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  1. No worries.
  2. https://www.nratv.com/videos/cam-and-company-2018-evan-nappen-gun-violence-in-the-gun-controlled-state
  3. This sounds like Monday’s episode. I didn’t catch today’s. Are you sure it was today’s?
  4. That wouldn’t suck. That would be GLORIOUS!!!
  5. So only idiots rise up? Not sure what else to take from your statement.
  6. It also depends on the signal you are trying to convey. Any old HDMI cable can do 15 feet for 1080p, a decent cable can do 30-40 feet. But once you start trying to do 4K HDR at 60fps you’re best off with a fiber hdmi above 25 feet.
  7. My experience is that I get a response to my emails about a month after the legislation passes.
  8. Ahh. Okay. If you still have them and we ever meet at an event, I'll get them then at today's agreed price, but if you can sell them before hand please do. I'm way down in Atlantic County and don't see myself up that way anytime soon.
  9. I’ll take the in ceiling speakers. Where are you located?
  10. Just a point of clarification. It was indeed a mass shooting. Not sure why you would want to spin it the way you did.
  11. No discharge allowed.
  12. That range never opened and never will There is a new range “Range 129” about to open in Absecon. It should be open by June. And they will have 100 yard indoor!
  13. Didn’t the Supreme Court already declare this unconstitutional, or was that a district court I’m thinking of.