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  1. On 1/6/2018 at 2:01 PM, louu said:

    I can't believe that place is still in business. 

    Why not join a normal outdoor range?

    How far are you from Quinton sportsmans club? 

    Hague's is under new ownership.  And the visit I had today was good.  I'm just doing handguns for now and I wouldn't make much use of an outdoor club.  Quinton is over an hour away.  I would have to look at South Jersey Shooting Club or Telco sportsman's club instead of Quinton.

  2. I'm a new owner and I've been researching ranges around Camden County to western Burlington.  There's 2 standout things I've learned: there's a range coming to Cinnaminson in the spring (Legacy Indoor Range and armory), Hague's is currently offering free range time.  My Hague's research tells me they're expensive.  But I'm guessing that even at $30 box, with free range time, I can go just to shoot 1 or 2 boxes and fare well on expenses.  So has anyone been to Hague's recently?  What do they get for a box of 50 9mm or .38 special?. 

    The Hague's free time is posted on the their facebook page: 

    Update: I went to Hague's this afternoon with my son.  I paid $30 for box of 50 .38 special and $10 per box of 12 gauge slugs.  The range was cold but usable without a hat or gloves.  The targets at 5 yards were a little dark, past that they were reasonably lit. The staff was friendly.  Overall, we are happy with our visit. Even though ammo would have been cheaper else, range time would have cost $40, so we saved $30 to $35. This was a worthwhile visit.  With the free range time, I will definitely go back.  

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