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  1. I don't think anything is wrong with it... But I just did it because I seen blocked before too
  2. Just picked up my first les Baer UTC.. Thanks to Hackettstown Guns and ammo! The gun is beautiful. Note- the serial number was photoshopped off
  3. That would probably be a good idea...
  4. Okay so I'm really not the one to post picture of guns online.. But I couldn't resist.. This is my new bcm ar15.. For the upper I used a bcm socom 16". Starting from the top it's pinned with a bcm mod 0 comp which came free with the upper . The bayonet lug was removed and blued to prevent rust. I used a simple bcm m4 handguard which I like a lot.. For the sight I have the bcm milspec carry handle. The sight was over $100 but worth it to me.. The charging handle is a mod 4 which is the medium size I believe. The lower is also BCM of course.. I found a blem lower online for about 330 and below is the picture of the only blem thats is noticeable. The trigger is a ALG that is $66 online. The trigger feels really good.. For the mag I have 15/30 hexmags. The stock is a bcm gunfighter stock below is a picture of how I managed to pinn it. It's hard to get the pin in but once you do it disables the adjustment. No drilling was needed.. Any questions just ask/ comments . Thx Happy New Years
  5. Seems like a good idea . But doesn't the law say it needs to be pinned..
  6. I will post my Complete bcm ar when it's done and put together.
  7. Anyone have pictures of a pinned bcm gun fighter stock? I know how and where the pin goes but the way the stock is the side is slightly slanted and seems hard. If I put a pin in the part you squeeze to move the sock...You can't squeeze and activate it, would that work too?
  8. I'm new to archery and planning on buying a bow.. Mostly for target but I also want to get into hunting. I'm thinking of buying a Hoyt powermax 2016 in black... As far as sights and other stuff picked out I'm looking at spot Hogg hunter sights, QAD hdx drop rest . And a Hoyt pro stabilizer .. Doesn't Anyone have recommendations on other options? And another question. Carbon arrows or fmj. I'll be shooting 20-40 and sometimes 100 yards for fun. 60 lbs draw.. Thxx
  9. That Used to be the upper style I wanted... Now I'm Waiting for bcm sales.. 14.5"socom, standard rail.
  10. My permit was like 170 days old. . But they can only go to 180days total so I got it extended for 10 days.. They should let you.
  11. Only ar15 for a while.. And shooting in my backyard for fun. 50yArds at most . I just want one to have in my collection.
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