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  1. If you think that no one points out that ARs are no different than any other .223 or even any other semi auto then you haven’t been paying attention. The point is gun grabbers don’t care. They target whatever they think they can get rid of and then win or lose will turn their attention to the next firearm until they are all gone.
  2. I'm going to try some Pork Belly ends in my smoker tomorrow. Want to make an appetizer for Valentine's dinner out of it. Anybody tried it before?
  3. Wouldn't it be great if a requirement for voting on a law was a modicum of knowledge on the subject of the law? A boy can dream.
  4. And again, that would only happen if 1) it passes, and 2) the wording ends up changed from what has passed the House.
  5. Since there are no gun shows in NJ let’s talk about federal law. Federal law does not require a background check between private sellers, no matter the venue. Dealers are ALWAYS required to run a background check.
  6. Yep, I just as hoping for a fair shake, but this was anything but. I can only hope though that reciprocity really is going to get a vote in the senate before the midterms. The more this gets on the national stage the more likely that is to occur.
  7. If we ever get carry in NJ this will be something my wife might get. She has MS and her finger grip strength is severely depleted. Given enough time she can rack many firearms, but in an emergency who has time? If the spring is soft enough on this one it might be a winner for her. That said the grip safety is hideous.
  8. Hey, I comment on there! Lol
  9. I just bought one a Shooters last month. They have a decent selection.
  10. They are running XenForo.
  11. Jetcareers.com. I have the same username on there. Feel free to join and block me to try it out.
  12. I’m on multiple forums that block even quoted posts.
  13. Another vote for the SR22. It’s what I started my wife on. We also have a Victory, a Mark II and a Mark IV. The SR22 still gets used the most.
  14. I did two last year. The online status was worthless. Took about 4 months to get my checks.