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  1. Getting ready for a 140.6 mile Ironman ..Oct 3 in Maryland
  2. I was reading about something with the square deal and its specialized dies . Someone had a problem with reloading .45 for their match grade barrel. Something about being so tight and stuff. Is that a problem with the 550? Or would I be okay.. Because my 1911 will have a match grade barrel
  3. I'm going half and half on the machine. Really don't need top notch expensive equipment. Just something decent to make reliable ammo..
  4. Hey, so the top two ammo I shoot is 45acp and 9mm . I don't have a reloader or a clue what I need. Freedom munitions sells a case of 45 once fired ammo for. $300 shipped which is what I usually buy. If I was to start to reload what would be the cost of 1000 rounds of 45? How many rounds can I do in a hour? Would I have to go around picking up all the brass ? And Yes I have a lot of free time on my hand to sit and reload. depending on the price per thousand I would like to start shooting 200-500 rounds a week.
  5. Permits were almost 6 months old and I got mine extended for 2 weeks.
  6. Okay so I have about $1200 saved up for a new gun. I would really like to add a 1911 for my collection. For this gun I don't want to get something that is cheap and not well made.. At one point in my search I really wanted a Wilson combat.. But since I don't have 3k.. Does anyone have a idea what would be good for me.. I prefer black, but doesn't have to be. A good trigger,sights, and finish is a must. The gun will be used for targets and maybe fun competition shootings in the future.. I was thinking of a spring field trp. Any suggestions please let me what gun and why I should buy it.. Thanks! (Note- I would buy used if the gun is in excellent condition)
  7. yeah factory cost price.. I was thinking a shotgun but I'm a big fan of handguns now .
  8. Thank you! Lots of good info !
  9. I have the option to purchase a Beretta gun at factory cost price. Now I'm looking to get a pistol and I'm not too familiar with what's good.. I was looking for a 9mm. Either the m9, m9A1, or the 92 .. I understand they are both similar guns so I'm not 100% sure what to get.. Looking for a good investment.. Gun will probably be lightly used for targets. Thx guys
  10. Looking to buy a wasr 10/63 used.. $500 cash limit. Please message me If your looking to sell. Thanks! Steven Schaffer
  11. I was thinking of getting extra 17 rounds mag and then super glue the two round blocks for 15 rounds. Mainly it's just shooting for fun. not carrying. My lc9 is not fun and accurate for me.
  12. Im thinking of buying a Glock 17. My friend has one and it shoot very nice. He talked me into buying a 17 over the others. But after reading another post (only one hAndgun) lots of people said the glock 19. Can someone school me over the differences. Is the 17 more accurate and have more recoil control?. Any suggestions will help a lot. Thanks!
  13. Here In Great Meadows I shoot In my backyard all the time. I built my own range..
  14. Okay Thanks. I know all the laws of what it cant have and that it cant say Ak-47. By name.
  15. If i have family from PA can they buy a Wasr 10/63. Then Sell it private to me IF I Do all the work to make it NJ legal. Like dremel the bayonet lug, Weld the muzzle Brake, And somehow Google how to pin the 30 Round mag. My question are.. Is it legal? (when all the work is completed) Is there any Special Paper work I need to do so That I can print out.? Thanks.! Also if anyone already has a Wasr 10/63 I would buy for around $600..
  16. I'm looking for a husky.. but nice looking dog good luck.
  17. uhhhh... hmmm.. Santa?? I Really don't like safes only for the reasons i rather spend the money on something else.. but this is really nice..
  18. coool.. wonder if you can take it skeet shooting..
  19. Right after I read this I went down stairs to get a dehumidifier.. lol my guns do get a little surface rust but it comes off after you clean them ..I hope the dehumidifier works.. I wish i had a safe but for 800-1,000+ I rather Buy another gun.. I have a small safe for my ammo soo..
  20. I have one that i could buy for around $650. what are your guys thought. ? anyone have one they would sell?.. I rather not buy online unless it is NJ legal.
  21. you get random stuff from the black holes. I heard. i'm not sure what.. i got this yellow guy by the banker.. not sure what he does or why i got him..
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