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  1. after 20 achievements you get a super chemist. it makes your meth purity go up.. you can go as high was you want. i was at 123%.. its like a game and if you miss a click it goes back down to 85% you can click as many as you want. you have to match two spinning balls for it to go up. pretty cool.
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us anyone help me get achievements.. ?
  3. I'm at almost 38 trillion.. just buy master dealers. i have 10,000 of them.. or just wait
  4. It slows down i'm pretty suree.. hard to tell
  5. achievements 1. Liking on facebook 2. Donating (under 1.50$ may not register due to paypal's fees) 3. Referring a friend (on a different IP and a different computer) 4. Clicking 1,000 times 5. Clicking 100,000 times 6. Using the cop to stop your current $ on 1,333,337. If you make money too fast buy trailers then use the cop to stop the dealers then sell your dealers. 7. Make a million dollars (all time) 8. Make a billion dollars (all time) 9. Make a trillion dollars (all time) 10. Cook a trillion grams of meth (all time) 11. Play for 24hrs 12. Have owned one of every house 13. Click faster than 10x per second 14. Play for a week 15. Own more than 314,000,000 Dealers
  6. only one meth star.. i dont need another yett.. i got over 1 trillion of meth. i make 200,000,000/sec and cash i make 3,000,000,000+/sec 5000 master dealers 100 china 100 moons 1 meth star. 73% purity like 140,000,000 dealers workinggg for mee.
  7. almost on second one.. I wanna see whats after the star.
  8. just let it run.. i almost got the 9 trillion
  9. mee too. prob will buy the meth star today.. i'm just going for the 500,000,000 dealers .. I have 11..not sure how i'm going to get 20..
  10. Just got all the upgrades! i got purify lll on my first try. loll
  11. 8,000,000 dealers...i regret playing this game...
  12. 749,320k grams 51,500,000$ a second hiring 1,000 dealers per second currently 3,200,000 dealers 1 moon, 6 china, 23, hideouts ..
  13. I got so happy when I bought china.. lol
  14. yay.. took 3 times for the 500,000 dealers.. lol
  15. waiting to buy the island and trying to get the 500,000 dealers...
  16. haha.. Alot of clicking.. I already have the house
  17. I hate the ak one.. when it said you paid $350.. when i cant even find a used one for $500. lol
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