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  1. Yes, the Insurance company did total the Honda, got a pretty good payout. We got "lucky" and found a 22 Subaru Outback.
  2. I scanned/saved my permit application from when I applied in 2019. Said the same thing.
  3. Yes. For now. If Bucky gets his way you won't be able to buy any ammo online. Some retailers will want a copy of FOID & DL, some retailers won't care, some will decline to ship anything to NJ.
  4. Preliminary estimate came in from the body shop. I'd be shocked if the insurance company doesn't total it. Stopped in at a few dealers today. Only asked one guy about pricing, he said the price on the sticker is the price, that was for used, he had nothing new that we were interested in. Guy at Dayton Toyota asked if I knew about the "premium pricing"; they're tacking on an extra $3-4k on top of everything. I told him I understood that was the dealer's business decision, and I'd be willing to pay sticker but not over. I don't get paid a premium salary. He still wanted my info so he could add me to his spam list and harass me. I declined. We sat in a CX-5. Pretty nice, it's a possibility, I think the CX-9 will be beyond budget. Didn't drive anything today. Outback & Forester are nice also, RAV4 decent. I think Nissan is out due to bad taste from their CVTs. Ford and GM probably a no-go due to their stupid shifter setups. Didn't get to a Honda dealer today.
  5. That's another consideration, and I'm be more open to it if used car prices weren't so high right now.
  6. I would run what the engineers designed it to run, so would my wife, just like she did when she had other cars that required premium. She tends to focus more on price and mpg than I do though. She's the more financially responsible one in our relationship. That's why she's still pushing against a car payment at all. I'd rather have a fixed monthly payment with lower risk of surprise repair bills.
  7. Glad to hear it protected your wife in the accident. We're going through Enterprise for the rental. They'll allow us to exchange cars as often as we want, but they haven't had much of a selection. I think she'd appreciate the better handling, she can drive enthusiastically at times. I've always like the styling, especially the front end. I can't recall why we ruled out Mazda when we bought this car. Possibly price. We're both picky about interior comfort, obviously that's very subjective and can't tell by pictures. It looks like the Mazda turbos require premium gas? She wouldn't like that.
  8. Anyone have a Mazda CX-5 or CX-9? Do they live up to all of the hype on handling and reliability?
  9. FWIW... I only use readers for close up, computers, books, etc.. I used readers.com a few times, most recently I used readingglasses.com I think they had a better selection, better pricing and they absolutely shipped faster.
  10. I've accepted if I buy from a dealer I'll be paying sticker. I worked long enough at a dealership in a previous life to know a few things, and I know they basically get a kick-back from the banks when financed. I also get the whole supply & demand thing. I don't think I'm willing to pay over sticker; unless my insurance payout is over book value an equal percentage. I contemplated a lease, the monthly payment always looks good, but it's essentially a long term rental and you're left with zero equity at the end. That just doesn't seem to make financial sense to me. Especially a short term (~18 month) that I'd be after. Maybe for a business, but not personal use. I've also heard too many bad lease experiences. I did stumble across those "take over my lease" deals. That might be a possibility, as long as the factory warranty doesn't expire before the end of the term. If the payout is high enough, I might be able to set aside enough of that to cover the remaining tuition, then put the balance towards a down payment for a purchase. I'm probably being too hopeful on the payout amount though. Car arrived at the body shop yesterday. This shop is a "partner" with my Insurance company, which means the insurance company doesn't send their own rep. The shop is pre-approved and trusted to make the decisions. I'm going to go there today to see the car in daylight and talk to the advisor. With any luck he can give me a definitive answer on repair or total without going through the full tear down and inspection process. I just want to know if I need to find a replacement or not. Right now that's the worst part for me. Then it's on to the payout or how long of a repair. I'm no expert, but I'd think minimum a month, that's without any supply chain issues. A friend's neighbor recently waited three months due to delay on a part.
  11. I know, I know horrible time to be shopping. If it happens, it will not be by choice, trust me. Wife's car got hit at high speed in a parking lot. Everyone is fine, she was in a store when it happened. Her car was pushed into the car parked in the next stall over, both cars pushed over a good 8-12 feet. I think it's borderline on being totaled. The inner body frame was pushed in so far that it broke the interior panels. Woman jumped an island in reverse with an SUV, so our car was hit up higher than a typical hit would have been. Wife just started taking online classes to get her Master's Degree. Can't swing that and a car payment, so if it is totaled, she wants to buy something to get through one-two years until she's done. I don't want to buy someone else's headache, but would be willing to buy something with a known and documented history. I also don't want to pay stupid money for used. If I'm going to pay stupid money I'd rather be stupid with her in a new car. Budget would be based on insurance payout, I'm thinking minimum in the range of $15-$20k. Offending driver stayed on the scene, she was even the one to call the cops. She did have insurance, so payment ultimately will come from her company, and I'll be pushing my adjustor for a high payout. I'll probably push for $30k, call it a COVID surcharge, why not, everyone else is doing it? Would prefer a larger sedan/hatchback or CUV/SUV, she needs to haul stuff back and forth to her job (teacher). AWD would be a bonus.
  12. Isn't there a group in NJ that wants to do the same thing? I'll occasionally hear a commercial on 101.5 urging people to contact Trenton in opposition of it. I don't know that it's been proposed as a Bill yet, but some group wants it. Now that Big Bird has done it, Gopher-face should be following right along as usual.
  13. I was thinking about this about more on my drive into work. All Instructors have to learn from someone. I'm an Instructor by profession and have surpassed other Instructors that have taught me. It's also not feasible to always get to the "top dog" so to speak. There's also people that can do, but not teach and those that teach because they cannot do. The rarer breed are those that can do both. A blurb on someone's website will never tell the entire story. We must rely on reviews, which the internet have made easier to find, but also harder to get vetted reviews. That's clearly while I created the post here. I found his business through a Pa forum, I haven't dug through there looking for more reviews yet. I will be doing that as well, I just got sidetracked. I also agree with him mentioning the Christian thing. I have known plenty of people who consider themselves Christian but are very untrustworthy and "un-Christian-like". I also know plenty of people that either never disclose their beliefs or are agnostic or atheist who are more honest, trustworthy and all around better people. But that topic is an entire different thing altogether. My search for semi-local and quality training will continue. Living in such an anti State/Region surely doesn't give us a large selection of companies.
  14. I was thinking of either Intro to Defensive AR, Conceal Carry or Level II Defensive Handgun. Leaning towards the AR or CC. I have not taken any AR classes yet. Prices are reasonable, $200 for any of them. Interesting interpretation, I did not read it that way originally, but I can see your take on it.
  15. Wondering if anyone has taken a class with them? https://citizensdt.com/
  16. I sent emails out last week as well. One kicked back as a bad address. One or two auto-replies and the same one from Andrienne that you got. No others.
  17. We had a rotating on call schedule; you were expected to have the on call pager with you at all times, then your cell phone when we went to that, as well as vehicle, tools, parts, etc... We used our personal vehicles and got mileage. Back then we got paid a whole one hour OT for every eight hours on call, then OT door-to-door. They eventually increased the standby pay, long after I was eligible. When I was a manager, I had to handle on call with no pay. Dispatch didn't work after hours. The customer number rang over to an answering service, the answering service took name/number and paged the on call manager. The manager had to call the customer, explain the charges and contact the on call tech. When the on call tech didn't respond the manager had to find someone else or do the call himself. This was also one tech to cover the lower 2/3 of NJ, "Eastern Pa" (about 2-3 hours west of the Delaware River), all of Delaware, and about half of Maryland. Originally we only offered service until Midnight during the week, but it went by when the customer called. Numerous times I'd get a call at 23:45 and we'd have to respond. Or two or three calls came in before midnight and I'd be out until 06:00 or so before getting getting to them all. Now they offer 24x7 and the customer pays a base fee just to be on the list, and an extra fee for the service call. They also offer true 24x7 contracts with no extra charges but only for the larger equipment. I don't miss any of it.
  18. https://shop.hodgdon.com/hodgdon While we now sell direct-to-consumer on our own websites, we prioritize our shipments to our traditional sales channels to maximize powder availability at sporting goods and gun shop retailers everywhere. We place limited powder inventory for sale on a regular basis on our website. When we are sold out, we are sold out. We do not take backorders and our Tech Services team cannot take orders via email or phone. The max order quantity of any powder SKU is 5 and we will only accept one order, per customer, per calendar month with a maximum weight of 48lbs. Products purchased on our site are NOT FOR RESALE. PLEASE NOTE: All orders ship within 10-15 business days. Please refer to our Sales and Shipping Policy for more information.
  19. kc17

    What are NICS

    Submitted just before 5pm yesterday, approval phone call came in about 10min ago. Probably the fastest I've had in years. NICS website said I was one of 363 waiting early this morning.
  20. Years ago I would find myself in filthadelphia and other cities late at night for work, so glad I don't need to anymore. Had a couple of accounts that would direct us to be gone before sundown and they weren't 24hr operations. Plenty of other accounts were and wouldn't hesitate to place an after hours service call. Someone attempted to mug my boss one night. He was carrying his tool bag with the shoulder strap and had his hand on his handgun inside a pocket of the tool bag. Quick/easy presentation of his handgun and the misunderstood citizen fled. He was a Pa resident and had his license to carry. I don't recall ever seeing or hearing a company policy about carrying on the job back then. There's written policies against it now, includes all offices in all states throughout the country. Someone from our Dallas office told me a story about when an HR rep from NY went down there for some type of training and the subject came up. The HR rep was taken aback over the thought of employees wanting to carry and even being able to.
  21. You mean like the one that posted a video of herself making an illegal short barreled rifle (or shotgun, don't recall) when she took a saw to it? That's right, I don't think she was ever charged, was she?
  22. I saw a mention of this early today, I thought it was a The Onion article type thing.
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