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  1. Exactly, stop punishing people even if they leave, instead, entice them to stay.
  2. That in fact is exactly what happened to my wife. She was pretty sure she was voting for Kim, but at that moment she said, that's it, she's got my vote.
  3. I saw it. My favorite part was later when Murphy asked “what did he say?” and she replied “he said answer the question”. Lmao
  4. I'm averaging 3 months with one set this year taking 6 months.
  5. I believe they are saying it was F35 testing along the Delaware river. The inversion later today could cause a sonic boom to travel a long ways. I heard and felt it in Buena this morning. Almost ran out of the house.
  6. It will only be available on the 21st in limited quantities.
  7. That sucks. I’m sure the buffer zone distance had nothing to do with it. Knowing NOTHING about it I feel reasonable in guessing the hunter was a total moron and possibly even a psychopath.
  8. What the hell is a “Tonka”?
  9. So start talking to anyone you think may listen and let them know his tax plan, his toll plan, etc. Make sure they get out to vote. This election is likely to have an extremely low turnout, so you CAN make a difference!
  10. Yep. You are correct. Haven’t ever heard of anyone getting snagged for this but that is how the law is written.
  11. That programming is hard to shed.
  12. How do you think contemptuous legislation gets through? It's called compromise. Again, a pawn for a greater gain. If it doesn't work out, so be it, but it looks like a shrewd move to me so far.
  13. I've already answered that above.
  14. No one at the NRA and certainly not me think they will be satisfied. That's not what this is about.