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  1. Okay so I'm really not the one to post picture of guns online.. But I couldn't resist.. This is my new bcm ar15.. For the upper I used a bcm socom 16". Starting from the top it's pinned with a bcm mod 0 comp which came free with the upper . The bayonet lug was removed and blued to prevent rust. I used a simple bcm m4 handguard which I like a lot.. For the sight I have the bcm milspec carry handle. The sight was over $100 but worth it to me.. The charging handle is a mod 4 which is the medium size I believe.

    The lower is also BCM of course.. I found a blem lower online for about 330 and below is the picture of the only blem thats is noticeable. The trigger is a ALG that is $66 online. The trigger feels really good.. For the mag I have 15/30 hexmags. The stock is a bcm gunfighter stock below is a picture of how I managed to pinn it. It's hard to get the pin in but once you do it disables the adjustment. No drilling was needed.. Any questions just ask/ comments . Thx :)

    Happy New Years



  2. Looks like the mechanism could be locked into place, rather than pinning it.

    Without having one in my hand, I bet that the 'H' shaped piece could be blocked in position, rendering the stock non collapsible. One would require tools to remove the block.

    Seems like a good idea . But doesn't the law say it needs to be pinned..

  3. Anyone have pictures of a pinned bcm gun fighter stock? I know how and where the pin goes but the way the stock is the side is slightly slanted and seems hard. If I put a pin in the part you squeeze to move the sock...You can't squeeze and activate it, would that work too?

  4. I'm new to archery and planning on buying a bow.. Mostly for target but I also want to get into hunting. I'm thinking of buying a Hoyt powermax 2016 in black... As far as sights and other stuff picked out I'm looking at spot Hogg hunter sights, QAD hdx drop rest . And a Hoyt pro stabilizer .. Doesn't Anyone have recommendations on other options? And another question. Carbon arrows or fmj. I'll be shooting 20-40 and sometimes 100 yards for fun. 60 lbs draw.. Thxx

  5. Could you break down the parts and their prices to see where that $1440 is going? What's this AR being used for exactly?

    Also have you factored shipping if you are sourcing from all over?


    I'm just looking all over here's what I have .. The lower is specialopstactical- from website 366 with out shipping

    Ctr stock comes with lower


    Rail from eBay figure 150

    Muzzle break figure 40

    Troy sights about 100 used off eBay

    Troy squid grips are about 22 ebay

    Bcm bolt website I think it was 170

    Bcm charging handle will get off eBay

    The upper I did not find a brand.. Figured around 100-150

    14.5 barrel rock river. 250

    So when I'm done I'm looking to be around 1,300

    More parts might be more with shipping but I will also try to get better deals

    This will be around Christmas so I have time to look and possibly sales..

  6. Yeah I am trying to save money but keeping it a decent rifle. I pick a new lower. Special ops tactical which is $100 less then spikes.. The muzzle brake I cut the price in half .. $90 was a lot for a muzzle break.. The sights and rail I will be looking on eBay and hopefully get them slightly used.. Ebay will be my friend in this build .. Lol

  7. First ar15 build .. Here's what I have so far for the plans..spikes tactical enhance lower . Magpul ctr stock, moe grips, Troy Trx 13" rail, Troy squid grips, Troy battle sights, sling, bcm bolt, bcm charging handle, rock river 14.5" barrel pinned to 16 with precision armament Compensator.. I need a stripped upper brand . What else am I missing?? . My friend has the tools. I do not need red dots or flashlights ..


    The price so far is about $1440 seems a little high for a build but it's everything I like..

  8. So I Have a brand new spring field 1911 mil-spec. Brand new in box.(unfired). I Paid $711 out the door. What would be a good price I can sell it for??? Trying not to loose too much money. But I understand I'm taking a loss. I would like to sell within two months . I Have it listed for $675obo...

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