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  1. Id also be interested. I started smoking this year on my weber kettle grill. Its possible, just labor intensive.
  2. I skimmed it, he didn't appear to answer any questions about the gun bills on his desk -__-
  3. It will likely grab whatever is strongest
  4. Save it in case you want to reload later, scrap the .22 brass. Even if you don't reload you can sell the reloadable caliber brass to other people.
  5. I used my range bag on my last flight, got flagged for a swab. They only checked my hands, and said I was good to go. Flying back home today, I'll see what happens haha
  6. Damn that was a hell of a shed fire. Glad everyones ok. Looks like it came damn close to catching your house too. Gotta let the mower cool down a bit next time.
  7. I do not blame anyone for voting for him the first time. The guy ran a FANTASTIC campaign, which happens to be the one thing he is truly brilliant at. But people voting in 2012? Come on.
  8. As far as different grips and techniques go, I wouldn't say there is a right or wrong way. Or right or wrong type of grip. Find out what works best for you, the bulk of those grips are under 20 dollars.
  9. I understand why they would be apathetic to ship here, but can't they just look up the law? Its no different than shipping to an ffl in another state.
  10. Drudge Occasionally Ill watch some RT (scorching hot anchors) And the good old AR15.com general discussion forum lol
  11. 1 brick of .22 should do it. Amirite?
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