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  1. That's Great everyone loves this gun... My uncle who is a police officer called me up and told me that their department just got a whole bunch of these in .45.. Pretty cool.
  2. I have a streamlight tlr-1 and I feel that its bright enough for me.. why did you upgrade btw?
  3. It has the sierra papa trigger I still want to adjust it but not sure how... also has sierra metal hammer and sierra guide rods..
  4. Just added the cx4 storm to my collection. yeah, its awesome ..I'm going to need a couple thousands rounds of bulk 9mm...
  5. Nice.. Still looking to buy mine! Also where did you get the ak zero targets??
  6. awesome... maybe next year she will buy you a gun..hah
  7. The gun actually comes with a pretty cool backpack bag..
  8. Watch the YouTube reviews cory07ink, Hickok45, and James Yeager of the Ruger Takedown. They are pretty good with guns and reviews and they love it.
  9. Yup. I paid 375 for mine which is not a lot. I Think Cabelas might have them for 350 if they are in stock. I would say get one.. never had a problem with mine and you will be playing with it a lot.. taking it apart and back together its so much fun, also since you live it apartment they little bag would be perfect.
  10. I have a Ruger 10/22 take down.. I love It and felt it was worth the extra money.. I got the takedown because why not? Its awesome looking to me and the fact that it Breaks down and you can put it in a backpack sold me on the gun. I don't own a standard 10/22, but if I did I would much rather play with the ruger takedown.. If you like the tactical look get a takedown but if you like normal wood gun get the standard and save some money for ammo or other toys. Both are nice guns but I rather have something different. Also if you get a 10/22 Get a tri mag set up its so awesome!
  11. I just found a guy with this gun for sale.. Just double checking here its not stamped ak47.. but akm? Would this be NJ legal if I have all other things fixed like removing the lug and pin brake??
  12. I was thinking about getting a membership there.. I think I will if I get a ar or ak variant.. because its high-power gun.. I shoot the 22. and shotguns a lot so You Might hear me shooting one day...I always hear them shooting Its really fun to just walk outside to shoot whenever you want, I built a dirt back stop 30ft by 10ft high wall and then I have the Mountain behind that..
  13. Yes I love my guns so far. I don't have a specific list But 25 is the number... Just a limit a set myself to or I would end up with like 50...
  14. Yes Its closed... I live like 5 mins or less away I used to hear them racing from my house.. Did you race or just a fan?
  15. I check and we are going to deal with ffl.. I might have him go to my gun smith in pa but that would be a far drive for him.. I don't mind driving at all for a new gun so we will see. hope he will meet me at my gun smith for 500.
  16. If anyone knows what they are looking at ill text them some pictures I got. 908-752-7277
  17. I have pictures.. the front looks like its flat.. I didn't offer him anything yet.. so idk what he will take.. I think ill be safe with 500..
  18. Do you mind asking me where you got it?
  19. I got paid 400 today so I was going to offer that.. he asking 625. I don't care if I get it . but I would love to have own one.. I think ill have to bring a dremel to cut off the lug tho..
  20. How much would you pay for a used CN Romarm SA Cugir/CAI GP WASR 10/63 rifle that shoots the 7.62x39 round?? five 10 round magazines And may need to get my pa gun smith to cut off the lug.. what's a good cash price Thanks!
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