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  1. Yes, even after a crash, not like that is the majority of vehicles. Manufacturing environmental costs take a variety of years to recoup emissions on ICE, but only 5 years under the very worst circumstances. Yes lithium is mined for batteries, but elements are mined for all vehicles, and we’d be lying if we said that fossil fuels don’t have environmental impacts. But here is the big difference, the elements in the batteries can be recycled, so long term the damage is lower.
  2. I have. And what disposal are you talking about? Do you really think they ( especially the valuable batteries) won’t be recycled? They already are. Here is a primer for anyone interested
  3. So because people smarter than me have talked about it you have to lie about what I say. I supposed in your warped mind that makes sense.
  4. That is why time of use pricing would be useful if it ever becomes a problem. Average commute is 51 miles a day. That’s about 11kWh a day, or 250hWh a month. Ac usage goes down at night, and it uses about the same power as charging a car, so the grid can handle it at night. And the grid is getting more robust, and local storage solutions are increasing as well. These are challenges, but hardly insurmountable and are being addressed.
  5. And lowest demand is overnight, which is what time of use and timed charging is all about. And no where did I say anything about solar, so why do you bring it up. Oh right, because you have to keep lying about what I say to hold on to your worldview. And be as I said before, but for some reason I have to keep repeating myself for you ( maybe you should see a doctor about that) I wouldn’t own one of these things if I couldn’t charge it at home.
  6. How would time of use be abused? Also, if the rates go down at 10pm but you plug in at 6, if you’re not a moron you would have the car scheduled to start charging at 10, not immediately upon being plugged in. This is something that is quite easy to setup in the car’s charging menu.
  7. You know that most charging would take place at night when the grid is far from it's capacity, and power companies can even enact tine of use pricing to encourage that behavior, so no, it won't bring the grid to its knees. Also, even if the the entire grid were coal powered the average electric car is only then on par with the average car's emissions. But much of America's grid is much cleaner than that anyway. That said, while some people might purchase such a car due to their environmental concerns, my purchase was predicated on the quality of the product, it ticked the right boxes for me. The fact that it might be cleaner, and is definitely cheaper to operate than a comparable vehicle is just icing on the cake, but I still would have purchased it anyway if both emissions and cost were equal. And (my opinion) seriously, we need to get on nuclear, especially if we ever master fusion, it will unleash a new rise in quality of life, on par with the industrial revolution, as power would be almost limitless and inexpensive at that point. I hope to live long enough to see it.
  8. Atco is definitely a better track to drive on, but I did enjoy going to the Summernats at Englishtown just to watch. My greatest victory is at Englishtown. I think it was the summer of 92. Muscle Car Magazine show and go. Over 2000 cars entered and I made the final. Lost to a freaking Grand National by redlighting in the damn final. That was a long damn day, I think there were like 12 or 13 rounds.
  9. Love the Cobrajet, so sad that Englishtown is no more.
  10. Sad times now but it sounds like he was a great guy to know.
  11. Yeah, I haven't been there at all this year yet.
  12. And as you keep ignoring, all modern automobiles are chock full of computers running everything. And it's funny you ask when was the last time I heard of someone throwing a connecting rod. Happened to one of my cars just 3 weeks ago. But, the resulting fireball in my rear view mirror was so much fun it was almost worth the loss of the car.
  13. Actually, the argument I'm making would be the exact opposite. The biggest reason to dislike a smartgun is that it adds complexity, meaning you now have more points of failure. An electric motor has 3 moving parts counting the bearings. And internal combustion engine has hundreds. Just because something is a newer technology doesn't mean it is more complex, and that is what some here are missing.
  14. Imagine the money I could have saved if I limited myself to only Hi-Points!
  15. Still a price decrease, just not as great. The prices dropped an average of 6% but now they will raise them 3% of the current price, not 3% higher than the original price. The backlash to the price decreases was a little crazy. There were actually protests in some countries! Can you imagine protesting lower prices? That said, Tesla does still deserve a good bit of blame here, as the official words from Tesla on their web site and what Elon were tweeting didn't always match up. An example would be the upgrade to Full Self Driving was listed at $3k on the web site but Elon said it was $2k. 4 days later the website was revised to the $2k price, but now this morning we are told on Monday it will be going back up, but no post about how much it will be going back up. I can empathize with both sides on the price drop, with the price decreases some people were rightfully concerned about their car's resale value going down, but at the same time Tesla has been very clear about their mission, to accelerate the transition to EVs by making them both desirable and affordable. If you purchased any Tesla up to this point without knowing you were in part helping to finance that future, then you really just weren't paying attention. But again, you could have been aware of that mission, and agreed to the hit you would take by paying a little more before, but still shocked when smacked with an artificially accelerated depreciation. It's a tight rope Tesla is walking for sure, and the past couple of weeks they were very cavalier about it. Hopefully they learned something here. From what I have seen they do tend to learn from their mistakes.
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