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  1. I don’t like it, buy I don’t dislike it either. I mean, it’s not a denial of cert, it just means we have to wait longer.
  2. Which is my point. Without any penalty they will continue to flaunt the Supreme Court decisions. If they gave a damn about the law itself, we wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with.
  3. What is the penalty for a judge that applies the wrong scrutiny in a decision?
  4. Strict scrutiny for any anti 2A law would be fantastic, but they will just continue to write laws knowing they will fail a Supreme Court decision They don’t care as long as they can continue to delay our enjoyment of our rights until there are consequences for them. There are no consequences for lawmakers who write and enact clearly unconstitutional laws. The only penalty there is would be an election, and these morons have even more moronic voters who support them.
  5. Exactly. Now you’re getting it. Yet they keep guns out of school zones now. Unless they have a hard definition of the limit for distance from those zones I guarantee we will see exactly what I described.
  6. You might want to rethink that position. Sure, you’ve got your permit, but now you cannot carry within 10 miles of any school, hospital or government building. Don’t think NJ lawmakers won’t do it.
  7. It's the cowardly move and one most of us saw coming.
  8. It is very nice, and I thought for sure that service would have gone away with the lower priced cars, or at least not be available to those owners, yet they are still doing it. Time will tell. The expected price of the Tesla Semi with 300 mile range is $150,000, so when they finally release their truck, (which is supposed to be unveiled this year and is the product that Musk says he is most excited about), we will see. I am jazzed to see what they come out with.
  9. I will buy you dinner if I can get a ride.
  10. Last week when cleaning the car I noticed the rear arm rest had a cut in the leather. It's either something that was that way at the factory, or one of my passengers sliced it with something(highly unlikely). Regardless, Tesla is sending a mobile service technician to replace it this Friday while the car is parked at work. No need to take any time out of my day to run the car to the service center.
  11. Probably putting the bot in the water that day but if not I’ll be there. I’ve gots lots of clays that need to be busted.
  12. Yes, even after a crash, not like that is the majority of vehicles. Manufacturing environmental costs take a variety of years to recoup emissions on ICE, but only 5 years under the very worst circumstances. Yes lithium is mined for batteries, but elements are mined for all vehicles, and we’d be lying if we said that fossil fuels don’t have environmental impacts. But here is the big difference, the elements in the batteries can be recycled, so long term the damage is lower.
  13. I have. And what disposal are you talking about? Do you really think they ( especially the valuable batteries) won’t be recycled? They already are. Here is a primer for anyone interested
  14. So because people smarter than me have talked about it you have to lie about what I say. I supposed in your warped mind that makes sense.
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