100 days now waiting for my P2Ps from the State Police in Buena NJ.
  4. What do you imagine would happen. I'll tell you what is most likely. Anthony would simply say I'm sorry to hear that and then walk away.
  5. It is completely obvious that is what he meant. Damn, man, I'm as pedantic as they come but you take it to a new level. How do you know someone is a pilot? He'll tell you.
  6. I've got two pistols there waiting for my P2Ps. Love the place. Never ran into any ego there, but not saying it doesn't exist. There is a young lady there who is knowledgeable and personable. I always try to work with her.
  7. That's what happened when I inquired about the paperwork when I took in a P2P app.
  8. The jury is still out on the OP, he could be an idiot also.
  9. It sucks because I always liked him on different shows I'd seen him on and my wife and I definitely planned on taking a course or two of his when he was in the area, but based on his responses to us asking for more info I'd say right now the odds of me ever spending a dime with him are worse than my CCW permit being accepted in NJ right now. What he needs to do is admit he was wrong (we all have bad days) and go from there, instead of digging in even further. That is something few people are capable of these days.
  10. Why would I apply when the guy I have to hand my application to says don't bother, you WILL be denied.
  11. He has been asked, but will not answer. private picture hosting
  12. Victim blaming at its finest.